How to Get a Job in Machine Learning

Present technological advancements have earned our belief that whatever we used to find fascinating in sci-fi movies is close to becoming a reality today. A decade ago, could we imagine talking to virtual assistants, watching cars driving without drivers, machines recognizing our face, or wearing smart wearables that could track our pulse? Probably not. But it is the reality today; thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. What’s more! These are just the initial applications of this powerful technology. We are yet to witness fully AI-powered devices and gadgets in the years to come. 

The easier our tasks become through modern gadgets, the more complex is the technique working on the back end. Though we say machine learning is what works behind it, the subject is quite complicated to understand. On a basic level, machine learning is the science of allowing computers to perform human-like actions and learn through the feedback when we feed data into it. Today, machine learning training is empowering many professionals to gain expertise in the field and try out their career opportunities in this fascinating world of AI. 

Read this article to know more about machine learning and how one can get a job in this field.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, is all about making machines capable of mimicking the human brain by learning through experience. Machines are fed with some data to train them so that they can make decisions and perform tasks like humans when new data is fed into it. For example, if we want a machine to recognize different fruits, we feed a lot of images showing different kinds of fruits to train it. Through thousands of iterations, machines are trained and a new image is then fed to it. If the machine is able to recognize the fruit correctly, it has been successfully trained. If not, the training process is repeated.

Machine learning is divided into the following types:

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning 
  • Reinforcement Learning

Supervised Learning – When the machine is fed with labeled data, i.e. an input that is mapped to the desired output, such learning is called supervised learning. When the machine is trained, the test data is then fed to it and checked if it is giving an accurate outcome. Linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, Naive Bayes classifiers are some of the popular algorithms used for supervised learning.  

Unsupervised Learning – In this type of learning, the machine is fed with unlabeled data, i.e. an input with unknown output. The data is new and when fed to a machine learning algorithm, it tries to find patterns and gives the desired result. Some of the algorithms used in unsupervised learning include fuzzy means, K-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, and partial least square. 

Reinforcement Learning – This kind of learning involves an agent, environment, and action. It uses trial and error methods, i.e. the agent who is the decision-maker interacts with the environment and takes a certain action. If the outcome is as desired, the system is rewarded, else it tries another method. Over time, the system works to maximize rewards and improves.

A Career in Machine Learning

Professionals looking for an exciting career in AI can explore their opportunities to become a Machine Learning engineer. As per the insights from Dice, Machine Learning engineer was the fastest-growing job title in the world for the year 2019. Moreover, the role commanded an average annual package of $146,085 in the US, with the number of job openings growing by a whopping 344% from 2015 to 2018. 

To get a job in the field of machine learning, it is better to gain some foundational knowledge to understand the ML topics clearly. You can start by brushing up your knowledge of statistics and core math concepts like calculus, linear algebra, and probability. Thorough knowledge of any one programming language like Python, Java, or R is also essential. You can then continue by mastering data science concepts like data preprocessing, cleaning, manipulating, and visualizing. When you build a strong foundation in all these areas, it would become easier for you to start with machine learning algorithms. As mentioned earlier, there are different algorithms for each type of machine learning. The more you practice applying these algorithms, the better you will understand to use them in real-world scenarios. Lastly, it is also recommended to know about big data and Hadoop as well as data visualization tools.

Career Outlook

You will never regret once you step into the world of AI and machine learning. One of the best things about the position of an ML engineer is that the responsibilities of such professionals are still being defined. It means organizations are yet to test their credibility in many other open business problems. So the role will constantly change in the time to come and one doesn’t need to do monotonous tasks every day. In the future, machine learning engineers would need to be comfortable in three complex disciplines – data science, software engineering, and DevOps. 

Could you take up this challenge and prove your worth as a Machine Learning Engineer? If yes, why not join an online training program and channelize your learning. Highly qualified mentors who design such courses allow learners to read AI and ML from beginning to advanced level with ease. Take this step today and watch your career growing in a short span of time.

Top 5 Enterprise SEO Strategies That Are Actually Effective

From incorporating machine learning techniques to using advanced algorithms today, SEO has come a long way. And building on its evolved phases, SEO has got a lot more to offer to enterprises, cite SEO Agency experts.

Global organizations typically implement Enterprise SEO that helps their product and marketing teams with insights to improve search engine rankings and visibility that automatically boosts profitability. 

To catapult your company revenues, it is imperative that you collaborate with a proficient SEO and Web Design Agency, to fine-tune your Enterprise SEO strategies, which include the following.

