Why it’s crucial to understand SEO for successful marketing

Nothing will kill a business quicker than a lack of sales. To make those sales, you need to get your proposition in front of potential customers. Having lots of sales tends to smooth over problems in other areas and will at least buy you time to overcome those obstacles. To make your digital marketing campaign a success, there are 5 marketing channels that you must pay close attention to.

There is nothing quite as good as having search engines send you wallet in hand customers just looking to buy. The art of getting that traffic flooding your website is search engine optimization, or SEO for short. An effective SEO strategy involves optimising the site’s performance, comprehensive keyword research that considers the user’s search intent, and creating quality content that earns links from high authority sites. It is both a technical and creative endeavour that you could spend years practicing before you ever get good at it. As a business owner just starting out, you are likely too busy to devote the time needed to something that pays out over the longer term. Probably your best strategy is to hire a reputable SEO company that emphasises on ethical “white hat” methods to help improve your site’s search visibility and set it up for long-term success.

Another great way to generate sales in the short term is pay per click advertising. The key to success with this channel is in narrowing the target you are marketing to. Pay close attention to the analytics and start small until you start generating positive returns — you will have something that can be quickly scaled to push your business toward profitability.

To grow your business, you want to build your brand. Having brand recognition will make it much easier to sell to your customers when they are ready to buy from you . An easy and inexpensive way to build that brand recognition is through social media. Which social media channel you choose is best determined by who your customers are and where on social media they tend to congregate.

Content marketing is a great way to introduce your products to potential customers, especially  if your product or service is one that people tend to research before purchasing. Content marketing can be done through websites, blogs, new sites and online magazines. It can end being very inexpensive if you write the articles and then offer them free to publishers to use.

One of the best ways to stay in contact with people who have visited your site is good old fashioned email marketing. It is good to invest in a subscription to an autoresponder service to help you manage your email list. Pay close attention to segmenting your lists and use free offers and discounts to get people to subscribe. Once you have done this it is always comforting to know you have a list that you can contact anytime you want with special offers or new product offerings when you need to boost your sales.

If you pay attention to these 5 channels you will build a business with multiple sources of sales that will allow your business to grow and as well be more resilient to whatever business challenges you may face.

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