5 Amazing Facts About Patents

The word patent means some sort of new and useful invention, method, device or process. If you invent something and get a patent, it means no one else can copy that protect, it is like a copyright in a book, for instance.  Patents were first granted beginning in 1474 by the Greeks.

A patent once granted is good For either 14 or 15 years, depending on when it was granted. If the application was filed May 13, 2015 or afterward, it’s good for 15 and if prior to then, it is good for 14 years.

 You may not realize it, but millions of applications for new patents are pending at all times! Therefore, it can take more than two or three years for someone to get one on average. With all the entrepreneurs out there trying to break in on their latest and greatest ideas, you should know that since 1970, statistics show the amount of patents requested has risen more than 500 percent!

Want to know more about patents? Here are five amazing facts about patents:

  1. For a time, you had to submit a working scale model of your invention along with asking for a patent – Entrepreneurs in the past had things much rougher! Between 1790 and 1880 the government made anyone who submitted for a patent to also include a working scale model of their proposed invention. However, it couldn’t be bigger than a foot on each of its sides! So, wonder why they stopped requiring this? It’s all because the Patent Office didn’t really have any more room to store these things in! If you want to see some of those models, you can go to the Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum in Cazenovia, New York, where there ar more than four thousand on display.
  2. A regular lawyer can’t draft a patent for you! If you want to get a patent for something you’ve invented, you are going to have to hire an actual patent lawyer. The patent lawyer must have at least an undergraduate degree in some sort of science or some kind of equivalent. Plus, they must have passed a special sort of patent law bar, which is considered to be very difficult to do. All this guarantees the patent lawyer has the proper skill, experience and know-how required to draft a workable patent for their client.
  3. If you have a patent, that doesn’t provide someone the right to actually make that fantastic invention of yours! So, you have this great invention idea and file for a patent and are granted it. Congratulations! But it some cases the US Patent and Trademark Office grants a patent that is some sort of improvement over another patent that’s already valid. So, even if you have a patent you can’t infringe on another already valid patent, so that means you have to get permission from the other patent holder and get a license agreement to make your newer version.
  4. You must pay maintenance fees to the Patent Office — If you have a patent you better remember to pay your maintenance fee to the Patent Office or you could lose it! Maintenance fees have to be paid at 3 and a half, 7 and a half, and 11 and a half years. If you forgot or refuse to do this, that patent will be abandoned. The fees can be found here.
  5. The World Record for Patents Held is more than 6,000 – If you were ever curious about who might hold the most patents in the world, the answer is a Japanese man named. Shunpei Yamazaki. According to the The Guinness Book of World Records as of 2011, he had 6,314 in 12 different countries. His patents are all on cold fusion.

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