Finding your skin type and determining what skincare suits you

The skincare market is saturated with loads of products, some claiming to do wonders for combination skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and what-have-yous. It can be incredibly confusing to someone who is not a beauty guru. Any newbie to skincare will be turned off by the vast variety offered and information overload. Today, we’ll break it down so you can find how to look your best, without breaking the bank at a skin clinic

“Normal skin” is not as common as it sounds

Normal skin is what everyone strives for: virtually poreless, not too oily, not too dry. Like Goldilock’s porridge, it is just right. It should be renamed as “model skin” so as not to make the rest of the world insecure about their skin. Aside from being the ideal, those with normal skin also do not suffer from sensitivities. On top of the flawless finish, their skin is often radiant. 

The best skin care for normal skin is a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. There is no need for excessive care as it can take care of itself. However, a good sunscreen is always encouraged. 

“Combination skin” is the most common skin-type

Usually defined as “oily t-zone and dry cheeks”, combination skin can actually be, well, a combination of everything. You could have a normal t-zone and oily cheeks or a sensitive t-zone and normal cheeks – it will still be considered as combination, as the name suggests. 

This skin type is a little trickier as you want to target each area with specific products, such as an oil control cleanser on the oilier parts and a moisturizing cleanser on the dry patches. This kind of skin type will best benefit from a multi-masking routine. 

“Sensitive skin” is prone to redness

If your skin burns or turns red at certain products, chances are your skin is sensitive. It is unable to withstand anything too stimulating or harsh so steer clear from chemicals. 

An organic or all-natural gentle cleanser is most appropriate for these skin types but be aware that if your skin is also oily (making it combination), steer clear from oil-control products as that will further aggravate your condition. What you want to do is keep your skin calm and the best thing for this skin type is to moisturize

“Oily skin” is dry skin run amok

When your skin feels slick with oil, your first instinct might be to strip it dry with an oil-blotter or harsh cleanser. However, it should be treated gently and be nourished with hydrating masks and gel products. The reason why skin becomes overly oily is because your body is producing excessive amounts of oil in order to keep your skin hydrated. By stripping your skin of all oil, you will be encouraging your body to create even more oil. So, skip the stripping and get on with the nourishing. Opt for water-based products and steer clear of oil. 

Bear in mind that skin types change as we age – where one could have extremely oily and acne prone skin as a teenager, might find that their skin is dry and flaking as they grow older. Therefore, you will have to keep assessing whether to products you are using are still effective, and if not, it is time to look to a different line of skincare. 

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