The benefits of online certifications vs conventional education

The education industry has gone through something of an evolution as of late. Traditional education methods are still viable, but students these days want a more flexible, convenient learning experience. Simply put, the modern education experience is nothing like it was years ago. Historically, education has been all about brick-and-mortar learning in controlled, time-constrained classrooms. This method of education is not necessarily dead, but it is one that no longer is viable for every student that goes through the education system.

The simple reality is that students today often have other commitments that demand more of their attention and time than traditional education allows for. Rather than sitting in classrooms at broadly set times throughout the week, students today can sit texts, take exams, and even go through their entire degree all online.

This is an evolution of a system that was, quite frankly, long overdue. From having access to certification software to strengthen the education experience, to all course materials and assessment submission platforms going digital, the modern education experience is more efficient than ever before – because it caters to all students, not a set demographic that has the luck to be in the financial and geographical position that allows them to study traditionally.


When students study online, they have a direct responsibility to ensure that they hold themselves accountable for every assignment, every exam. Traditional education literally puts students in rooms to make sure that they are staying on track and heading towards achieving their academic goals, but online education places all the responsibility into the hands of the individual. This is a significant advantage because students that study online end up having a much more well-rounded, strong sense of what it means to be responsible for their own successes – a trait that is invaluable in the workforce.


Online education is, above all else, convenience in essence. Students that study online have full access, at all times (or, at least most of the time) to all the materials, course content, and assistance that they could possible need to ace the courses they are taking. Online education came to fruition to provide a sense of convenience that traditional education simply could not offer. In short, online education allows any individual with a solid Wifi connection the chance to pursue their education if they want to.


Modern life is busier than ever. Today, students have more commitments than they have ever had. Many students have to work to pay bills and put food on the table, and some even have families to take care of. All these separate aspects of life must be catered to, and the evolution of online education allows students to literally have their cake and eat it too. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a student (or an educator). The flexibility of online education gives students the chance to better balance all aspects of their life, rather than having to sacrifice other parts of their life in the name of achieving and exceeding academic excellence.

Applying for an MBA in Australia for 2019?

Are you wanting to pursue your management study in Australia? So, here in this webpage, we will talk about the steps which are important for you to know.

Australia is known as the best destination for pursuing the management study, especially for the dedicated candidates. According to the statistics and Australian business deals Council most of the students are getting paid by the multinational companies at highest annual salary which attracts other candidates to go in Australia and pursue the MBA study.

I’m sure you are also one of them so before considering your name in the university you should know about that how you can apply for MBA in Australia that could help you to stay away from fake agencies

  • Search for the university

The first step for every student is he or she should you search for the university, course structure, fee as well as the online application forms so you will never miss the date to apply. According to the students’ choice Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne is on the first rank. You can also go to the other University if the seats are unavailable.

  • Review deadlines

Once you get shortlisted by the University you must check out the deadlines because it is important for you to check out first. In any case, you miss the deadline you will have to go to the other University which should don’t want to be.

  • Eligibility

It is a genuine thing which every applicant should focus before applying to a university that you must be able to fulfill their eligibility criteria to get the seat. If you are applying for the MBA you must have experience in the relevant course.

  • High score

If you are non-resident in Australia you must have to pass the TOEFL or IELTS test to become eligible for the university because it is a very important factor which decides the candidate is perfect for the university eligibility criteria or not so you have to work hard on passing it. In this test you have to be perfect in writing, listening, speaking and reading. To assure that your article or letter is up to par, you can employ an essay writer to go through your essay for you.

  • Application package

After getting the high score you must send your application to the university and for that, you have to pass out 4 rounds that are personal statements, recommendation letters, resume, and interview.

  • In personal statement many University required to get a personal statement for round the candidate which is written form where you have to reflect the reasons that why you want to join the university and what are your goals in your life.
  • In recommendation letters you have to reflect the review of a third person such as your work experience.
  • The resume is strong to make your profile stronger than before and it should be your qualification, achievements, date of birth, work experience, and your identity proof.
  • The interview is a deciding part which you have to pass out and it is done with only those applicants have been shortlisted in this most of the students are asked by about the reason of studying in Australia or some relevant questions about your work experience or study.

Final words

If you want to continue your study in Australia so you must follow these steps to get eligible for the university. Before all you have to get a good score in your IELTS otherwise, you will get refusal. To make you file strong and to pursue the dream of MBA in Australia you should work hard and do your best.

