Strategic Leadership

29 Jan

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Strategic Leadership (From: Burt Nanus, Visionary Leadership)

  • Vision (A realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization. It deals with the future and expresses what you will be working hard to create)
  • What is not? (It is not: a prophecy, a mission, factual, true or false, static for all time, a constraint on actions)
  • Criteria (Future oriented, utopian, appropriate, high ideals, clarify purpose and direction, inspire enthusiasm, reflect uniqueness, ambitious)
  • Leadership (Take charge, make things happen, dream dreams, then translate them into reality)

Strategic Leadership (James C Collins and Jerry I Porras, “Built to Last: Successful habits of visionary companies!, Random House 1998):

  • Identify core values and sense of purpose greater than profitability alone
  • Preserve the core ideology, but allow all processes to change and progress
  • Challenge the business by continually setting huge, daunting goals
  • Actively encourage a cult-like culture
  • Innovate prolifically and keep what works
  • Employ home-grown management
  • Support mechanisms that create a culture of “good enough is never good enough”

Effective Leadership (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson-2008):

  • Strategic Leadership (The ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, and empower others to create strategic change as necessary)
  • Strategic Intent (The leveraging of a firm’s internal resources, capabilities, and core of competencies in the competitive environment)
  • Strategic Direction (Long-term vision of a firm’s (Long- strategic intent)

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