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Babestation girl who dated murderer quit radiography after colleagues called her ‘sl*t’

EXCLUSIVE: Babestation presenter Stella Paris has opened up about why she ditched her radiography career to work as a stripper instead – a decision that led to her dating a brutal killer

A racy model who dated one of Britain’s most wanted men ditched her radiography career after gossiping colleagues called her a “slut and a whore”.

Stella Paris had started working in a strip club as a side hustle when her boss gave her an ultimatum.

She then quit being a radiographer without hesitation, despite dedicating six years of her life to university and grafting in a hospital.

The decision eventually led Stella, who is from Malta, to the UK where she is now an OnlyFans model and a Babestation presenter.

And speaking with the Daily Star, the 35-year-old said swapping a medical career for sex work was the best decision she ever made.

“I definitely have no regrets,” she said. “If I didn’t do what I did I don’t know where I would be right now because my whole life completely changed with modelling and dancing.

“I remember when I started dancing I had radiography colleagues on Facebook and they were talking about me and calling me a whore and a slut and all this rubbish.

“Then my boss said I can’t be in the entertainment industry and doing radiography at the same time.

“But just after a month of dancing in strip clubs my life changed. I had paid my debts and my health was above water and my depression was no longer there and I was happy and had new friends too.”

Stella added: “When they called me it wasn’t hard to choose. A lot of people told me don’t do it because you have a job with the government like the NHS and it’s a job for life.

“But I could feed myself and live a good life with stripping. I also felt free and good about myself and nobody controlled me. I was empowered and making good money and I realised it actually made me happy.”

Stella's parents were academics and her dad was a doctor but she felt restricted in her profession and wanted something more creative.

She had dreamed of being an entertainer since she was young but studied radiography because she feared Malta didn’t have enough opportunities back then.

But she was earning approximately £850 as a radiographer after tax every month and she could barely afford to support herself once she paid her rent.

And it was after trading the hospital for strip clubs when she met the infamous Christopher Guest More who was on the run for torturing a dad to death.

She spent almost a year living and sleeping with the monster, who is finally in jail, without knowing who he really was.

But she now lives in the West Midlands and has been on OnlyFans for four years.

And during the pandemic she accepted a job at Babestation after being approached by the company.

She will celebrate two years there in October and the artist and singer now has regular clients who have all sorts of bonkers requests.

Speaking about her job that couldn't be any more different to radiography, she said: “I have a few regulars and I know their names, where they are from, what they like and what music they listen to.

“The age varies and I have guys who call me saying they are 18 today and they chose me as the first call on Babestation and I also have men in their 50s and 60s.

“One regular has been calling me for two years very frequently and he buys food specifically to call me. For example, custard, jelly and ice-cream. He then puts his penis in the food and I have to tell him what to do.

“But I love him because he’s respectful. That’s all that matters, respect is very important to me. Sometimes if people are too rude or pushy I tend to put the phone down.”

And as for the best part, she added: “The thing I enjoy most is dressing up. I dress in different cosplay outfits and I have hundreds of them that I’ve collected over the years.

“I even have the outfit from the first ever dance I did in a strip club in Malta.
“I like dressing up as a nurse, as a teacher, firefighter and even as a pussycat. And I also enjoy doing more domination shows and calls because those guys that want me to dominate them are much nicer.

“They are easier to talk to and because of my past and some of the abuse I’ve endured I am not very much into people telling me what to do.
Some of this abuse was inflicted by former BBC TV researcher Christopher Guest More who received a life sentence in December for torturing Brian Waters to death in 2003.

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