Recap of Mesut Ozil Rumors to RANS Cilegon FC

Recap of Mesut Ozil Rumors to RANS Cilegon FC, Expensive Fees to Benefits All
Indonesian football has been shocked by rumors of the arrival of Turkish star Mesut Ozil next season.

The issue emerged on Monday (10/1/2022) after the owner of RANS Cilegon FC, Raffi Ahmad, was said to have contacted and reached an agreement with Mesut Ozil.

“Mesut Ozil is interested in joining Liga 1 next season. I have communicated via WhatsApp and can say we have made an agreement,” said Raffi Ahmad on his YouTube account, RANS Entertainment.
Mesut Ozil himself is still under contract until June 2024 with the Turkish giants, Fenerbahce.
Raffi Ahmad’s Big Plan for Liga 1

Raffi plans to bring in world-class players to turn RANS Cilegon into the strongest team in Asia.

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However, Fotospor also reminded Rans Cilegon that the cost to redeem Ozil from Fenerbahce was not small.

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Not Cheap Cost

RANS Cilegon FC had to dig deep into their wallets to recruit Mesut Ozil.

Goal International once said that Mesut Ozil’s salary could touch the figure of 3 million euros or around Rp. 48.6 billion per year.
This nominal appeared when there was a lot of news about Mesut Ozil who was willing to reduce his salary drastically to complete the transfer process from Arsenal to Fenerbahce in early 2021.

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Following in the Footsteps of the Stars of League 1

If he joins, Mesut Ozil will follow in the career path of several star players who have played in the Indonesian League.

Michael Essien, Peter Odemwingie, and Momo Sissoko are just some of the names that have spread prestige in the highest caste of Indonesian football recently.

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The Benefits of Mesut Ozil’s Arrival for Indonesian Football

President Director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), Ahmad Hadian Lukita, supports RANS Cilegon FC if they want to bring in Mesut Ozil next season.

Ahmad Hadian Lukita admitted that he would support RANS Cilegon FC if he really wanted to bring in Ozil.

Because, the arrival of players of Ozil’s caliber will certainly have an impact on improving the quality of competition in Indonesia as a whole.

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Technical Director (Directorate of Technology) Rans Cilegon FC, Bambang Nurdiansyah, answering rumors of German stars Mesut Ozil interested in playing in Liga 1 Indonesia.

The owner of Rans Cilegon, Raffi Ahmad, through his personal YouTube account claims that Ozil has agreed and is interested in playing in the Indonesian League 1 with Rans Cilegon.

However, Bambang Nurdiansyah admitted that the management of Rans Cilegon had not held a meeting after the 2021 Liga 2 final, at the end of last December. The former Indonesian national team player has not been able to confirm the status of Ozil, who is currently playing in Turkey with Fenerbahce.

“I also don’t know exactly. So after the last game [Liga 2] We haven’t got together yet. So, we know from social media. I don’t know because there hasn’t been a meeting yet,” said Bambang, Wednesday (12/1).

Galatama’s top scorer for the 1983, 1984 and 1985 seasons added that the recruitment of players, including Ozil, would be discussed after the new coach was patented. The team concept will be discussed by the new coach with the management of Rans Cilegon.
“After the League 2 final there has been no more meeting. Later it depends on the coach who will come. Is coach RD [Rahmad Darmawan] back again or a new coach. As the technical director, I’m waiting,” said Bambang.
The coach, who is usually called Banur, said it was possible that the evaluation and draft meeting of Rans for the 2022/2023 season would start in mid or late January. In this case Banur will communicate with the club owner.

“The competition is still long, so we will start preparations. At least starting in February there will be movement. Many of our players have contracts for more than one year. Now, it’s just a matter of whether the coach who will come is pleased or not,” he said.

Rans Cilegon FC is the runner-up of Liga 2 2021. The team fostered by celebrity Raffi Ahmad lost to Persis Solo in the final. Despite losing, Rans still pocketed a promotion ticket to Liga 1 2022/2023.

The team bearing the phoenix symbol is actually called Cilegon United. However, after the majority stake in the club was acquired by Raffi along with colleagues, the club’s name was changed and taken away from Cilegon, Banten, to Jakarta.

As a newcomer club that does not yet have a mass base, Rans tries to bring many breakthroughs. Signing Mesut Ozil is part of Rans’ efforts to create the football industry as entertainment.

Rumors about the Fenerbahce star Mesut Ozil Appreciated League 1 promotion club Rans Cilegon FC be in the spotlight of the Turkish media.

photospore said President Rans Raffi Ahmad claimed to have met and agreed with Fenerbahce star Mesut Ozil on YouTube.

Although it has not been confirmed, Raffi Ahmad has indeed come to Istanbul and toured Turkish League clubs door to door in recent months.

Raffi Ahmad reportedly not only wants to bring in Ozil but will change the logo. Rans Cilegon plans to make a massive team overhaul to be able to compete with elite League 1 teams next season.

Raffi Ahmad on YouTube Rans Entertainment once said, “Mesut Ozil is interested in joining for Liga 1 next season. I have communicated with him via Whatsapp and I can say we have an agreement.”

However, Fotospor also reminded Rans Cilegon that the cost to redeem Ozil from Fenerbahce was not small.

“If Mesut Ozil’s transfer to Rans Cilegon really happens, the German player’s beautiful game will mark the Indonesian League 1 next season. However, Raffi Ahmad needs a lot of money to bring Mesut Ozil to Rans Cilegon FC,” wrote Fotospor.

Referring to Transfermarkt, the selling value of the former Real Madrid and Arsenal player still reaches 3.70 million euros, or around Rp. 64.31 billion. This will be a fantastic transfer that has ever happened in the Indonesian League.

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