Educational Paradigm in a Global Transition: Technology, Human Resource and Beyond

As technology continues to dominate and lead human lives, learning and education are both on a verge of significant transformation. The traditional methods of textbook and classroom based learning are already being challenged by new techniques and approaches, creating vast opportunities for the new generations of students and educators worldwide. The digital age provides revolutionary platforms of learning that enable aspiring students to attain online degrees, receive technical accreditations, attend CSM training sessions and find educational opportunities all around the world, adding to the pace and intensity of educational transformation. With lessons learnt from history and prospects of future success, both students and educators are expected to be aware of changes and adapt to new technologies and methodologies to make the most out of their time in their pursuits of higher academic and professional success.

Online education’s capability to provide opportunities for the under-privileged are non-debatable and the Poland-based company, ‘Brainly’ is one of the forefront players in the market. The company’s founder and current CEO Michal Borkowski believes in the power of personalized education as a great tool to enhance student learning by providing the individual with the capability to understand their own educational paths. Such an educational approach also supports the development of leadership in students, enabling them to grow confidence in their unique skills and capabilities that are usually overlooked by the current educational paradigm. Brainly currently serves more than 80 million users and Borkowski attributes such success to the capability of the system to make learning an engaging activity, connecting students to collaborate with one another on the topics of their own choosing. In this manner, the courses provided at Brainly promote social learning by bringing people together based on their interests to achieve higher levels of student engagement in courses. The system is also an open-knowledge platform that receives contributions from a global audience, while its built-in support system eliminates the risks of isolation and inefficiency that strengthens Brainly’s collaborative culture.

Another competitor in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) market is Udemy, which currently has 35,000 instructors, 24 million registered users working to receive certifications or degrees by completing some of the company’s 80,000+ online courses. The company’s CEO Kevin Johnson has recently decided to deviate from the traditional student training approach to reach out to employers and their training demands. The company’s new initiative, ‘Udemy for Business (UFB)’ seeks to recognize talent as a competitive advantage in corporate competition by providing managers and executives with access to an array of business relevant online courses along with an online platform designed to host and distribute their own content. Currently, companies are seeking ways to provide continuous learning and adaptation for their workers for which UFB provides excellent content to save time, resource and energy. The traditional method of searching for new talents in times of crisis or stagnation has proven to be unsustainable whereas the capability or companies to invest into their existent work force produces great results for the organization and its employees. In addition, companies which invest into such a strategy also create a learning culture that preserves the established and successful principles and strategies for future generations of employees.

True education begins at a very early age, which has made gamification a great tool to reach younger students, leading Nintendo, the leading company in home entertainment and gaming, to partner with Institute of Play to “bring its popular Switch gaming console and DIY Labo kits to 100 classrooms across the United States.” The partnership intends on providing technological assistance in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) by utilizing the computational capabilities of the above-mentioned Nintendo products. The DIY Labo kits are used by children to build numerous objects to be used in Switch video games, automatically indulging young children into an early stage of computer programming and design. The company’s North American president and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime believes that the long term returns of such an investment into STEAM will help the company find and acquire young talents more easily, while the children and their educators will also benefit significantly from the project in terms of productivity and performance. Fils-Aime believes that what has begun as a simple way of integrating entertainment into education will soon transform into a new method of learning and applying computer science knowledge to create new generations of extremely talented and capable professionals. Such children are expected to contribute to the newly emergent global digital world and help their respective communities thrive through cutting-edge technologies, making human lives easier and more fulfilling.

Basic Skills for SQL Developers

SQL is a programming language that is used to communicate with databases and is pervasive across applications and support tools used in the IT field. An SQL programmer designs tables, writes queries and ensures their optimal performance, and works with database data. Exposure to SQL would do a world of good on the career front, whether one wants to be a business analyst, data engineer, web developer or a database administrator. From a company’s perspective, an SQL assessment is an absolute must to gauge a candidate’s expertise in this language.

Essential Skills of SQL Developers

Managing a Database

SQL mastery begins with understanding a database, learning database tables and knowing how to structure a database from scratch. An aspiring IT and data science professional should be able to manage and administer an SQL database and set it up for scalable growth.

Working with Database Systems

SQL interacts with databases, but MySQL is the database management system that actually stores the data. An SQL developer should learn to work with MySQL and other popular database management systems in order to manage access, limit users and perform other tasks of a database manager.

Mastering PHP

MySQL and PHP often work in tandem with each other. PHP is an open source programming language that interacts with MySQL. Knowledge of MySQL and PHP technologies is helpful in tackling a wide range of projects. WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) in conjunction with SQL can manage extremely large sets of data such as Big Data.

