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Officially crowning herself a champion

As the team slowly settled down and commissioner Cathy Engelbert readied herself to present the trophy, Hammon pushed her hair back, detangling it from her hoop earrings, and put the hat on for good.

Officially crowning herself a champion.

“When I took the job in December, I thought when I started kind of breaking down their rosters that I could do something with it,” Hammon said after the game, hair soaked with champagne. “I had a vision of what I wanted to do with this team. Even when it got a little rocky, we stuck to it. We hit a kind of stay-down-in-the-dirt-or-get-up moment right after All-Star. As usual, they chose to stand up. We have tremendous leadership in that locker room. We have tremendous professionals, but I’ll say it again: They are tremendous people.”

With players like Wilson, Gray and Kelsey Plum, the Aces were primed to win a title. They just needed the right coach to push them over the top.

“It’s about putting these ladies in a position to win a championship,” Hammon said. “That’s been my focus. That’s why I took the job.”

There are two things the Aces have become known for over the last few years: their exceptional play and their eccentric personalities.

Take Sunday for example. Wilson was twerking in the locker room before she and Gray took their champagne bottles to the podium. Wilson took sips between questions and joked that Aces fans needed to do shots before coming to the celebration parade — kids, she added, should do shots of ginger ale. Midway through the press conference, Plum made an appearance, dancing with a boombox on her shoulder.

The weight of the moment heightened the celebratory atmosphere, but the Aces’ reactions were not far off from their everyday personalities.

They walk the line between fun and professional at every moment, and they needed a coach who could do the same.

“There is a light-heartedness,” Sydney Colson said of Hammon. “When we are approaching games, in a series we are obviously locked in, but she allows people to be themselves. And it’s a lot of fun. She meshes well with this team. Some coaches try and make a team fit into a box, but she allows a lot of freedom.”

From the very beginning, Hammon took great care to learn about her players. She wanted to win a championship with the Aces, and to do that, Hammon knew she needed to start by establishing connections.

The first-year head coach didn’t waste any time with that task.

Jackie Young was in Australia playing during the WNBA offseason when she got a call from Hammon.

“Before we even met in person, we had a phone call and she’s talking about being a relationship person,” Young said. “I think she’s done a great job of developing those relationships with all of her players. I really liked that about her.”

And when the Aces reported to practice for the first time, Hammon’s first impression remained true.

“She has her players’ best interest at heart,” Colson said. “She is the picture of a player’s coach.”

All the while, she was preparing the Aces for their ultimate goal. Sometimes that meant bringing a sense of humor to the locker room. Other times, it meant lighting a fire beneath her team.

Hammon did that at halftime of Game 1, after the Sun had gone on a 21-9 run to take a four-point lead at the break. And her team responded, winning 67-64.

Then, after a Game 3 defeat in Connecticut, in which Hammon said her team got out-played in every facet, the Aces coach chose to say nothing at all.

Instead, she let her team sit with the loss.

“I’ve got a ticked off crew in there,” she said, motioning to the locker room after the game. “I’m not going to have to say much.”

Once again, her team responded. This time by winning a decisive Game 4 to secure a WNBA title — another bullet point on the list of Becky Hammon’s great accomplishments.

After being overlooked and underappreciated once again, Hammon doesn’t have a message for her doubters.

She doesn’t waste time thinking about them.

“My journey is not by mistake,” she said. “Every hard thing that I’ve gone through has built something in me that I’ve needed down the road, and even though it sucks in the moment to not to be picked or to get hurt or whatever it might be, the hard stuff builds stuff in you that’s necessary for life and you’ll use it down the road.”

On Sunday, she used the hard stuff to bring Las Vegas a championship.

And for all the doubters she met along the way, there was one person who always believed in Becky Hammon.

“For me, it’s not really about proving other people wrong,” she said. “It’s about proving myself right.”


Fikayo Tomori’s chances against a Chelsea team with Milan will increase his rating

Fikayo Tomori is unlikely to be emotional when he returns to Stamford Bridge. Calm and collected is the best way of describing the Milan centre-back.

The impression is of a young man who does not like to get carried away, who knows his development as a footballer is far from over, and with that mentality there is every chance Tomori will approach the challenge of facing Chelsea with the same gracefulness that has typified his performances for Milan.

At the same time Tomori will undoubtedly have a point to prove when he plays against his former club. From a wider perspective, it is a chance for Milan to lessen Chelsea’s hopes of making it out of their Champions League group.

On a personal note it is an opportunity for Tomori on two fronts: to push his case for inclusion in England’s World Cup squad and to make Chelsea regret not fighting harder to keep him.

It did not have to be this way. In different circumstances Tomori easily could have been putting on a blue shirt and preparing to mark Olivier Giroud on Wednesday night.

The irony is that the 24-year-old, who joined Milan on loan in January 2020, signed for them six months later and won Serie A last season, could have become a regular starter for Chelsea.

A lack of foresight has ended up costing Chelsea a lot of money. After Tomori was relegated to fifth-choice centre-back at the start of the 2020-21 season, forcing him to look for a fresh opportunity, the pathway soon looked clearer.

Kurt Zouma was sold to West Ham in the summer of 2021 and Chelsea, having seemingly been in a position of strength, found themselves scrambling to sign centre-backs after losing Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rüdiger on free transfers this summer.

Yet Tomori, who rose through Chelsea’s academy and was brought into the first team by Frank Lampard in 2019, had gone. He did not fall out with Lampard, but the opportunities dried up. Milan made their move. They were long-time admirers of Tomori and his loan was sealed three days before Thomas Tuchel replaced Lampard.

Tomori was heading down a new path. He did not panic when he made his Milan debut as an early substitute during a Coppa Italia tie against Internazionale.

Thrown in at the deep end after an injury to Simon Kjær, he took on Romelu Lukaku at San Siro, his performance drawing praise despite 10-man Milan losing in the last minute.

There would be no looking back. Tomori has embraced the experience of living abroad, learning Italian and becoming a firm favourite with Milan’s supporters.

He quickly made himself integral to Stefano Pioli’s plans, clicking with Kjær, and made the loan permanent after helping Milan qualify for the Champions League for the first time in seven years.

It was a reward for Tomori stepping out of his comfort zone. His problem was never a lack of talent. The quality was clear while he was rising up the Chelsea ranks. He often played at right-back but always looked destined to move into the middle.

