Dr. Ir. Djunaedi Kosasih, MSc.


Opening Issues



Basic Statical Methods for Engineers and Scientists (2nd Edition), JB Kennedy an AM Neville, Harper International Edition, 1976

Population vs Sampel

  • Population is the set of elements of interest  for a given problem
  • Random Sample is a subset of the population such that each member of the population is equally likely to be selected

If we are to judge the population (whole) from sample (part), the sample must be as representative of the population as possible


Mathematics vs Statistics

  • Mathematics  produces exact solutions, i.e. either a variable has a particular value (Prob = 1) or it does not have that particular value (Prob = 0)
  • Statistics  deals with a variable that can take on many possible values. This probability can have any value between 0 and 1

By means of statistic we attempt to define and control the extent of the uncertainty that is due to the inevitable variability of the data

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