New Inventions and Technology Scientists are Working On

New inventions are coming out all the time, and here are several being worked on all over the world right now:


Lots of people are worried about things like climate change or pollution and fossil fuels. But we need some way to stay warm in the winter! Enter the Bio-Bean. A company in London has created carbon neutral pellets from coffee grounds. You can use them to heat a building as well as power vehicles.

Growing human organs

Many people sadly die every year due to being on a waiting list for hearts, kidneys, lungs or other vital human organs. Not enough organs are donated or the ones that are end up unusable. But the scientists at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, have discovered a method of creating organs that can be grown in a lab via harvesting human cells from the patient themselves.

Two kinds of prosthetic limbs

While we have had various kinds of prosthetic limbs over the years, companies are working on making them better and more like real limbs. One such limb is the Deka Arm which is actually controlled via the user’s own brain! It can sense when movement happens in certain connected muscles on the wearer via some electrodes and then converts the signals from the muscles into the arm moving as the user desires.  It’s been approved by the FDA, however it is very expensive at around $50K.

Another development in prosthetic limbs was created by the University of Pennsylvania and is called a Titan Arm. It works via an exoskeleton which augments the strength of the user’s arm by up to forty pounds. It is hoped it can help prevent injuries to a wearer’s back. Plus it helps with physical therapy because it tracks a wearer’s range of motion.

Transportation devices

There have also been ideas for various transportation concepts. One is called a hyperloop. It is a train that goes zooming through some tube like tunnels and can get up to nearly 1000 mph. That means you could go from LA to San Francisco in only around a half hour.

And then there are Pod taxis. This is being developed in India. It transports people via a special ropeway and connected pods that don’t require any driver.

Food wrappers you can eat

Did you see the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka sings about eating the dishes? Well this invention is on that line. The USDA is working on wrappers for food made from a milk protein called casein. Plus it is biodegradable and helps prevent food spoilage.

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