Education technology leads to global rise of students enrolling in degrees

The world of education is changing so drastically, and it is something that has been well overdue for quite some time now, but even so is difficult for a lot of people to grasp. It is not hard to understand why so many struggle with this overhaul, because education has always functioned so strongly in itself. If the world had stayed the same, there would not have been such a desperate need for the industry to change. Perhaps it could have even stayed exactly the same.

But the reality here is that the world has changed quite significantly, and education is one of many industries that is experiencing an overhaul that is forcing it to evolve in practically every way. The degrees are still much the same for now. Students can study a Masters in Business Intelligence or a Bachelor in the Arts, just as they have always been able to. But it is the way that they can study that has grown over time. These age-old certifications and degrees are now not only available through the traditional channels, but also online.

The rise of online education is the direct result of education technology (EdTech). Put quite simply, if technology had not disrupted the education industry so wholly, introducing entirely new ways of teaching, learning, and strategy, then the education sector would have stayed the same. But because of the rise of EdTech, online education has been made a vibrant possibility as opposed to a glimmering dream. If ever there has been a time for bright and open celebration in the education industry as a global impactor, it is now.

Students today are coming from all over the globe, from all different backgrounds. This is a celebration of the inclusive nature of education that has been possible only because technology has infiltrated the sector. Before, education gave a performance of being available to anybody, but there were clear limitations (financial, geographical, etc) that halted eager, bright individuals from being able to enrol in classes that would better prepare them for a life after college or university.

Traditional education was really only available to those who a) could afford it, b) lived close enough to be able to attend their classes on campus, an c) did not have other life commitments that demanded a significant amount of their energy and time. Online education, however, effectively breaks down all three of these barriers and as such has had an exciting effect of creating a branch of education that is both modern and truly inclusive.

This is an exciting time for the education system all over the world. Online education and traditional education now collaboratively exist in a sector that has something for everybody who wants to better themselves academically, intellectually, and professionally through higher education. In a world that is increasingly driven by technology and digitalisation, this is an innovation that has been life-changing for millions of people, and for the sector itself.

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