Boosting one’s career with an internship

When we graduate university, we assume that we’re going to just walk right into our dream job. We did four years, we studied hard, and finally made it to the final goal. However, after graduating university, you enter into the real world which is much different then what you’ve been learning in textbooks. But there’s a way to bridge the gap between university and achieving your career and it all comes down to internships. Why is an internship a good idea? Here’s why.


The thing about university is that though you learn theoretical knowledge, many of us when graduating lack the hands-on knowledge which we need for our careers. By becoming an intern, you’re able to gain more work experience in your field in the actual environment. Internships allow you to test drive the different career options available for you.

Network, network, network

One of the big benefits of interning are the resources you open yourself up to. Internships allow you to connect with professionals in the field, individuals who have years of experience and advice. If you perform well, these connections can come in handy as you may be able to use them on your reference letter or be recommended within the company. In addition, once you develop yourself in the industry, you’ll be needing those connections for business.

Reduce the uni-work culture shock

Many people who graduate university have no idea what they’re getting themselves into when they land their first job. They just spent four years studying, sleeping in, and working part-time which is a huge lifestyle difference in comparison to the 9 to 5 working life. This is why prior to applying for jobs, a quick internship search on Google would help you. You’ll be able to work in your future work environment, however, without years of commitment.

Learn about yourself

Is this the career you really want to have for your life? Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of something, however, when we actually experience it, it’s completely different. Trying out an internship allows you to develop yourself and grasp a better understanding of who you are and what you want for your life. In the end, you may decide that it’s not a field you want to work in.

Juice up that CV

When entering the job force, you want a strong CV full of work experience and skills. The job you’re applying for, regardless of the field, has competition. You don’t know the level of the other applicants but that shouldn’t matter because you have a full of experience which is what any employer is looking for. An internship allows you to acquire those skills and provide you with the experience you don’t have when leaving university.

Possibly get paid

Though there are a vast amount of unpaid internships, you can also find paid internships as well. You probably won’t be receiving a huge paycheck, however, being able to gain experience while making some money is always a plus. Many internships take place during summer holidays as well, so it won’t interfere with your schooling or other commitments.

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