How to Operate a Good and Correct Computer

Learn Computer | In this modern era, using a computer is not something extraordinary anymore, you don’t need to have a special educational background to Operate Computers, just by being able to “Read and Write” you can already use, understand simple computer commands and operate them.

As a Beginner Computer User, you may find it difficult to How to Operate a Computer. Operating a computer is a basic step that must be mastered by beginners when learning computers. Operating a computer for beginners may be difficult because they are not used to doing it. In this article, How to Operate a Computer will be discussed in a simpler way so that it is easy to implement and apply.

How to operate a computer itself consists of three stages, namely how to turn on the computer, how to operate the computer itself and how to turn off the computer. Here are some Good and Correct Ways to Operate a Computer that you can use as an additional reference.

Turn on the Computer
Before turning on the computer, there are several things that must be considered including making sure the devices such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor and power cable are connected to the power supply and making sure the PC has the operating system installed. Here are the steps to turn on the computer.

Press the power button on the CPU then follow by pressing the button on the monitor.
Wait a while for the loading process to appear until a windows window appears and the computer/PC is ready to use.
turn on

Operating a Computer
After the computer is turned on, the next process is to operate the computer. So that you can be more


If you are a Designer, then you can use Design Software such as Corel Draw, 3D, Adobe Photoshop and others to focus more on your design activities. Programmer, then you can use Visual Basic, C++, C#, Java, PHP and others to support your work, whereas if the purpose of learning your computer is only for Typing, Sending E-Mail, Writing Letters and other activities that support office work You, then Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) and a little knowledge of the internet are already very capable to help you ease your work.

Turning Off Computer
To turn off the computer (Shutdown), there are several stages that must be considered, namely:

-Close all applications you are using.
-Click the Start menu (XP) / Windows Logo (7) in the lower left corner.
-Select Shutdown and wait a while until your computer completely shuts down.
-After the computer is completely turned off, then press the button on the Monitor and Speaker, Stabilizer and other computer Devices.
-After that just unplug the cable from the socket. This aims to save power and anticipate the occurrence of short circuits.

The steps above you should do sequentially. Turning the computer on and off properly and correctly can extend the life of your computer. In addition, your computer will always be fresh and rarely have problems.

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