1. Striking Distance

If you want to be a winner in your field of business, begin with targeting keywords that rank in positions 11 to 20, or what we call as striking distance. You might not realize it, but it would not require tons of effort, but in turn, would improve your performance considerably.

But it is easier said than done right? Well, now it can be easily done by following the simple steps:

  • Go to Ahrefs and enter the domain of your content
  • Navigate into the organic keywords and click on the flag of the geographical area/ country you are targeting. 
  • Now in the positions tab, enter 11 to 20 and then you will get the keywords in the striking distance. 

If you choose to do this then your brand can enjoy:

2. Content Expansion

After you have found out the keywords that rank in the striking distance, now your job would be to expand your content and make it more relevant for users. You will have to look for the user intent and modify your content to tailor the requirements of your users.

First, you will have to look for blank or thin pages of content by –

  • Go into Deepcrawl and select your domain
  • In the content section, you will have to select thin pages
  • Now you will have to drag and drop the URL into Ahrefs and from there you will see the keywords you are missing and then modify the content to cover more of those keywords ranking in striking distance. 

There are certain benefits that you get here like –

  • Higher control of your domain
  • Better website or blog visibility leading to increased traffic
  • More user involvement
  • Better user experience. 

3. Content Generating in a Loop

You do know that good and relevant content is extremely important for SEO, especially early-stage content awareness, right?

Most of the internet users after detecting an urgent need to seek informational content. If you want to rank higher in the SERPS, then you will have to start producing high-quality content that would suit the intent of all the stages of an internet user’s journey.

So, what type of content would bring in more revenue?

  • Your content should answer the questions of users
  • The write-up should be unique and should deliver high-quality and original content
  • Analyze your peers’ content and it will give you clues about what kind of posts/blogs or articles are in great demand and notify your content team accordingly. 
  • Mix and match images, stylish fonts and lists to make the content visually impressive
  • Your content should be informative, besides being engaging. 

4. The answer box is an added advantage

If the answer box is a part of your SEO strategy, then the stars are totally in your favor! The answer box is not only a component of the answer for voice search, but since it appears before the results, it has the potential to make you rank 0.

How to show up in the answer box?

  • Begin by targeting keywords that already consists of target boxes
  • Give a short but meaningful answer to the question, in about 100 words. 
  • Do not give away all information, so that users visit your site to learn more

5. External and internal linking

If your website consists of numerous content having related or similar content, then why not internally link them? Internal links would show out to the world how structured and organized your content is, besides making navigation to all the contents super easy. To increase your organic performance, do not hesitate to link pages from external sources, but focus on the quality and relevance, rather than the quantity.

Technology Is Revolutionising Guns and Ammunition Manufacturing

We are living in a modern world that is steadily becoming more and more inclined towards modern marvels like digitalisation and technological advancement. Today, it seems that every other day there is a new development or innovation that is rooted in digitalisation and technological advancement and that improves life as we know it in some way. The evidence is quite literally all around us, especially considering the fact that every aspect of life and every corresponding industry has felt the weight of this shift towards technological advancement and enhancement – even, as it turns out, the guns and ammunition industry

Now, technological influence is revolutionising this industry from the ground up. It is a work in progress, of course, however the technological innovations that we have seen and are continuing to see coming to life in the gun and ammunition industry (and in the modern world as we know it in general) show an impressive amount of hope and promise for a safer and stronger future for not only the gun industry itself but for the entire world. Best of all is the realisation that this is likely (if not certainly) just the start.

Technological advancement impacts the gun industry

Now that technological influence is being felt in the gun industry more and more, we are beginning to see technological advancement in guns and ammunition – and the products and services that surround them, of course – take shape more and more clearly all the time. Whether it is researching the best gun safes solution or effectively tracing a particular weapon through a blockchain database (to name just a few examples of technological influence at work in the gun industry), what we are seeing today is the steady revolution of one of the biggest and most consistently performing industries in the world.

The power of this type of innovation in motion

More than ever, there is a lot of power that comes with this type of innovation in motion. So much of this power all comes down to the distinct realisation that gun ownership is about so much more than recreational enjoyment and safety. Underneath it all, gun ownership is about control measuring with responsibility. The technological advancement that is continuously taking shape in the gun and ammunition industry is a testament to what happens when control and responsibility shift to new heights faster than anyone thought possible.

The shift towards a more positive future for the industry

What we have seen and continue to see in the gun and ammunition industry that spans the globe today is an exciting testament to the sheer power of an industry that not only acknowledges the potential in technological advancement, but that wholeheartedly embraces and even encourages it in action. Technological advancement is well and truly in the process of revolutionising the gun and ammunition industry and there is a whole lot more where all this came from. This is just the start. The best is yet to come.

