Best Free Cross Platform Password Manager

You are one of the people who takes password security seriously. You know that your online presence needs to be protected as much as possible and you now that the best way to do that is to create a strong password that is both a combination of letters and numbers. The only problem is with the number of accounts and files that you want to secure, you might be having a difficult time to remember your passwords all the time.

This is where a reliable and a good password manager comes in. You know that your online banking accounts, social media network accounts, online shopping accounts and your email accounts need to be secured because there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who are trying to put one over you.

A good password manager, or for lack of a better term, a password vault, gives you the security that you need. It would help you to store your passwords in an encrypted form that is secure from any kind of phishing or data mining attack. It does give you the details to retrieve your password when you need it. This is a much better way of storing your passwords securely rather than writing it down on a notebook which can be lost or can be scanned by anyone who wishes to do your online reputation harm. has compiled a list of the most reputable password managers available in the market these days. As of this writing, this list represents the best programs in the market. We will be updating this list once we find other password managers that are up to our high standards.


This is one of the most popular names in the password manager application world.  This application provides the user with steady cross platform performance as it stores user passwords on its secured cloud servers.

This password vault gives users the added satisfaction because it offers a two-step authentication process, form-filling processes and an automatic password capture. It also imports important data from other web browsers that you use in case you are switching from one platform to another.

For better accessibility, Lastpass extensions are available for various web browsers that are popular in the market today. Users can also use LastPass outside of the browsers by downloading the application from Microsoft Store and install it in their gadgets.


While KeePass is most popularly known as a Windows desktop password manager, it also can be used effectively for MacOS and Linux platforms. This cross platform password manager is free and is an open-source software which is an advantage.   

The application stores the user’s details (usernames and passwords) in an encrypted file which can be imported and exported in XML, HTML, CSV and other acceptable file formats. It also features a wealth of common password manager features such as two-factor authentication, form autofill and a password generator tool that surely helps in assisting the user in managing his passwords.

And the fact that the KeePass is free is also an advantage that works for intermediate and advanced users.

These two password managers are among the best in the cyberworld today. With their features and the level of security, you can be sure that they would be among the most helpful applications you could possibly install today.


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