Learning Capacity Planning

An SQL developer needs to possess good capacity planning skills. He must know the limits of the server platform in executing queries, the space needed for data, indexes and logs. He should also be able to keep a tab on resource usage and capacity utilization.

Studying SQL types

An SQL developer should have an in-depth knowledge of SQL types, pertaining to logic, performance and storage, and understand the importance of grouping changes and isolation levels. Equipped with this knowledge, developers can access SQL features to update data sets.

Why Learn SQL?

SQL is used directly or indirectly across an IT department. A person who has a working knowledge of SQL can therefore gain immensely from the various data tools that are in use.

Network Administrators use a tool called SolarWinds, which stores its back-end data in an SQL server database. SolarWinds can generate great reports, but a custom metric such as network up-time at a remote location can only be created and accessed via SQL.

Desktop Engineers make use of SCCM (System Center Configuration Center) to manage servers and desktops. SQL makes it easier to reach the data store and write better custom reports by piecing the data together. Developers can gain immensely from SQL; they can enhance the performance of their programs by knowing how programs interact with the database.

To conclude, anyone aspiring for a lucrative programming career should learn SQL as even rookie SQL developers make upwards of $60,000 a year.

Deciding which career path is most suitable for an individual

The question of which career path is right is one that has been asked billions of times. Again and again, year after year, individuals find themselves barrelling through a myriad of life-altering questions and possibilities for their career. It is an overwhelming process, and it takes time and confidence to know what the right path is. Knowing who we are as individuals and what it is that makes us thrive is not always an easy process of discovery. Quite often it takes guts, time, money, and trust in the process and your future career goals, to even make it halfway without having the temptation to give it all up. For thousands of individuals annually, the right path proves to be beginning secondary study at a university or college.

Choosing a university or college as the environment to begin the initial stages of one’s career is a daunting prospect. There are literally hundreds of universities, and they all appear (at first glance) to offer quite similar – if not the same – courses and degrees. Individuals are given a literal world of opportunities, and choosing just one opportunity to begin their career path is an important and stressful time in their life. While financial income is nearly always a top priority in choosing a career path, what may come as a surprise is that a genuine love for the career is vital to the ensured longevity of any given career.

Perhaps the most relevant reason to pursue an academic career in a field that one genuinely loves, is respect for one’s future – and their future career. There are hundreds of students every year that begin studying towards a career without being quite certain that it is what they want to do with their life. Unfortunately, what often happens as a result is that individuals drop out of their university courses, sometimes dropping the degree altogether. They end up back at square one, and having to pay for the courses that they did get through. It can be a waste of money and time, so studying towards a career that one genuinely loves is critically important.

Thankfully, there are now various tools (both online and on-location) that can aid prospective students in their decision-making process, such as The Uni Guide, online courses, and open days at universities and colleges. Deciding which career to pursue is nearly always a difficult choice, and it is one that should never be taken lightly. Having access to tools and processes that assist individuals in making the right decision for their own future makes the world of difference. Instead of struggling to decide between a few different careers, or beginning the initial steps towards a career and then veering off once lack of passion appears, individuals are being given access to platforms that genuinely want them to be the best versions of themselves, and forge careers in industries that make them happy.

An individual’s career begins the day that they decide which path to take to get them there – whether that be university, internships, apprenticeships, or simply taking the leap of faith to get what one wants out of their career. It all counts. It all works. It all matters.

Excelling at Postgraduate Studies

After making it through your undergraduate degree and you came out of it alive and eager to continue your education. Well, clearly you enjoyed the university experience as you should. But, postgraduate education is slightly different than your undergrad. You’re going into depth on subjects and will need to defend it at the end of your education postgraduate courses. But don’t stress yourself out. You can get through this with a couple of helpful pieces of advice.

Get ready to work

When you did your undergrad degree, there were probably times when you skipped class or decided to wing a test and there weren’t any repercussions. But, a postgraduate degree is different. Your workload increases and the amount of knowledge you need to know also increases. In other words, your undergrad degree was small fry in comparison to postgraduate education. You’ll find your flow, but in the beginning, it’s going to come as a bit of a shock to you.

Procrastion won’t work

This is your postgraduate degree meaning at the end of your program, you’re going to need to defend your thesis in front of a panel of professors. That thesis is going to take a huge amount of research on top of the classes you’ll need to take. You need to pace yourself. Don’t leave everything to the last minute because you won’t be able to get everything completed. Plus, you want to enjoy this period of your life as well, and not remember it as the time when you didn’t eat or sleep for days on end.

