CBT in Indonesia, Needed or Forced?

Computer has been one of the greatest invention of all time. It has been used for many sectors of our life, including education. Lately, the Education minister of Indonesia, Anies Baswedan, confirmed that Indonesia would be having computer based national examination starting from 2015. Moreover, the minister of higher education has also developed a system to implement computer based national university entrance examinations. The ministry claimed that Indonesia’s education system and environment has surpassed the requirements to execute the overwhelmed computer baser tests. However, there are numerous facts showing that our country has not worked effectively in preparing the computer-based test. In addition, at least there are three major reasons why we have to postpone the implementation of computer-based tests in our education system.

First, it will take longer to execute the computer-based tests, so there are chances that students will do deceptions. Based on my experience, while executing the computer based tests, the invigilator will miss some tests regulation. The regulations that are frequently missed is students who open other programs while taking tests. This problem may have been fixed by the government, but there are chances that students nowadays are highly capable to manipulate the tests programs. They might have studied how to hack the examination test programs on computer by only searching on the internet. As an adult, we can use social medias to make an approach and motivation for students in order to avoid act of deceptions in exams. A short video created by Suli Breaks on youtube.com is a good start video which states that grades are not responsible for someone’s future and also criticizes on our education systems in order to embrace students and spark their spirit to try their best in exams.

Other reasons that supports why we are not ready to implement the system is that there are chances that computer-based tests can lead to leakage to examinations questions. Based on national examinations on 2015 experience, the problems served on the exams are available to the students who obtain the link on the internet. Moreover, this issue has been around on our education system since the first national exams was held. The government always suspects the company who is responsible for printing the examinations papers but now there are also chances that the companies who responsible for online examinations are involved. If the computer based examinations are executed nationally with this problems unresolved, how could the future computer based test go smoothly?

Despite the previous issues, the minister have said that schools in Indonesia have met the minimum requirements to do computer based test. The ministry also have stated that public government company will help the process to implement the system on schools. In fact, many schools, especially private schools, are not ready to implement the system. Most of the private schools, which are located in the east side of Indonesia have not met the requirements to do the tests because they have not sufficient number of computers, computer operators or even any other infrastructure that supports the education itself. Not only on the east side of Indonesia, there are also numerous schools on Java which have not gained an access to internet such as schools located on the hinterland of Java.

While having such a good progress on our education system, the government and we have to look closer into the problems’ details. We are not ready yet to execute the computer based examinations now. We have at least three major problems that make an obstacle to execute the tests, while advancing in technology is a must for our education system. As responsible adults, we have to keep our next generations who will support Indonesia in the future by working harder for our education system. While we are not working harder to achieve a better education system, computer based national examinations will be only our dream.

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