Lower-league loans helped. Spells with Hull and Brighton were followed by Lampard taking him and Mason Mount to Derby County in 2018. Derby narrowly missed out on promotion, but Tomori was named player of the year by supporters.

At that stage it seemed Tomori’s next move would be to a Premier League side. Everton were interested, only for an opening to appear when Chelsea sold David Luiz to Arsenal just before the start of the 2019-20 season. Lampard had left Derby for Chelsea, who were under a transfer embargo, and he decided to use Tomori because of his performances in training.,57050119.html

The gamble paid off. Comfortable in possession, Tomori caught the eye with a stunning goal during a 5-2 win over Wolves. He used his speed to handle Mohamed Salah during a defeat by Liverpool. Under pressure during an away game against Ajax, he played his way out of trouble by leaving Hakim Ziyech on the floor with a clever turn.

But perhaps Tomori’s inexperience caught up with him. There were flaws in his game; occasional lapses in concentration. Tomori drifted to the margins. Milan, the club of Paolo Maldini and Franco Baresi, have made him a more mature defender.

His tactical awareness has improved – playing alongside the experienced Kjær has helped, though there is also promise in Tomori’s partnership with the 22-year-old Frenchman Pierre Kalulu – and he has become stronger.

Equally Tomori, who signed a new five-year deal in August, has made Pioli’s dynamic young side better. His pace allows them to play a high line and he was key to Milan winning their first Scudetto since 2011 last season.

Peluang Fikayo Tomori melawan tim Chelsea bersama Milan akan menambah poin baginya

Fikayo Tomori sepertinya tidak akan emosional saat kembali ke Stamford Bridge. Tenang dan tenang adalah cara terbaik untuk menggambarkan bek tengah Milan.

Kesannya adalah seorang pemuda yang tidak suka terbawa suasana, yang tahu perkemban

gannya sebagai pesepakbola masih jauh dari selesai, dan dengan mentalitas itu ada setiap kesempatan Tomori akan menghadapi tantangan menghadapi Chelsea dengan keanggunan yang sama yang dimiliki. melambangkan penampilannya untuk Milan.

Pada saat yang sama Tomori tidak diragukan lagi akan memiliki poin untuk dibuktikan ketika dia bermain melawan mantan klubnya. Dari perspektif yang lebih luas, ini adalah kesempatan bagi Milan untuk mengurangi harapan Chelsea untuk lolos dari grup Liga Champions mereka.

Secara pribadi, ini adalah kesempatan bagi Tomori di dua sisi: mendorong kasusnya untuk dimasukkan ke dalam skuat Piala Dunia Inggris dan membuat Chelsea menyesal tidak berjuang lebih keras untuk mempertahankannya.

Tidak harus seperti ini. Dalam situasi yang berbeda, Tomori dengan mudah bisa saja mengenakan kaus biru dan bersiap untuk menandai Olivier Giroud pada Rabu malam.

Ironisnya, pemain berusia 24 tahun, yang bergabung dengan Milan dengan status pinjaman pada Januari 2020, menandatangani kontrak dengan mereka enam bulan kemudian dan memenangkan Serie A musim lalu, bisa menjadi starter reguler untuk Chelsea.

Kurangnya pandangan ke depan telah berakhir dengan menghabiskan banyak uang bagi Chelsea. Setelah Tomori diturunkan ke bek tengah pilihan kelima pada awal musim 2020-21, memaksanya untuk mencari peluang baru, jalurnya segera terlihat lebih jelas.

Kurt Zouma dijual ke West Ham pada musim panas 2021 dan Chelsea, yang tampaknya berada dalam posisi kuat, mendapati diri mereka berebut untuk merekrut bek tengah setelah kehilangan Andreas Christensen dan Antonio Rüdiger dengan status bebas transfer musim panas ini.

Namun Tomori, yang bangkit melalui akademi Chelsea dan dibawa ke tim utama oleh Frank Lampard pada 2019, telah pergi. Dia tidak berselisih dengan Lampard, tetapi peluang mengering. Milan membuat langkah mereka. Mereka adalah pengagum lama Tomori dan pinjamannya disegel tiga hari sebelum Thomas Tuchel menggantikan Lampard.

Tomori sedang menuju jalan baru. Dia tidak panik saat melakukan debutnya di Milan sebagai pemain pengganti awal saat pertandingan Coppa Italia melawan Internazionale.

Dilempar ke dalam setelah cedera pada Simon Kjær, ia menghadapi Romelu Lukaku di San Siro, penampilannya menuai pujian meskipun 10 pemain Milan kalah di menit terakhir.

Tidak akan ada yang melihat ke belakang. Tomori telah menerima pengalaman tinggal di luar negeri, belajar bahasa Italia dan menjadi favorit para pendukung Milan.

Dia dengan cepat membuat dirinya menjadi bagian integral dari rencana Stefano Pioli, bergabung dengan Kjær, dan menjadikan pinjaman itu permanen setelah membantu Milan lolos ke Liga Champions untuk pertama kalinya dalam tujuh tahun.

Itu adalah hadiah untuk Tomori yang keluar dari zona nyamannya. Masalahnya tidak pernah kekurangan bakat. Kualitasnya jelas saat dia naik ke peringkat Chelsea. Dia sering bermain sebagai bek kanan tetapi selalu terlihat ditakdirkan untuk pindah ke tengah.

Pinjaman liga rendah membantu. Mantra dengan Hull dan Brighton diikuti oleh Lampard membawanya dan Mason Mount ke Derby County pada 2018. Derby nyaris gagal promosi, tetapi Tomori dinobatkan sebagai pemain terbaik tahun ini oleh para pendukung.

Pada tahap itu tampaknya langkah Tomori selanjutnya adalah ke tim Liga Premier. Everton tertarik, hanya untuk pembukaan yang muncul ketika Chelsea menjual David Luiz ke Arsenal tepat sebelum dimulainya musim 2019-20. Lampard telah meninggalkan Derby ke Chelsea, yang berada di bawah embargo transfer, dan dia memutuskan untuk menggunakan Tomori karena penampilannya dalam pelatihan.