Get to know your professors

When it comes to our undergraduate degrees, most of us never spoke more than two words to our professors. We simply listened to them talk, took notes, and went home. But you’ll need your academic supervisor’s assistance and guidance for your postgrad degree. Ask them questions, listen to their advice, and use the time they give you to help you out with anything you need.


Now, this doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself in your bedroom and constantly study, that’s not what your postgrad is about. You should give yourself time to network with your colleagues and socialize with the community you’re in. Your fellow students are probably experiencing the same stress and fears as you, so why not grab a beer and talk about it? But, remember, you do need to switch off some school sometimes, so, don’t make these relationships based purely off of school. You’ll need support from your colleagues during your postgrad, so, don’t be scared to socialize and make friends.

Look towards the future

You need to plan ahead. Okay, you don’t need to plan too far in advance, but go through your schedules, mark off exam and due dates months in advance. That way, you can better prepare yourself for how you should be allocating your time. This will prevent you from having a mental breakdown. And seriously, it’s been known to happen.

Boosting one’s career with an internship

When we graduate university, we assume that we’re going to just walk right into our dream job. We did four years, we studied hard, and finally made it to the final goal. However, after graduating university, you enter into the real world which is much different then what you’ve been learning in textbooks. But there’s a way to bridge the gap between university and achieving your career and it all comes down to internships. Why is an internship a good idea? Here’s why.


The thing about university is that though you learn theoretical knowledge, many of us when graduating lack the hands-on knowledge which we need for our careers. By becoming an intern, you’re able to gain more work experience in your field in the actual environment. Internships allow you to test drive the different career options available for you.

Network, network, network

One of the big benefits of interning are the resources you open yourself up to. Internships allow you to connect with professionals in the field, individuals who have years of experience and advice. If you perform well, these connections can come in handy as you may be able to use them on your reference letter or be recommended within the company. In addition, once you develop yourself in the industry, you’ll be needing those connections for business.

Reduce the uni-work culture shock

Many people who graduate university have no idea what they’re getting themselves into when they land their first job. They just spent four years studying, sleeping in, and working part-time which is a huge lifestyle difference in comparison to the 9 to 5 working life. This is why prior to applying for jobs, a quick internship search on Google would help you. You’ll be able to work in your future work environment, however, without years of commitment.

Learn about yourself

Is this the career you really want to have for your life? Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of something, however, when we actually experience it, it’s completely different. Trying out an internship allows you to develop yourself and grasp a better understanding of who you are and what you want for your life. In the end, you may decide that it’s not a field you want to work in.

Juice up that CV

When entering the job force, you want a strong CV full of work experience and skills. The job you’re applying for, regardless of the field, has competition. You don’t know the level of the other applicants but that shouldn’t matter because you have a full of experience which is what any employer is looking for. An internship allows you to acquire those skills and provide you with the experience you don’t have when leaving university.

Possibly get paid

Though there are a vast amount of unpaid internships, you can also find paid internships as well. You probably won’t be receiving a huge paycheck, however, being able to gain experience while making some money is always a plus. Many internships take place during summer holidays as well, so it won’t interfere with your schooling or other commitments.

Can the CPA exam boost your career?

The CPA exam is that type of exam which is very important in a variety of ways. Not only is it a very important exam, but it does come with a multitude of unique challenges on its own right. For starters, this is the type of exam that requires a lot of work from your side. The true challenge is that getting over this exam can be very time consuming.

Is it enough to prepare on your own?

Getting the best CPA study materials is a very good start. The CPA exam does require you to work quite a lot on your own, and if you do this properly you can easily obtain some rather incredible results. But you have to trust yourself, trust your instincts and the ideas right in front of you. Sometimes there can be lots of challenges, but you have to figure out the right means to take all of this to the next level in a meaningful way. You totally need to at least try and check this out the best way that you can, and nothing will be in your way if you do so. All you have to do is to use that thing to your advantage.

How can the CPA exam change your career?

For starters, it gives you a good set of ideas when it comes to exploring new options in your career. The CPA exam will help you show everyone that you are ready for any challenge the career has in front of you. There will be ups, there will be downs, but you will always be in control and you will have no problem fulfilling and completing everything in a meaningful way.

And while the CPA exam does require a lot of preparation, it’s also one of the more important exams right in front of you. This will pay off quite a lot in the end and it will surely bring in front some distinct options for you to explore. You need to understand that the value you can get from this will be worth the effort, so you should at least try to take that into consideration.

How valuable is the CPA exam?

Believe it or not, the CPA exam does a very good job at bringing you astonishing values and great results in no time. It’s the type of system that you will enjoy quite a lot and you will appreciate the tremendous value and quality you will see here. You definitely need to understand all of that, and the more you do so, the better the outcome will be in the end.

