My First Post!

In fact, this is not the first post in this blog, but I need to post something, some kind of greeting post. At the first sight, I know this greeting post sounds lame, boring, unsatisfying, or even worse unable to be graded.  Actually, this post was my experiment and a chance to study a lot about how works. I have known that this blog is supported by WordPress, but since I have not used WordPress before, I have to practice more especially about widgets and the decorating stuffs. I used blogger instead of WordPress because blogger is very easy to handle with. In blogger, I would change the HTML code. However, I have not figured out where the codes are written until now. Hopefully, it is written in HTML, not CSS.

While writing this post, I am waiting for some videos on youtube buffered. It is about cooking tough, but I find it interesting and tasty. Maybe, you can try this at home and please comment below so I know what’s your opinion about my blog – also you can comment about the video. Thanks!

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