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TikToker, 21, gunned down after mysterious late-night phone

TikToker Karla Pardini was shot and killed near her home last week - her mother said her daughter had received a phone call from an unknown caller telling her to go outside

A popular TikToker was fatally shot just moments after she received a mysterious late-night phone call.

Karla Pardini, 21, from Mexico, received the call at 10.30pm on September 20 telling her to go outside and never returned, according to Sinaloa prosecutor Sara Bruna Quiñone.

"According to information provided by her mother, she received a call, went outside and that’s when the attack occurred," Sinaloa prosecutor Sara Bruna Quiñonez told Jam Press.

Sinaloa State Attorney General’s Office revealed Pardini had been ambushed and shot multiple times, stating that authorities had found her body full of bullets outside her home in Sinaloa.

Witnesses report seeing a group of armed individuals roaming the area just before the attack, but the identities of Karla's attackers are unknown.

So far no arrests have been made.

Police are currently investigating the murder and have labelled it a femicide "because she was exposed and in a state of helplessness when the attack took place".

Authorities stated: "We are carrying out the investigation with the utmost secrecy so as not to alert the possible suspect."

Pardini had boasted a whopping 90k followers on TikTok before her tragic death.

She gained her popularity by making dance videos and sharing updates on her life with her fans.

In her final video, posted on the day of her death, she added text that read: "When they tell me they don’t like me. In short, I hope you like me less."
More than 1.5 million users have viewed the clip and her many fans have rushed to the comments section of the video to pay tribute to the lost star.

“We live in a cruel world,” said one commenter.

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