Don’t Have a Team for MotoGP 2023 yet, Joan Mir: No Problem

Joan Mir’s fate is inversely proportional to his teammate, Alex Rins. In July 2022, Rins officially joined LCR Honda for MotoGP 2023. Meanwhile, until now, Mir’s future is not yet secure. The Suzuki Ecstar racer has yet to sign a contract with Repsol Honda, the team he is reportedly in contact with. Since Repsol Honda is the only factory team with an empty seat, Mir’s future in MotoGP is full of uncertainty.


1. If you can’t get a team, Joan Mir will stay at home

Paco Sachez, Joan Mir’s manager, once stated that he had no other team in reserve. Ducati could not accommodate Mir due to philosophical differences, while other teams had already made their choice.

Even so, Joan Mir didn’t even bother. He is not worried that next season he will not be able to race in the Grand Prix event. “No, I’m not worried. If someone needs me, I will continue racing. If not, then I will stay at home,” said the 2020 MotoGP world champion as reported by Motorsport-Total.


2. Joan Mir feels that he still has potential to offer

There is one reason why Joan Mir seems calm. The Balearic Island racer feels he is still young and has time to develop his potential. “I think I still have a lot to offer. I’m 24 right now, and I’ll be 25 on September 1 (2022). So, we still have a lot to offer, and we can also achieve a lot,” Mir said confidently.


3. Reluctant to say too much about his contract with Honda

Regarding his contract with Honda, Joan Mir himself did not want to comment too much. Mir was reluctant to be bothered by various speculations that would later circulate. “I choose not to talk about it, so that later people don’t ask, ‘why did you say that?’ I don’t want to be in that situation.

However, what I can say is (contractual certainty) is very important to me so that I can make an announcement (so join Honda or not). That will make people stop asking me questions,” Mir said as reported by Motorsport-Total.

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4. Joan Mir respects Suzuki

The racer market is, of course, a hot issue in the MotoGP paddock. Joan Mir understands that the public deserves to know where he will land for the 2023 season. “That’s normal. (Only, if there is an announcement), it also makes it difficult for me. They can also ask, for example, ‘how do you think you got to be in a team that has won as many wins as Repsol?’

First, there has been no announcement whatsoever. Second, the situation is that I’m still part of the Suzuki family. It’s a bit disrespectful for them to talk about how good other manufacturers are. So, I’m not comfortable with this situation,” said Mir.

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5. Honda needs drivers like Joan Mir

If Joan Mir officially moves to Repsol Honda, he will replace Pol Espargaro. Pol himself is almost certain to return to KTM, the manufacturer he previously defended. It’s just that Pol moved to the Tech3 team, not the factory team. The vacant seat in the Honda factory team certainly deserves to be filled by a racer with a winning mentality like Joan Mir. Having two world titles (Moto3 2017 and MotoGP 2020), Mir has a chance to present good results if Marc Marquez is absent from the race.

Joan Mir and Repsol Honda actually need each other. Will they really match up for MotoGP 2023?

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