Perjudian terbayar. Nyaman dalam penguasaan bola, Tomori menarik perhatian dengan gol menakjubkan saat menang 5-2 atas Wolves. Dia menggunakan kecepatannya untuk menangani Mohamed Salah saat kalah dari Liverpool. Di bawah tekanan selama pertandingan tandang melawan Ajax, ia memainkan jalan keluar dari masalah dengan meninggalkan Hakim Ziyech di lantai dengan giliran cerdas.

Tapi mungkin pengalaman Tomori menyusulnya. Ada kekurangan dalam permainannya; kadang-kadang terjadi penurunan konsentrasi. Tomori melayang ke pinggir. Milan, klub Paolo Maldini dan Franco Baresi, telah membuatnya menjadi bek yang lebih matang.

Kesadaran taktisnya telah meningkat – bermain bersama Kjær yang berpengalaman telah membantu, meskipun ada juga janji dalam kemitraan Tomori dengan pemain Prancis berusia 22 tahun Pierre Kalulu – dan dia menjadi lebih kuat.

Sama halnya dengan Tomori, yang menandatangani kontrak baru berdurasi lima tahun pada Agustus, telah membuat tim muda dinamis asuhan Pioli menjadi lebih baik. Kecepatannya memungkinkan mereka untuk memainkan garis tinggi dan dia adalah kunci Milan memenangkan Scudetto pertama mereka sejak 2011 musim lalu.
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Disebut Beri Nasihat kepada Francesco Bagnaia Sebelum MotoGP Thailand 2022, Jack Miller Kasih Penjelasan

DISEBUT beri nasihat kepada Francesco Bagnaia sebelum MotoGP Thailand 2022, Jack Miller kasih penjelasan. Sang pembalap Ducati Lenovo mengklaim bahwa rekan setimnya tersebut sudah tahu caranya berkendara di lintasan basah.

Jack Miller dikenal sebagai seorang yang hebat di lintasan basah, yang terbukti pada pagelaran MotoGP Thailand, Minggu 2 Oktober 2022 lalu. Trek basah di Sirkuit Buriram itu pun tidak menyulitkannya,

Di sisi lain, kondisi hujan ini jelas membuat banyak pembalap kesulitan untuk memacu motornya. Dan benar saja, tak sedikit pembalap yang posisinya merosot jauh seperti Marco Bezzecchi dari posisi pertama ke-16, kemudian Fabio Quartararo malah terlempar ke posisi 17.

Sementara itu, Miguel Oliveira dari KTM Red Bull keluar sebagai pemenangnya. Pembalap asal Portugal ini memang diketahui sebagai seorang yang hebat dalam menaklukkan trek basah, seperti yang terjadi di Mandalika pada bulan Maret 2022 lalu.

Miller yang juga ahli dalam melakukan balapan di lintasan basah berhasil finis di posisi dua. Menariknya, Bagnaia sukses membuntutinya dengan finis posisi tiga. Padahal, murid Valentino Rossi itu tak terkenal hebat dalam menaklukan lintasan basah.

Tampaknya wejangan yang diberikan Miller kepada Bagnaia berhasil dilakukan dengan baik. Akan tetapi, pembalap asal Australia itu tak mengaku kalau dirinya memberi wejangan. Melainkan dia bersama Pecco hanya berbincang-bincang biasa.

Miller mengungkapkan kalau Bagnaia merupakan rider yang hebat dengan terus melakukan perkembangan meningkat. Menurutnya, keberhasilan tandemnya itu dalam menaklukan lintasan basah berkat kerja kerasnya sendiri.

“Tetapi Pecco tahu cara mengemudi (dalam kondisi hujan). Dia pembalap yang fantastis dan dia harus terus membuktikannya. Dan hari ini (setelah balapan) dia melakukannya,” pungkas Miller.

Finis di posisi tiga membuat Bagnaia berhasil menempel ketat Quartararo di puncak klasemen. Pasalnya, Pecco hanya terpaut dua angka saja dari rivalnya itu. Bukan tidak mungkin kalau dirinya akan mengkudeta pembalap berjuluk El Diablo tersebut.

Apalagi, masih ada sisa tiga seri balapan di musim ini. Mau tidak mau suka tidak suka, Bagnaia dan Quartararo benar-benar harus fokus sehingga tidak melakukan kesalahan sedikitpun. Rintangan selanjutnya yang akan mereka hadapi yaitu MotoGP Australia yang akan berlangsung di Sirkuit Phillip Island pada Senin 17 Oktober 2022 mendatang.

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Trying something new in bed with your partner

Trying something new in bed with your partner


Sexual monotony happens — to all of us. You’re not the first to contemplate how to spice up your sex life, and you certainly won’t be the last. Couples can find themselves in sexual ruts for all kinds of reasons, Dr. Laura Dabney, M.D., relationship psychiatrist, tells SheKnows. Over time, our sexual preferences change, and our bodies do too. The thing that charmed us at the start of our relationship may no longer resonate in the same way. Having the same type of sex over and over can get boring.


The thing is, spicing things up in the bedroom isn’t so easy. It requires time, energy and — most importantly — communication. You need to open a conversation with your partner about what you want. Whether you’re interested in trying new positions, integrating sex toys into the bedroom, or simply having a little more sex, what lay ahead is a frank but compassionate chat. And we spoke to four experts to find out exactly how to have it.


Use positivity
The scariest part of all of this isn’t necessarily having the conversation — it’s starting it. How do you tell your partner you want to spice things up in the bedroom without insulting their performance or otherwise offending them?


You can start by emphasizing what you like about your sex life, Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., sexologist and relationship expert, tells SheKnows. Do you love it when you take your time? Try something new? Escape to a fancy restaurant before a night of romance? Start there, then ask your partner for feedback. Dr. O’Reilly also suggests asking something like: “Is there anything you’ve been wanting to try in bed?”


Curb the complaints
Once you’ve asked your partner what they want, you can make your request. Dr. O’Reilly gives the following example: “I’d love to carve out a Sunday morning with no phones to try this new massage oil I bought and see where it leads.” But, she cautions, make sure your request is not a complaint. “Oftentimes, we wait until we’re frustrated to speak up and we don’t communicate as effectively as we could,” Dr. O’Reilly says.


Dr. O’Reilly gives the following example: “If you say, ‘We never make time for sex and it’s always rushed,’ your partner may not respond as favorably as they might if you were to make a request (‘Can we block off a few hours to spend some alone time in bed?’).”