Try to prepare for the CPA exam the best way that you can. This is one of the most important exams in your life and it can do wonders to your career. Granted, it’s a very challenging thing to deal with, but in the end it will be for the better. That’s why you need to check out the CPA exam, as it does bring in front some really good options and unique ideas for you to explore.

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How essays can be written for almost any discipline

Writing a good essay on just about any topic can be very challenging. Not only do you need a lot of knowledge on that topic, but you have to adjust the way you write in order to get the best results. The tricky thing about writing a good paper is that you can take your time to do it the best way you can. On the other hand, this can also be very time-consuming, and in the long term this can be quite the issue if you just master a single topic.

And let’s face it, there are many situations when you have to write papers on many disciplines. If that happens, it can be really hard to identify the right way of writing everything properly, so you have to use this to your advantage if you can.

Use essay writing services

This is the best way to get custom written papers in any discipline by advanced writers. Not only does it help you remove the pressure and stress from your side, but the return on investment can be amazing as well. You just have to take your time with this and the value can be more than ok. Of course, you do need to think about all the possibilities that come with having a professional writing your paper.

You get to have a very good essay written by a professional that really knows that you are doing. It’s a blessing to have such a benefit, and in the end it can really help you obtain a great experience as a whole. Rest assured that using an approach like this one does make a lot of sense especially if you aren’t vetted in that topic. Instead of trying to write something that you are not familiar with, try to hire someone that clearly knows what they are doing.

Essay writing services are not expensive

That’s the best thing about this service, the fact that you have all the necessary essay writing features and benefits in a single package. It’s always important to create the right essay and to write all the content accordingly. While it sounds a bit tough to do at times, the return on investment will surely be huge, and that’s what matters in the end.

Plus, you can always pay a bit more to get a higher standard essay as well. The possibilities are limitless, and you choose the value and quality you want from your essay. But since it’s written by a professional in the industry you choose, the results can be really good. You won’t have any issues with plagiarism either, as the outcome can be more than ok.

In the end, using a dedicated service to offer custom written papers on any topic is a godsend. It will help you immensely, and the value will be an extraordinary one. So, try to take your time with this and adapt to the situation at all costs. In the end, you will be more than impressed with the outcome.

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How to kick-start your career in the New Year

The dawn of a new year is a time to make a new beginning, revitalize the job search, boost a sagging career and explore a new field. Applying to your dream career is more than just perfect your combination resume or cover letter. A career journey should be rooted in personal passion and openness to new avenues. Job seekers should spend time to know themselves through a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis or any other testing mechanism, so as to arrive at a career choice that is in tune with their interests, personalities and career goals. They should also research into the existing and emerging career opportunities before zeroing in on any particular areas.

The job hunting activity should be defined by the larger picture. Every job or part in the process should involve a thorough analysis of the company and roles concerned and be a step towards that dream job. A person who thinks ahead and knows where he wants to be 10 years down the line can plan career moves that are aligned with personal goals and ambitions.

In today’s age of the digital media and online commerce, employers and recruiters are increasingly venturing to the internet to look for potential recruits. The candidates should thus have an online presence as a LinkedIn profile is a significant stepping stone to a make-or-break opportunity on the career front. Ensuring a consistency between personal image and online persona on social media platforms such as Facebook is also very crucial as companies tend to look at social profiles to better understand prospective recruits.

Networking is gaining tremendous popularity. Websites such as LinkedIn provide a platform to network with fellow professionals across companies and nationalities. Robust networks are an invaluable help in making career moves and serve as a safety net in the event of uncertainties.

The importance of a good resume cannot be emphasized enough. As resumes convey the first impression, candidates should prepare a comprehensive resume and keep it constantly updated to capitalize on any pleasant job surprises. Plain, matter-of-fact resumes may enjoy a wide acceptability in conventional HR circles, but a creative resume would help in differentiating oneself, especially while dealing with employers online.

The job market is undergoing a rapid transformation. Professionals should keep themselves updated on trends relevant to their industries and roles. E-learning platforms such as Coursera and EdX, Ted Talks and easy availability of e-books and journals can serve as valuable resources in aiding continuous professional growth and development and also lead to professional certification. Reading career and motivational literature would also be a great help in keeping a person focused on career objectives that really matter.

The New Year is an opportunity to re-imagine the career direction that a person may wish to take in the future. While the New Year is certainly a starting point in the traditional sense of the word, any point in life is a good time to make life-nourishing changes and take the next big career leap in your career.

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