Confirmed: iPhone 14 will be equipped with an always-on displays

The new iPhone update almost confirmed it on its own, but now the great Mark Gurman has said it: The iPhone 14 will ship with an Always-On display, with a full suite of tools available without having to turn on the screen.

Always on iPhone, finally
After years of first seeing this technology on an Android smartphone, Apple is finally getting started. Technically always on screen stays on even when locked. This allows the time or other useful items to be displayed at just a glance on the phone, without having to interact with it to operate it.

We’ve already had this possibility on the Apple Watch for two years, so we know Apple is open to this functionality. This rumor is based on two main elements:

The arrival of widgets on the lock screen in iOS 16: Announced at WWDC 2022, the lock screen will have the largest modification in its history, and the addition of these widgets (weather, sports activity, calendar, etc.) is the missing piece in the integration of quick information for verification without touching your iPhone.

1 Hz screen access on iPhone 14: This is just a guess but many support it. Currently, both the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have an adaptive screen refresh to save battery in situations where the screen doesn’t need to be refreshed multiple times. The screen drops to 10 Hz, but Apple will aim to lower that number to 1 Hz, as seen in the top of the range from Samsung.
Mark Gorman explains in his note that there will definitely be a setting to hide personal information that you don’t want everyone to be constantly exposed to.

Apple (again) late
Thus, this kind of addition of a 1 Hz screen allows the always-on display, which is constantly on, to consume much less. We know that Apple strives for perfection and it will be necessary for them to reach this level to finally allow the iPhone to have this famous technology.

How often do you turn on your iPhone just to know the time? In addition to affecting the battery, it takes a long time. Even if Apple is rarely the first to use the technology, their trick is to wait until they are mature to offer an improved version of what is already there.

In addition to all this, the iPhone 14 should receive a lot of other improvements, including the notch disappearing in the Pro versions or the mini version of the iPhone 13 which will be replaced by the Max model in 14.

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