Christine Scott Hudson, MA, LMFT, ATR, marriage and family therapist, agrees: “Ask for what you want, rather than pointing out what you don’t.” Focus on giving your partner positive feedback wherever possible, she tells SheKnows. Veer too far in the opposite direction, and you risk shutting down the conversation — not to mention, hurting your partner’s feelings.




Make it a game
If this still sounds thoroughly uncomfortable, take a page out of Dr. O’Reilly’s book and start with an activity instead. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and ask your partner to do the same. On your paper, write down how often you’d like to have sex. And at the bottom, write down how often you believe your partner wants to have sex. “Exchange papers,” she instructs. “Have a laugh and start a discussion.”


This icebreaker can be used to jumpstart other sex-based conversations, too. You can inquire about fantasies, positions, toys and more. Just grab a piece of paper and get writing.


Use “I” statements
Talking about sex can get complicated, but Dr. Dabney has devised a quick-and-dirty template that should keep you on the right track throughout your conversation. Focus on constructing your sentences like this: “I feel X when you do Y.”


Using an “I” statement doesn’t put the focus on the partner and so can be less hurtful. Avoid making more pointed statements like, “You seem to only want to have missionary-style sex,” or “You don’t want to have oral sex any more,” for example. “Those are actually ways of attacking your partner, criticizing them, telling them they need to change,” says Dr. Dabney.


“You don’t want to embarrass or shame your partner ever,” says Dr. Fran Walfish, Psy.D., family and relationship psychotherapist. “Make it an adventure you’re exploring together.”


And don’t you already know what your partner is going to say, either, Dr. Dabney warns. “Stick with your own stuff,” she says. Keeping your statements focused on you and your feelings will encourage a more open and productive dialogue for everyone involved.


Avoid accusations
You can also emphasize what you like about your sex life, says Dr. O’Reilly. you can say things like: “I love when you __,” “I’d love to try __ again,” or “It makes me feel so good when you/we __. Can we do more of that?” To ask to try something new, you can say: “I’d like to try __ because I think it would feel so intense and intimate,” or “Would you be open to __, so that I could feel more __?”




Be sure to avoid negative or accusatory statements like: “We never __ anymore,” or “You’re too __.” Remember, the goal isn’t to place blame. It’s to work toward a sexual future that makes you and your partner happy. “Acknowledge that some conversations may be uncomfortable, and discomfort can breed growth,” Dr. O’Reilly says. Keep your eye on the prize: that growth.


Be patient
Remember, this isn’t just about you. It’s about you and your partner. So if your partner indicates discomfort with the conversation when you first bring it up, respect that — but don’t drop the point entirely, Dr. Dabney says. “It’s very, very important that you understand that, as an adult, it’s your responsibility to take care of your own needs,” she says. That doesn’t mean forcing your partner through a conversation they don’t want to have right then and there, but it does mean following up about it later.


“Let’s say your partner is defensive or just not receptive [to what you said]—even if you said it in the right way,” Dr. Dabney says, “You might have to say at that point, ‘I can see you’re not able to talk about this now. I will readdress this with you over the weekend, over dinner, etc.’” That way, you’re respecting your partner without letting the conversation totally pass you by.,57048647.html




Then, once dinner, or the weekend, or whenever comes, bring it up again. “You have to follow through to build trust,” Dr. Dabney says. “Say, ‘We still need to address this. Is this a good time for you to talk about it?’” If they still say no? Keep bringing it up until you finally have the conversation.


“Too many people make the mistake of letting it drop and assuming they can never talk about it again,” she says.


Go beyond talking
While a conversation is a really wonderful and efficient way forward, you might be curious about other ways to spice things up. And they’re plentiful.


Dr. Walfish suggests surprising your partner with a weekend getaway — two tickets to Vegas, or something of the sort. There, you can get couples’ massages, grab a fancy dinner, stop by a strip club. “But be sure to take it one step at a time,” she says. “Take a step, and see if that much feels OK to your partner.” You can introduce things in a spontaneous, romantic way, but consent and comfort are paramount.


You can even take simpler steps, like bringing home a toy and asking your partner what they think of it, Dr. Dabney says. “Whatever you’re fantasizing about or wanting to do, you can take those first steps,” she says. “But you have to be sensitive to the fact that you may be surprising your partner.” Maybe they’ll be put off by the toy, or maybe they’ll be enticed by it. Either way, respect what they have to say, and treat this like the beginning of an ongoing dialogue.


You can also use supplementary materials as conversation starters — porn, books, pop culture. “If you see a scene on Netflix that turns you on, let your partner know,” Dr. O’Reilly says. “Clarify the details that pique your interest…Ask your partner what they think. Ask them if there are elements of the fantasy that might turn them on.”


And of course, you can always use this discussion as an opportunity to level up in the bedroom, yourself. “Show your partner what you want physically…Kiss your partner the way you want to be kissed,” Dr. O’Reilly recommends. “Oftentimes we have expectations of our partners that we don’t meet ourselves. Start with yourself first — what can you change before you ask your partner to change?”


Plenty of excitement is ahead — so get chatting. The sooner you talk, the sooner you can get to all the good stuff.


My folks had 2 Iron Butterfly records I loved. Ron Tutt from Elvis

A meeting with drummer Mykill(mike) aresco of Dead skin cover, pawns of christ and previously of Lost Soul

Recognition groups ordinarily play the music of a sure to help individuals through the way to see the groups OWN melodies in the middle of between the craftsman of recognition. Since December 2004, I have been watching one band specifically, a Slayer recognition act. Not once, has this band added their own music to their set rundown. NOT ONCE. At the point when a devotee of a band (especially Slayer) is making the rounds looking at live diversion, they what to see what they are paying for, a recognition. Not a dash of whatever the situation might call for. Anyway, do they have their own melodies? As indicated by the drummer of the band, yes. Dead Skin Veil is the most dependable Slayer accolade band I have at any point seen. Beast drum unit, piles of amps, and most significant, the capacity to pass the music on through that gear. That truly counts. There is no Slayer carry on there better compared to Dead Skin Cover, well with the exception of the metal bosses themselves. To date I have looked at a small bunch of them, since I have experienced by and large around the USA. I have reached the drummer of the band, to get within data on the Dead Skin Cover project and the advancement of their unique music as well as the scoop on what he is doing…

Slayer Young lady: So Dead Skin Cover isn't "dead"!

