5 Pairs Compete In MotoGP

In the Grand Prix world championship, teammates are the first rivals to be conquered. Teammates are racers who are considered to have the same engine.

“You don’t want to be second in the race. You always want to be faster than your teammates,” said Mick Doohan, quoted by the MotoGP website.

In the history of this racing event, there are several teammates who competed with each other to win the world title. Even though they were partners, they were rivals. This does not only apply in the MotoGP class, but also in other categories.

Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez (2021)
Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez are drivers for the Red Bull KTM Ajo team. Even though they are teammates, they are competing for the Moto2 class world title.

Both won a total of 13 wins. Raul Fernandez, who is a rookie racer, can win eight wins. However, Remmy Gardner came out as world champion. In total, Remy collected 5 wins or 12 podiums with 311 points. Meanwhile, Raul recorded 307 points, a very thin difference.

In 2022, the two move up to the MotoGP class and remain teammates. Will there be tough competition for the Rookie of the Year title next year?

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo (2009 and 2015)
The rivalry between Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo has been heating up since their early days together. The two Yamaha factory racers even built a partition in their garage so they wouldn’t exchange information with each other.

This competition got hotter in 2009. Each of them has ambitions to bring home the world title. As a result, Rossi won. At the end of the standings he was able to collect 306 points, beating Lorenzo who recorded 261 points. One of the famous duels is the moment when Rossi overtook Lorenzo at the last corner on the last lap of the Catalunya GP.

The tight rivalry between the two happened again in 2015. At that time, Rossi was chasing his 10th world title. This rivalry was even peppered with a duel between Rossi and Marc Marquez. At the end of the season, Rossi lost the world title. Lorenzo who managed to win it with a difference of five points only.

When compared, the world champion score between Rossi and Lorenzo when they were a team was a draw. Rossi won in 2008 and 2009 while Lorenzo in 2010 and 2015.

Tito Rabat and Mika Kallio (2014)
Esteve “Tito” Rabat and Mika Kallio are the mainstay drivers for the Marc VDS Racing Team. Both are competing for the 2014 Moto2 world title.

From the start of the season, the two have competed with each other for the first podium. In the opening race at the Qatar GP, this teammate could reach podiums one and two. A first win for Rabat.

In the final standings, Tito Rabat collected seven wins, while Mika Kallio was only able to seal three wins. With 346 points, Rabat has the right to become world champion. Mika Kallio had to be willing to be the runner-up.












Olivier Jacque and Shinya Nakano (2000)
Olivier Jacque and Shinya Nakano are both under the Tech3 Racing Team. Although one team, in the race for the 2000 250cc world championship, they are the toughest rivals.

That season, they both looked stunning. They are almost always in the front row at the finish. However, Jacque’s appearance is more consistent. In almost all the races he finished in the top five, except in the Brazilian GP. Meanwhile, Nakano had finished in 7th and 15th positions which made his additional points behind Jacque. At the end of the standings, Jacque recorded 279 points, 7 more points than Nakano.

The duel to determine the world champion between the two took place at the Australian GP, ​​Philip Island. This is one of the legendary MotoGP duels. Oliver Jacques, who won the race, was able to smoke Shinya Nakano by only 0.014 seconds.











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