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Have you ever been curious on what other people say about you? Fortunately, my honest friend Hanaya Atiya had a chance to talk with me and write a simple yet still meaningful short essay describing my future career. Here is what she thought about me.


 My friend, Faisal Rizki Mujahid, once had a dream to be a forensic doctor. As he grew up, he realized that he would be the one who supports his family’s financial. His father is going to retire, his sister is in medical school, and his little brother is still in elementary school. Knowing this condition, Faisal shifted his life direction.

Driven by the desire to be rich as soon as possible, Faisal decided to enroll in a major that pays huge salary for its fresh graduate. Faisal obtained good grades in chemistry subject in high school, thus he opted chemical engineering. As a future process-engineer, he reams to create a new catalyst and get patents for it.

To motivate himself, Faisal sets a big target: to be successful by the age of 30. He depicts his future self as a classy, young executive who owns an apartment and a nice car, is married to the girl of his dreams, and has 2 kids. Moreover, he wants to build an interactive science gallery.

Faisal needs to be excellent in English since he intends to work in an international company. After he earns enough money, he plans to continue his study abroad—a master degree in management or environmental engineering.

I believe with his brilliant mind and good work ethics, Faisal can achieve his dream. Probably 40 years from now, we’ll be shaking hands in a college reunion, and I’ll know that he had lived a glamorous happy life, just like what he’s longing now.

Hanaya Atiya

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