Mykill: (Chuckle) Nah! We are near. There are various things I'm doing. At times one is just a little. Be that as it may, with exemption of one specifically, I truly partake in my groups.

SG: Which one do you not?

M: Hahaha! I .. uhh.. That is correct!

Sg: I see. DSM is composing firsts now?

M: Goodness better believe it. It has been discussion for some time, however we are in the process now. Among them (Danny M, Joey K, Romeo V) there are a few extraordinary thoughts. One of the last undertakings, the person needed to compose poseur ass ditties, similar to adore melody sh*t! I can't stand that poop. The "hair band" and bullsh*t spandex days are luckily long gone. This band is into some serious, dislike the ludicrous sh*t that other person is into.

SG: So I take it you could do without adoration melodies?

M: Actually no, not actually. There is what I stand by listening to… What I purchase… and what I make. Each of the 3 are Altogether different. My Compact disc assortment would make you believe I'm schizophrenic.

SG: What number of ventures would you say you are engaged with the present moment?

M: All things considered, another advancement has emerged. Some time back, I concocted this name the last band (1 individual) could have done without. It might have been utilized as a tune or collection title. I truly needed to involve it as the name of the band, yet certain individuals were/are set in their ludicrous ways. Thus, on one of the many rest's this specific band had, three of us utilized it. The name I concocted is PAWNS OF CHRIST. Heavenly messenger F, Romeo V, and I concluded that we 3 will continue cooperating, and that will be our band name. It will have positively NO association with the "other" band we were in. NOTHING by any stretch of the imagination! The music will be a mix of every one of our preferences joined. Not such a lot of only that of one like previously. The previous undertaking was deterring. Dolts not appearing, booking a training… then not appearing, dropping shows, etc. Genuine puerile sh*t. Indeed, the three of us are tired of it. Each of the 3 of us will presently continue leaving the "issue" behind, as it were.

SG: Issues?

M: Me? Nah!

SG: So you should rehearse a ton?

M: ahhll, for the most part the possibly time I play is the point at which we practice or play a show. How my life is arranged at this moment, doesn't actually permit me to. At the point when I want to compose something, I basically make it in my mind, and am sufficiently lucky to have the option to "play my considerations". Yea, it takes a go through or somewhere in the vicinity, yet all the same not substantially more than that. I review when what I would "play in my mind" was far more troublesome than I could really do. I'm happy that I have had the option to foster the abilities, in real capacity, to have the option to do that. Genuine happy.

SG: How would you prepare before a live execution?

M: I attempt to get my hands on as much espresso as possible! (however, giggle) Normally that is troublesome. I figure we should add new espresso to our rider! I stretch a little, do an easily overlooked details to get the blood flowin. Generally the pre-show nerves and adrenalin are enough for that.

SG: So no pre-show customs or odd exercises?

M: obviously, blood drinking and we as a whole talk in 3 word sentences.

SG: Truly?!

M: No. I'm joking. At any rate, how can you record this?

SG: I have a collector mounted receiver that goes to a miniature tape. A pull cup holds it to the earpiece and it gets the two finishes of the discussion.

M: Ahh.

SG: So what number of melodies are played at "sound check"?

M:(laugh) None! There are many variables that forestall it. More often than not, it is a direct result of the faltering assed groups in front of us. They all need to Totally dismantle their sh*t in the stage. F*cking washouts. There are such countless reasons, it is woeful.

SG: Who is the greatest name you have imparted the stage to?

M: Greatest to me, or the "greatest" name?

SG: Both.

M: Well to the overall population, the greatest names would be Judas Cleric, Budgie, and George Lynch. There are a couple of more, yet I would rather not be unpalatable. As far as I might be concerned, however, it must be Dread Processing plant and Mass migration. Indeed, there are something else, yet I'll stop there.

SG: What band(s) did you do that with?

M: … … … … (quiet)

SG: Alright! What's going on with Pawns of Christ?

M: What does the name mean, or what's going on with the task?

SG: Both once more.

M: Indeed, the meaning of the task is straightforward, quick. The material is a style that the 3 of us couldn't do before because of… makes no difference either way. Concerning the name, uhm. As far as anyone knows we are here and truly have no control of what is to occur. Call is destiny, karma, God, makes no difference either way. There is some power that controls everything. I heard the similitude that life is a tape that is playing. We don't have the foggiest idea the thing that's inevitably coming, however it is as of now recorded. We simply have not "heard" it at this point. We're manikins, as it were, zero power over anything. Our activities seem like our doing, yet some say it isn't. Something is controlling us, moving us… similarly as in chess. The pawns are of the least worth, consequently, they are forfeited first. They are practically useless. Similarly as mankind is, or is by all accounts in the event that you check out at it a specific way. Simply check out you. Life is precisely near ideal. All the sh*t balls around, and so forth. I would rather not step on an excessive number of toes, so I'll stop there. Trust I addressed you to some degree.

SG: To some degree, damn!

M: Okay!

SG: So 'Pawns' will be weighty, artistically?

M: You could say that. Melodiously… .I would rather not even consider the bullsh*t it will contain. We all are pretty god dam furious about some random thing.

SG: I find in all you meets with others discuss your drum set. You appear to cherish discussing your "stuff". What are you utilizing?

M: And i genuinely do. I'm utilizing awesome. Very much like when I initially began back when I was 12 or 13. However, today, it is on an ale scale. The drums I use are the most grounded I have At any point seen. TAMA, obviously. I have fairly more established ones. The toms are a mix of more established ROCKSTAR DX, and fresher Swingstar's. My Kicks are ROCKSTAR Master. Likewise a piece more established. The pedals I use fluctuate occasionally. For the most part I utilize my HP-25's. I accept they are called FLEXIFLYER. Different times I utilize adjusted IRON COBRA Jr's. I have 2 18X22 SWINGSTAR kicks still in the containers. I simply need to supplant my more established toms with similar sizes of fresher ones. I don't have to, yet I would like to. My stuff is fine with no guarantees, yet new is great! So I have, at the present time, 2 26" kicks, 2 MTH 100's, 1 MTH 900, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 mounted toms and a 16 story. Maple 3.5 X 14" piccolo catch.
Cymbals are additionally first class, particularly. PAISTE. I utilize a mix of nearly series line they emerged with! Discourteous, 2002, 3000, SIGNATURE, 2000, Aspects, ALPHA, PST 3, PST 5, 802, 502's (new and more established), 2000 COLORSOUND… I believe that's it in a nutshell. Assuming I continue onward, I'll run through every one of the extents of every single one!


