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@NgabaduyIT Team @ariefbb @djadjas @ruangchupa On The Move: We Are Back To Batu Hijau

19 Sep

From Tue (18 Sep) to (20 Sep 2012) we are from @NgabaduyIT On The Move To Batu Hijau. We continue our journey on “The Rise of COMLABS e-Learning” at Sumbawa Besar one of big mine company. Our team consist of  @ariefbb (Arief Bahtiar), @djadjas (Djadja Sardjana) and @ruangchupa (Muhammad Yusuf).

My journey started from Bandung on 1:30PM and take only 3 hours to Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) Lion Air Terminal 1A by XTrans Travel….Amazing, that it can be done in the middle of Monday traffict jam at  Jakarta. For the next flight from SHIA we must predict approximately how lang it take jour from Bandung to Cengkareng because our flight is on 8PM 🙂

The other surprising moment that “Air Lion 1” JT650 (We call our flight to LOP fom JKT) only delayed ~30 minutes. You can imagine if our flight delay more than that, we will arrive at LOP in early morning of the next day. Below is our foto right after landed on 11:30PM on the same day 🙂

This mission merely stress on Content especially for TOEIC, Safety and Licensing. We hope this mission satisfy or goal and can give “sustainable operation”……Common Agent @ruangchupa we count on you 🙂 

In the middle of ATP, I still can write this blog as part of @Ngabaduy-IT task to give routine report to Control Room at Bandung. We hope our job in the good shape and achieve satisfying goal. We ended this report as Wa Kepoh said: “Euh, waktosna seep pamiarsa…. Urang sambung deui sanes waktos……” 😀