Top Health Related Inventions Featured On Shark Tank

Shark Tank is in its 11th season and this hit show has helped many inventors of a wide range of products get their products before the right people, so their inventions could make them money and gain the notice of the public. The “Sharks” are a huge help to these little or unknown inventors get their products before the right people who are interested in handling or selling their product. Most of these products now make a million dollars more for their inventors. Here is a look at some of those products.

Ava the Elephant

An incredibly simple invention, Ava the elephant is a medicine dropper with a friendly elephant head on the dropper. Designed to appeal to young children and get them to take liquid medicine without fussing this eyedropper has made life easier for parents. It also helps assure that young children take the medicine they are prescribed, which is good for their health.

Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty is another simple invention that appeared on Shark Tank and took the world by storm. The device is a simple footstool that raises your knees above your hips so you are in a squatting position when going to the bathroom. This stool actually helps to prevent those blockages leading to painful constipation aiding in overall health. Once the “sharks” became interested in this products sales of this product soared and now most people in the US have at least heard of this simple invention.

Simply Fit Board

The simply fit board is a plastic balance board that allows you to rock and twist your way to better fitness. This board is used to improve balance, strengthen your core muscles and even lose weight in a fun way and while just working out for minutes a day. Most users find this board fun and fairly easy to use and seem to be sold everywhere as well as appearing in a number of YouTube workout videos, all thanks to the Shark Tank and the promotion of the product to the right sources.

Ever Well Health Testing Kits

Another health related invention that has been featured on Shark Tank is the Ever Well Health Testing Kits. While these kits are not designed to take the place of a proper diagnosis by a doctor they do allow people to become more proactive in their health care allowing them to test themselves if the suspect that they have a health problem. These test cover a wide range of health problems including food sensitivity, sexual transmitted diseases, and high blood sugar levels among others.

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