Healthcare learning to market to modern consumers

Regardless of what industry one is talking about, there are always marketing tactics in place that cater to the consumers. The core, the very nature of every industry lies in the concept of catering to a specific kind of consumer. Healthcare has historically been one of the most difficult industries to market successfully and effectively, because it is to integral and widespread that consumers often take it for granted. We are so used to having so much choice, and as a direct result most of us tend to spend little time focusing on the finer details and simply choosing what seems at first glance to be the most convenient.

The irony rings true; for big healthcare decisions, we tend to put little effort into them, and for other, smaller-scale decisions (such as choosing natural health supplements like Plant Therapy) tend to grasp more effort from us. This is not a bad thing – we should always be concerned with how we treat our bodies – but we need to be paying closer attention to all aspects and outlets that relate to our health. It is for this reason that the need for well thought out marketing in healthcare is so important.

Historically slow to adapt to most technological advancements and developments, the healthcare industry is finally coming to terms with the new reality: the world is shifting towards a tech-driven future, and so all marketing efforts must adhere to the same tech-driven methods and models if they have any hope of being effective in the long term. There is nothing particularly exciting about healthcare…unlike hospitality or retail, there is no material or immediately recognisable benefits in most cases, and this tends to turn people off. Marketing healthcare in a way that modern consumers respond to is the easiest and most effective way to kick consumer awareness and attention into high gear.

Rather than traditional door to door marketing or print marketing (one of the most popular marketing techniques historically used by the healthcare industry), the healthcare industry has come to realise that today’s consumers respond best to tech-enabled marketing. Starting with video marketing, the healthcare industry first gained consumer attention in mass effect by running ads on television during ad breaks and on the internet (think YouTube ads). When these kinds of marketing strategies gained more traction, they rolled out email marketing (the modern version of print marketing), all the while gaining more and more attention with each passing marketing strategy.

We are now amid the latest modern marketing tactic in healthcare: social media marketing. Healthcare services around the world are raising awareness for not only the causes they function to help find solutions for, but the institutions themselves. With most of the developed world (and even beyond) having a smartphone in their hands, we spend more time browsing online than we typically do using other devices (such as laptops, desktops, or tablets), so healthcare taking advantage of social media and using it to market their sector is a stroke of brilliance.

A popular marketing strategy across industries today, social media marketing makes its mark on a sole principle: letting visuals tell the story. People are driven to watch their advertisements rather than read large blocks of test about them these days, and so social media marketing is the epitome of this marketing ideal in brilliant, constant motion.

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