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‘Men pay me to rate their penises and give feedback – I was born for the job’

EXCLUSIVE: Valentina Bellucci, from Italy, is an adult entertainer who has always been a "sexual person" and loves people watching her have sex. She sometimes has men ask her to help them beat small penis anxiety

Valentina Bellucci believes she was born to be a porn star.

The Italian beauty’s star is on the rise, as she is making a name for herself as a respected performer, producer and content creator – and she’s also known for rating men’s penises.

Valentina has always considered herself a sexual person and she used to dream of one day performing, producing and directing erotica.

Now residing in Las Vegas, she began shooting solo content for adult clip sites as a means of making extra money and loved that she could express herself creatively on her own terms.

Then in early 2021, she started shooting for the industry’s top studios before launching her company Step House in the autumn of the same year.

“I was always a very sexual person – and it turns me on when people watch me having sex,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

“I've done it many times in swingers clubs or with friends but at one point I decided it might not be a bad idea to be watched by everyone who has access to the internet and make it a career.

“Other than that, some of my friends have been in the porn industry for years and I saw how they work, how is their life, business. It definitely helped.”

Now Valentina has shot for the biggest studios in the world, like Brazzers, Naughty America and Team Skeet.

“As a talent, I love role-playing scenes with lots of talking, acting, and interesting storyline,” she said.

“When I direct, I love shooting parodies. The work process is usually very creative and everyone on set has a lot of fun.”

Valentina has noticed there's a shift in men using sex workers to help them beat small penis anxiety.

She receives a lot of requests for “d*** ratings” during her Skype shows or on OnlyFans, which is when men pay for an honest dick pic critique.

The bombshell tries to give the men honest feedback that will set them up for success in the bedroom. If they’re average-sized guys who dream of being bigger, she assures them that bigger isn’t always better.

“Basically, men pay porn stars or models to look at the picture of their d*ck and tell them if it looks good and mainly if it's big enough,” she said.
“Unfortunately, a lot of men think that size is the only thing that matters and a hot girl wouldn't want to have sex with them if their dick is too small.

“I always tell men that dick size is just like boob size. If you ask around, most guys will tell you they like average, C cup maybe something slightly bigger.

“There are some guys who like extremely big boobs and guys who like very small tits. Although, most of us don't like anything extreme.”

Valentina has noticed that she’s sometimes treated differently because of her job but she doesn’t let it slow her down.
Now she works behind the camera as well as she is the studio head for Step House.

This is a brand-new erotica imprint and website that highlights the works of the adult entertainment industry’s newest amateurs alongside its biggest stars.

While it can sometimes be a challenge, she loves producing and directing and this has been a lifetime goal of hers.

“Before I started working as a performer, I always knew that at some point I want to be behind the camera as well,” she said.

“I am a very creative person so being able to shoot content for my own website and direct models keeps me motivated.
“At Step House, we focus on role-playing and taboo content. I always want to make sure the storyline is interesting for viewers and they get more than just sex.

“Another thing that is unique about Step House is the fact we shoot with a variety of talent. You can see male and female models of different sizes, ethnicities, and looks.”

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