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‘I used to wear wetsuits to hide my legs – now I flaunt my eczema in bikinis’

'I used to wear wetsuits to hide my legs - now I flaunt my eczema in bikinis'

A swimwear designer who rocks bikinis has opened up about how she always used to wear wetsuits to hit the beach to try and hide her eczema.

Body positive babe Karina Irby is known for sharing self-love advice to her over 1.2million Instagram followers, but she admits she hasn't always oozed self-confidence.

She recently opened up about the lengths she used to go to hide her legs and natural skin.


Karina is known for flaunting her natural bod in unedited snaps on social media.

She often shows off her curves, cellulite and scars to show that all bodies can be different and beautiful.

To show people that they can work to overcome their insecurities she opened up about the fact that she used to hide her body in wetsuits while hitting the beach, because she'd be afraid people would see her legs.

She said there was a period in her life when she would feel nervous about her "booty smile lines and eczema riddled skin", but now she embraces it.

To show how far she's come she shared defiant snaps of herself modelling a skimpy, patterned bikini while showing off her curvy booty.

Karina looked happy and confident as she posed for the lovely pictures.

Writing on Instagram, Karina said: "The most freeing feeling in the world is putting on a bikini and just not giving a damn.

"I was born and raised in a tiny little beach town. Bikinis were our main outfit.

"But being super self conscious of my booty smile lines and eczema riddled skin I’d ALWAYS cover up in boardshorts and even wetsuits.

"I remember crazy hot summer days, and I’d be surfing in a wetsuit out of fear the school kids would see my legs.

"It’s only NOW, after years life events and character building moments, do I release how much brain power I wasted caring so much.

"Just remember - everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives they’re probably not even noticing you in a negative way.

"I’m sharing this with you to show you that confidence does come.

"It’ll just hit you one day and you won’t so hung up on the opinions of others.

"Life’s short. And I wish I could go back and just be happy with myself and not so obsessed with how others saw me.

"Or didn’t see me at all."

Since Karina shared the candid snaps over 22,000 people have liked the post, and her followers have said she gives them "hope."

More than 200 people also left comments to thank the content creator for being so honest about her body image journey.

One person said: "You give me hope.

"I hate my body, and trying so hard not to care what others think, or don't think. Thank you."

A second added: "You're amazing. I have two step-daughters very focused on appearance, and I show them you all the time, and how positive you are.

"Keep doing what you are doing. Slay girl."

Meanwhile, another commented: "You look amazing. Thanks for sharing your story."

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