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An extravagant figure who revealed the extravagant expenses of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi when they lived in Paris: how much they needed each month

An extravagant figure who revealed the extravagant expenses of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi when they lived in Paris: how much they needed each month
With the couple arriving in Istanbul, a journalist revealed what expenses Mauro and Wanda could incur during the striker's tenure at Paris Saint-Germain.

Mauro Icardi has already started to watch the minutes with the Galatasaray jersey. After giving a huge show, in which Wanda Nara and the children of the assembled family were also present, the man from Rosario made himself available to DT, Okan Borok. Off to a good start, Icardi's side picked up all three points last weekend, but additional football issues and oddities still put the agenda around the striker.

In fact, this time not only did Mauro appear in the news, but also put the couple under the microscope. To finalize his access to Turkish football, the striker and his family had to put in a fairly large financial effort, as few clubs can pay the salaries that Paris Saint-Germain is facing, and Galatasaray is no exception.

Although Rosario has arrived in Istanbul on loan, the club from the French capital will hardly pay a portion of his salary, and Galatasaray's contribution will not be enough to maintain the income Icardi was able to earn from his last contract. With this issue, the change in the pace of family life is implied. And on your expenses. In the Los Angeles de la Mañana program, via a signal from America, they revealed some little-known details.

This data came from the hand of journalist Augusto Tartu Tartuvoli, who researched the couple's monthly expenses. "They are so used to the standard of living that Wanda has spent approximately 400,000-500,000 euros to live. Her environment shows that this money goes to the house in Milan, the international schools her children attend, etc..." she calculates.


But, if the couple can afford these expenses, it is because the salary that Mauro earned at PSG was on par. Tartu also provided the details of Icardi's contract in France, and added: "Mauro was earning 10 million euros annually. In Turkey they could not pay this amount, so the Qataris said they would take part of the salary and pay him 6 million euros annually.

In conclusion, the journalist spoke about the negotiations that the striker had with the Turkish club, and added: “The Turks told him that they could only offer an additional 750 thousand per year, that is, 60 thousand per month, because in Turkey it is not expensive to live.”

Expensive expenses for a married couple
As Tartu pointed out, the huge expenditures of a married couple have to do more than anything else regarding family issues, such as maintaining the home or educating their children, among other things. The fact is that Mauro and Wanda knew how to give each other more than one taste, which is very evident when reviewing the social networks of the spouses.

Luxury cars, excursions, exclusive brands: some hobbies of the spouses, who in Turkey will have to adapt to a completely different life. It is undeniable that Icardi will continue to have an income that few can boast of, but Istanbul has nothing to do with Paris. At first, the family settled in a luxury downtown hotel, at least for the time being.

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