M: OK, then… Sticks are VATER 3A FATBACK nylon. With VATER stick and finger tape.

SG: You wear gloves, as well.

M: No doubt.

SG: I see! Is it true or not that you are about your tasks?

M: Indeed, very. I will take what ability, or anything you desire to call it, to the extent that I'm permitted to, whatever that implies.

SG: Whom do you respect, or, who affected you?

M: DAM! No short responses for these 2! Shhhewww, where do I begin? Growing up, it was Ron Rugged. My folks had 2 Iron Butterfly records I loved. Ron Tutt from Elvis popularity got my ear too. I heard an independent he did long ago when… .Goodness!!! It were really famous to During that time The Police. Stewart Copeland was cool. I enjoyed his riffs. All things considered, I actually do. Around then I was tracking down Alex Van Halen. I zeroed in on him for a really long time. As a more youthful youngster, he was the most pursued in my little world. I truly dug his work. You need to keep in mind, This large number of drummers, I truly appreciate. There is no structure to which are "better" or not. All are so unique, artistically, that this is not the slightest bit an examination.

SG: OK, Alright!

M: I simply need to pressure that reality, there's nothing more to it. Later I got into heavier music. Drummers like Dave Lombardo, Louie Clemente, Charlie Benante, Sid Falck, Paul Bostaph, Raymond Herrera, Scott Travis… goodness, I recently started to understand that the vast majority use TAMA as well as PAISTE! Sh*t, occurrence? Gee. Every one of them are extraordinary drummers, it just checks out that they would involve incredible stuff too.

SG: So offering the stage to JP probably been an honor and a rush?

M: Those 2 words don't for even a moment express what I feel when I remember that show!

SG: What is this Web Band I saw on the Lost Soul Gathering?

M: Goodness no doubt, Lost Soul was my old band from back in Connecticut. The guitar player (Bryan Reilly) and I are working together once more. It, at this point, is simply in a genuine starting stage. He is assembling a few riffs, and I have some drum thoughts I want to record and email him. I don't know precisely very thing to ex

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Ticket redemption time and method

Ticket exchange is open from D-1. But if you haven't exchanged tickets on Saturday (24/9/2022), residents can exchange tickets today at 11.00-19.30 WIB in the venue area, East Java Expo.

Read detikjatim article, "Westlife Concert in Surabaya Today, Don't Forget to Exchange Tickets!" more-concert-in-surabaya-today-don't-forget-to-exchange-tickets.

Download Detikcom Apps Now
The method is also easy. Viewers do the following ways:

First, the audience must show the e-ticket that has been received via email to the committee to scan the QR Code.

When the QR Code is successfully verified, the audience will get a wristband. Later it can be used to enter the Westlife concert venue.$Vt

Can't wait to entertain the Indonesian audience again
Westlife concert in Indonesia itself is not the first time. Saturday (24/9/2022) night Westlife concert at Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency. A total of 1,000 joint personnel will be deployed to secure the concert.

"We have a special relationship with our fans in Indonesia and we can't wait to be back performing in Indonesia so we can stay there longer while enjoying the charm of the beauty of Indonesia in the new cities we will visit," said Westlife as quoted by detikHot, Sunday. (25/9/2022).

Read detikjatim article, "Westlife Concert in Surabaya Today, Don't Forget to Exchange Tickets!" Read more -concert-in-surabaya-today-don't-forget-to-exchange-ticket.
Westlife in Surabaya


9 maximalists share their hardest-working wardrobe items

9 maximalists share their hardest-working wardrobe items

9 maximalists share their hardest-working wardrobe items

“I just keep adding different pieces until I feel like it might be too much – then I’ll add one more for good measure.”

Although the minimal ‘clean girl’ aesthetic has reigned supreme over the past five years, there’s always been a collective of fashion folk who’ve never changed their loud and proud ways. Now, with maximalism well and truly back in its moment (thanks to the return of colourful Y2K and ’80s aesthetics), maximalists are living it up.

As a styling approach, maximalism is a tough aesthetic to define – it’s something different to almost everyone. It’s usually plenty of colour, pattern, texture and variation in layering and silhouettes. As long as it’s slightly chaotic, it’s fair game to be considered maximal.

For more fashion news, shoots, articles and features, head to our Fashion section.
Even with a ‘more is more’ mentality, most maximalist dressers have some method to their madness. Or at the very least, they’ll have one piece they rely on time and time again, helping pull a look together when they aren’t feeling the most creative. Below, I asked some of my favourite maximalist fashion people about the items they fall back on when all else fails.

Sean Galway, he/they, content creator
Is it cheating to say my hardest-working item is my jewellery box? I’m all about layering and stacking accessories, because you can add so many dimensions to your personality. I describe my style as ‘curated maximalism’. You don’t want to look like you’re playing dress-ups in your mum’s wardrobe, so having something that carries through the outfit helps it look cohesive.

To me, everything has a place or purpose. I always start with the same base: a smiley face ring from Grace Kelly’s Store, a Millie Savage ring I got for my birthday and a heart necklace from Hutch Melbourne that says ‘loverboy’. From there, I just keep adding different pieces until I feel like it might be too much – then I’ll add one more for good measure.


Tariq Ismat, he/they, model and content creator
Remember the return of the corded headphones? A few years after the rise of AirPods, we all seemed to revert back to our dangly roped messes that often tangled their wires around themselves, catching on door handles, shirt buttons, and anything that could possibly render us stuck for a few moments.

I love the drama of something tied to me, blowing around in the wind as I waltz my way through the streets. It should be no surprise to anyone [that I’m partial to] sporting a patterned silk scarf. Scarf around my neck, my head, my waist – I’ll do it all! There’s just something about looking so put together but also being engulfed in fabric at the same time that is so appealing to me. I can’t really describe why. It just is!


Connor McWhinnie, he/him, graphic designer and content creator
Music has always been the root of all inspiration around my identity and in particular, my fashion sense. My fashion sense always reflects the music I’m listening to at the time. The foundation of my style is built from bright colours, baggy silhouettes, playful accessories and an absolute shit tonne of jewellery. I think my style derives from artists like Lil’ Kim, Britney Spears and Princess Nokia.

