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Snicket’s Chosen One

Three young children of Baudelaire met a series of serious unfortunate events after their house was burnt down completely. It was a gloomy afternoon in summer when they had to face the reality that besides their house was burnt down mysteriously, their parents were gone missing. Their unfortunate luck did not stop there. They had to move in with their long lost uncle, Count Olaf, who secretly was only aiming for Baudelaire’s family wealth. They also had to watch the dead of their relatives who were killed by Count Olaf and his fellows. After a long series of unhappy stories that the Baudelaire had, the reason was later known why they had to go through a tearful journey. It was caused by the confidential information that the family of Baudelaire had carried for years. Three young children of Baudelaire – Violet, Klaus and Sunny, had to hide it from Olaf because they knew that they are chosen to keep the secret safe for their family’s sake.

Disclaimer : The picture’s copyright belongs to Brett Helquist, the illustrator of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

Who says size does matter?

You will only feel small when you are afraid.

Who would ever think that a green small pathetic creature can be one of the well-known villains in history? One percent of gas and ninety nine percent of evil, this creature is composed by. Being small is not a reason for him not to be a selfish, rude and cunning soul. Even more, his effort in attempting to steal Krabs’s overwhelming secret recipe of Krabby Patty, created together by this creature and Krabs back then, made the story of Spongebob Squarepants series really interesting. Plankton, the name of this creature, is derived from aquatic creature. He possesses many unique abilities, from his intelligence constructing an idea to take the secret recipe, camouflage into something outrages, to cursing the God of Water. Although, behind his magnificent intelligence, Plankton always be helped by his computer based wife, who is named W.I.F.E which stands for Wired Integrated Female Electroencephalograph. However, his absolute fate which is failing the plan that he had created holds his aim up.

Who is most responsible for this miserable character? Stephen Hillenburg who is the primary creator of Spongebob Squarepants serials, drives the character Plankton into a different average villain that we have ever known. Audience of the kids’ television serials usually accustomed to a bulky looking, mischief ideas or even super powered abilities which are granted to the villain. Yet, the good people in the serials usually have weak abilities or needed to be trained by almighty supervisor before battling with the villain. However, Plankton, the antihero in this serial, has another story to talk about. The atmosphere generated from the whole series brings the audience to believe that even though you have a weaknesses, if there is a will, there is a way. In this case, Plankton, knowing that he is seen to be a hyper small creature, has a huge will which is acquiring the secret recipe and it supports him to show his best.

I believe that many people do not see this side of Plankton. Hillenburg has successfully tricked the crowd to minimize the character of Plankton, turn and look him down. On the other hand, Plankton’s hard work is undeniably true. He is the one who knows his flaws and he knows how to fix them. He realizes that he may not be able to trick Mr. Krabs who fouls in many odds and has many experience in manipulating money, so he invented W.I.F.E to be his ideas generator. He also knows that with his bite-sized body, he would not be able to steal away the recipe, thus he designed many disguised. Size really does not matter to him.

It is true that the way he seeks for a success life is not the way it should be, but the efforts and defeats he has made push him harder even more. Focusing on deciding which side is Plankton would be, most of the people will choose Plankton as the major villain in the serial. However, after all of the facts stating his remarkable spirit and efforts conquering his fears, I would sort Plankton as the best villain ever on kid’s television shows in history.

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