Lecture IMTelkom MM-Biztel: Intellectual Property Rights In Digital Camera

24 Jan

Spotlight is on knowledge in today’s economy

  • • Knowledge, Weightless, Information, Digital or Service Economy
  • Factors of production: Land, Labor, Capital, Intangibles (Knowledge)
  • • Knowledge as useful Information (or Service)
  • • Information as a “Public Good”
  • • Information as Property

What is intellectual property?

  • • An exclusive
  • property right
  • • in intangible products
  • • of investment, creative intellect, or labor
  • • owned by the creator or by someone who purchased it from the creator

Intellectual Property:

 “In the age of the knowledge economy, the efficient and creative use of knowledge is a key determinant of international competitiveness, wealth creation and improved social welfare.” “An effective intellectual property (IP) system embedded within a national strategy which anchors IP considerations firmly within the policy-making process will help a nation to promote and protect its intellectual assets, thereby driving economic growth and wealth creation.” Kamil Idris, WIPO Director General

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  1. Chrisna Julia

    8 February 2010 at 12:08 PM

    Pak, yang menjadi permasalahan dalam IP Rights ini adalah bagaimana menyakinkan perusahaan terutama BOD akan pentingnya IP Rights ini, karena sebetulnya issue itu sudah lama didengung2kan di internal perusahaan. Tapi yang muncul umumnya baru hanya di stage expansion atau pada product saja. Bagaimana dengan level yang lainnya.
    Mohon bantuan pencerahan hal tersebut. Tks.

    Chrisna – Biztel8, B090081006