My favourite item in my wardrobe is a custom pair of one-of-one sneakers that my best friend Dom gave me on my 21st birthday. These sneakers aren’t just any normal sneakers. [They’re] hand painted by Brian Funes, representing the cover art of my favourite album, 1992 Deluxe by Princess Nokia. This album and shoe both perfectly encapsulate my style and personality, representing how music is integrated into my fashion style. [These shoes are] a very special piece to me.


Allie Daisy King, she/her, content creator
As a maximalist, the most worn pieces in my wardrobe are often brightly coloured and whimsically patterned. The piece of clothing that’s hardest working [in my wardrobe] is the Emma Mulholland on Holiday Check Kokomo Pants in olive.

I bought these during the first lockdown of 2020 and they’ve become the most worn piece I own. To me, these pants are a neutral. They’re the perfect shade of green and go with everything I own. I wear these pants weekly and my love for them has never diminished.


Lauren Nicholls, she/her, fashion director of Stable
The On Parks Square Jacket is definitely the hardest-working item in my wardrobe. It’s Italian wool, never creases and is always ready to go. It dresses up any outfit with a bit of drama and its length is perfect for the Australian weather climate – not too heavy, goes over everything and matches all my shoes. It’s two seasons old already and I still get a buzz putting it on.

I left it in an Uber the other day and gratefully got it back a week later. It was the longest week of my life… can’t wait to get it in another colour and will definitely be taking it to Paris Fashion Week. A trans-seasonal hero!
Tory Price, she/they, stylist
My all-time fave and the hardest-working item in my wardrobe is easily my Ed Hardy cap. I got it at the op shop for $2; I nearly didn’t get it because I hate the colour red. It hides a bad hair day, is sun smart, looks hot and cool and goes with every outfit!

Plus, now I like red! I love colour and prints so much! Prints forever! I’m a very ‘more is more’ dresser and love to layer my clothes. I especially love adding a load of jewellery to bring it all together. I feel so lucky to wear what I want, and I want everyone to do that too.

Cat Forsyth, she/they, stylist, writer and designer
My favourite piece to style as a maximalist is the most ‘extra’ piece I own: a cross-body bag that looks like a kilt. This beloved bag was a Facebook Marketplace find (scored it for only $20!) and is worn frequently and lovingly.

I wear this bag at least once a week, whether that’s topping off a maximalist outfit or adding some interest to a more low-key look. By the way – besides the bedazzled belt and tartan pleats, the bag features a fabulous print of a naked bum hidden underneath the top layer. I mean, what a slay!

Ariane Leondaridis, she/her, founder of Ilio Nema
My ultimate favourite item is my Pollux Maxi Dress from Ilio Nema. Made from super-soft cotton, it’s handwoven on traditional looms in India. The pattern and colours are beautiful, and the oversize fit gives it a unique drape… effortlessly chic.

It’s really cool and dramatic over a swimsuit and striking over a black jean look. It’s a versatile dress during the day and a breezy robe jacket at night. I’m really tall, so this item falls perfectly on me. I love wearing it, it makes me feel so special.

Emaan Alamgir, she/her, content creator
For me, my hardest-working wardrobe item is definitely my Coach bag. I bought it new when I was in Texas because it was love at first sight. The reason this bag works so well for me is because of its versatility. The classic denim material with the iconic coach print and gold hardware makes it easily transitional, no matter what I’m wearing. I also adore the fact it isn’t just a typical neutral everyday bag, it’s something a little different and out there.

It works perfectly with my style because no matter how wild or laid back the outfit is, the bag seamlessly fits in as if it was made to be there. This was one of my pricier purchases, but I’ve honestly made back the money I spent on it. I’ve worn it out every day since I bought it. It’s come with me from Texas to New York, New Jersey, Sydney and Melbourne. I’m certain it’s still got a long way to go.


Serbia take the three points and were good value for their win

Soccer stadium collpases in Chile

It's been reported that four people have been injured at Chile's Monumental Stadium after metal structures fell during club Colo Colo's training session on Friday.

Despite it not being a competitive match, the stands were full of fans with flares, passionately chanting on their team. Some overly eager supporters decided to climb onto pillars located just behind the sitting section where advertising signs stood, to try and get a better view. It could have been the weight of the fans which contributed to the structure's collapse, but it's more likely to have been caused by pre-existing infrastructural problems.

After part of the stand fell, the club decided to suspend training and players returned to the dressing rooms.

Official reports have yet to be released detailing the exact number of casualties, though numbers are believed to be low. There will likely be an investigation into how the stadium collapsed so suddenly.

Cristiano Ronaldo approached Jordan Peterson for a therapy session to treat his depression

As he goes through what can probably be considered the most difficult moment of his career, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to seek out professional help. Even though he is considered an internet celebrity, folks may not realize the Jordan Peterson is actually quite the accomplished clinical psychologist. He's published papers in the most prestigious medical journals all around the world.

The published author has often been considered a right-wing propagandist but Cristiano Ronaldo found his books very helpful. After reading one of them, the Manchester United forward decided to invite him to his home in Manchester during Peterson's visit in the UK. About two weeks ago, Ronaldo posted an Instagram photo of him accompanied by Peterson with no further context in the publication.

As he goes through what can probably be considered the most difficult moment of his career, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to seek out professional help. Even though he is considered an internet celebrity, folks may not realize the Jordan Peterson is actually quite the accomplished clinical psychologist. He's published papers in the most prestigious medical journals all around the world.

The published author has often been considered a right-wing propagandist but Cristiano Ronaldo found his books very helpful. After reading one of them, the Manchester United forward decided to invite him to his home in Manchester during Peterson's visit in the UK. About two weeks ago, Ronaldo posted an Instagram photo of him accompanied by Peterson with no further context in the publication.

Morata gives Spain dramatic late win over Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal and passage to the Final Four

n a slightly underwhelming game that will do nothing for either side's claims to be among the favourites in Qatar this winter, Spain managed to steal a 1-0 win at the death in Braga against Portugal to seal a place in the Nations League Final Four.

It was the hosts, though, that had the better of the first half and Cristiano Ronaldo came closest to the breakthrough, only to be denied by an excellent Unai Simon save from close range.

Bruno Fernandes also had the crowd on their feet, with half the ground convinced he'd scored a long-range effort, only to then realise it had hit the side netting.

Spain looked out of sorts for most of the game,a shadow of the team we know they can be. They dominated the ball but weren't able to move it around or put together passing moves of any effectiveness.

Just as in the loss to Switzerland, however, the substitutes did seem to introduce a bit of liveliness and a sense of urgency at least.

Nico Williams of Athletic Club looked keen to impress and tested Diogo Costa a couple of times from distance.

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7 Settings You Should Immediately Enable in iOS 16

Weirdest Slang Terms for Breasts, Explained

I knew that there were a decent number of slang terms for breasts. I’ve heard them. I’ve used them. But when I came across the weirdest crossover article ever from Cosmo/Yahoo Finance, I learned that there are 99 problems and the breasts ain’t one.

This article came up with a whopping 99 terms for the mammary gland, and although I’d heard of some, a lot were foreign to me — which is surprising because I have breasts.

In their ‘common’ column, we have the expected boobs, boobies, ta-tas, melons, and coconuts. There were a couple I hadn’t heard that do make sense to me. I’d put Milk Monsters and Cream Pies in this category. Then there were the ones that were a total mystery.

Thanks to Urban Dictionary, I learned that Fiery biscuits is from the British comedy show The Mighty Boosh. And I’m now a total fan of the term.

Baps is British too so maybe I’m forgiven for that ignorance. It’s a take-off on the bap which is a soft bread roll. No fiery biscuit, but sure I’ll bite.

he next category deals with the dual nature of the “twins.”

We have Mary Kate and Ashley, Minnie and Mickey, Phil and Lil, Pinky and Perky, Mario and Luigi and The Mitchell Brothers, which I thought odd until the Urban Dictionary informed me that The Mitchell Brothers were bald twins from another British show, the EastEnders.

Then there are Ant and Dec who were the talent hosts for Britain’s Got Talent.

I could do without this whole category. From puppies to cat flaps to udders, it’s all a no-go. Mosquito Bites is a playground insult. Spaniel’s Ears are velvety and floppy and belong to dogs.

Wattdogs is even the name of an adult coloring book about “funny names that men have for boobies.” I want to know the person who would buy this coloring book. Probably the same person who still giggles at the name boobies. Also, I have no idea what a whattdog is. If you do, please enlighten me.

Dongles: Maybe the female penis? Not sure, but the coloring book guys are back. Is it weird that neither book has breasts on the cover? They aren’t afraid to put out a coloring book on Babylons but they won’t represent a real one on the cover. Or is that henna tattoo-looking thing supposed to be a breast? It’s a mystery. Just like the word dongles.

The last section is captioned “grim names” as if the 75 proceeding ones were super jolly. While Fleshy Mounds, Mud Flaps and Upper Bollocks are on the list, so is Naughty Pillows which doesn’t sound so grim to me. Naughty Pillows is not to be confused with Dirty Pillows which is what Carrie White’s insane mom called breasts, thereby causing her daughter to massacre everyone at prom.

don’t remember being born. My earliest memory is the fear of being. I felt my existence unloved and alone. My inability to communicate my plight was only one of the problems in my childhood home surrounding the time of my birth, but it was the problem that affected me the most.

This is my breast story, but it is also the story of the tiny baby girl in her crib, fearing her being. She needed a kind smile and to be held close but instead, she grew into a small child looking for answers as to why no one came.

She wondered why her parents couldn’t look her in the eye. She saw the guilt and aversion in her mother’s face when she sought love and thought that it must have been that she wasn’t…right. Perhaps she wasn’t made correctly.

One day, her father told her a story. It was after the third of three girls was born. He said that he had been sure they were having a boy three times and it never happened. Our family would never be “blessed” with a boy.

It seems my father was led on; persons in our local hospitals erroneously predicted his boys by listening to the strength of my sisters’ and my heartbeats. Well, it seems the combination of my mother and father made three women with very strong heartbeats. He was devastated.

When I asked him if he wanted a boy he looked sheepish. In time I found out that he wanted a male heir to pass along his property and legacy, but at the time he assured me that he wouldn’t trade any of us for anything.

That didn’t allow me to forget. The idea that was planted in my mind grew to become my truth: that he would have preferred me as a boy if I had just been born that way.

I didn’t do it for his property (I didn’t know what that was at the time) and I didn’t do it for favor, but I was a gap filler and I was often told I had “a boy’s name.” It just made sense. I decided that I would be as much a boy as I could for our family. If we needed one, I would try.

Despite my best efforts to provide my father with a male heir, I was raised to be a mother, to care for my father, and to put my family before everything and everyone, including my own needs.

When my parents divorced, I became his confidante. We talked about everything. One time I told him I was worried my breasts were too small and he told my 15-year-old ears not to worry, “Men are only looking for a mouthful.”

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Tim Paine: Former Australia captain set to play first high-level match for 18 months

Former Australia captain Tim Paine is set to return to elite-level cricket on Thursday for the first time since details of historical, sexually explicit text messages to a female colleague were made public.

The 37-year-old wicketkeeper has been named in the Tasmania squad to face Queensland in the Sheffield Shield.

He stood down as Australia captain last November shortly before the Ashes.

After a leave of absence, he returned to training in August.

Paine had been due to lead Australia in last winter's series against England but stood down with details of the text messages set to emerge.

He sent messages to a co-worker at Cricket Tasmania in November 2017, leading to a misconduct investigation after she made allegations against him in 2018.

Paine said he was "exonerated", with Cricket Australia (CA) clearing him of any breach of its code of conduct at the time and Cricket Tasmania deciding "no further action was required or appropriate".

However, after learning the texts were set to be revealed publicly, Paine stepped down in a tearful news conference in Hobart, saying his actions did not meet the "standard of an Australian cricket captain, or the wider community".

Paine, whose last first-class match was in April 2021, makes his return for Tasmania with captain and wicketkeeper Matthew Wade unavailable because of international commitments.

He has been training as an uncontracted player with the team, and made a return in lower-level cricket last weekend with his club side.

"We have absolute faith and trust in Tim and his preparation," said Tasmania coach Jeff Vaughan.

"Physically he is probably in the greatest spot of his physical career, emotionally he is sound. He has been training really well with us the last two months. We have got full faith in his wicketkeeping skillset so he has ticked all of the boxes."

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