The Top Reasons to Get a Home Security System

The most frequent question asked by many is how best they could protect their valuables and loved ones. There are many reasons why you can invest in a home security system. Think of how Dallas security systems could be of benefit to you and your loved ones. If all the questions about the benefits of a home security system are jogging in your mind, then consider choosing a home security system.

There are a lot of things to think of when it comes to home security, we have mentioned a few reasons why you should opt a home Dallas security system.

  • Protect Valuables – Of course this the first thing people think of when it comes to the home security system. Losing your valuables such as a car, jewelry, or even electronics due to invasion, sometimes becomes so hard to replace the item. However, with a home security system, it has a programmed alert component that responds when triggered. In case you are using a camera, a professional security system monitor will detect unusual movement of an intruder. 
  • Put off crime – Obviously, if the number of home security systems are many in a specific area, the number of residential robberies are minimal. Installing a home security system not only protects you but also helps your neighborhood live in a safer place. 
  • Allows Remote Access to Your HomeWith advance technology, most of the home security system works with the help of Wi-Fi; this allows you to remotely monitor what is happening in your home with your smartphone.  A remote control app will be installed on your smartphone that will enable you to control the door locks, cameras, lights, and other devices in your home.

You might also contract a professional security system monitoring technician who will monitor all the home activities at an affordable price.

  • Notifies you of Fire or Gas problems – Modern home security systems have an integrated customized system that can detect smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, and it gives you alerts whenever that happens. This helps you to act faster and contact an emergency team if it worsens.
  • Always Monitor Your Home for 24/7 – Perhaps this the first benefit of a home security system. Your home gets monitored at all times; it offers 24/7 monitoring and tracks any event that occurs in and around your home.
  • Useful for Medical Assistance – Home owners who live alone or are aged, of course, some of them may have old age-related medical conditions that they suffer from. A home security system can be equipped at their home with medical alerts that can be used in an emergency.
  • Makes Room for Peace of mind – The sense of having the confidence of feeling safe will help you to be more productive, focused, and improve your health. The home security system gives you an extra layer of defense against intruders. Knowing that your family and valuables are secure provides you with peace of mind.

When you’re on vacation you can relax knowing that your home is safeguarded from all potential thefts and intruders.

New Python Programmer: Concepts You Need to Learn

Living in the digital era has come hand in hand with quite a lot of modernisation in just about every possible format. Whether we like it or not, we have become more and more familiar, even reliant, on these modernisations as time has gone on. Now that the digital era is well and truly here, we are faced with the undeniable realisation that life as we know it is changing in just about every possible way. We are seeing technological innovation come to the helm in entirely new ways, changing the way that we approach every aspect of life from the ground up. These days, the fields that are more inherently focused in areas that rely on or collaborate with digitalisation and technological advancement are becoming more and more instrumental to the way that the world is consistently moving. 

Take coding languages, for instance. Now that more and more of our society is being focused on the ever-evolving online landscape, coding languages are becoming skills that are no longer just desirable, but highly necessary – not to mention also being in high demand. Earning a Python Programming Certification can open up doors that you never even realised you wanted to approach. Essentially, Python is a multi-purpose programming language that focuses on high performance in object-oriented frameworks. Python is utilised largely for web and app development (among other uses). This is an entirely new frontier, and it is one that is shaking things up from the inside out. So, what are the concepts all new Python programmers must learn?

Forming a key understanding of Python Script

Of course, before anything else, it is important that you form a key understanding of Python Script not just on the surface level, but to its depths. Python is one of the most coveted programming languages in the entire world. So, it stands to reason that this is a programming language that requires more work to form a genuine understanding of its uses, its reaches, its underlying purpose, and its role in this exceedingly digitally inclined modern world that we live in today. Python is not a programming language that you can even begin to pretend that you understand. It is a programming language that is somehow at once both simple in its foundations and complexly intricate in its frameworks. So, before anything else, do your homework to understand Python at the base level.

Basic syntax in Python programming

The next concept that you must learn to start your journey with Python is basic syntax. Not unlike verbal languages around the globe, computer languages make use of predefined words, called keywords, to form the basic underlying functionality of the language. These keywords are essentially defined as syntax, and are utilised by programmers to develop the programming logic that ultimately creates the coding structure. In Python specifically, there are thirty-three defined keywords, all of which have a predetermined meaning built into them. For this reason, they cannot be utilised for any other reason. This is the basic syntax of Python, and it is one of the most important concepts that any Python programmer must know.

Variables in Python programming

In Python programming, variables are essentially defined as objects of specific data types that are stored away in a computer’s memory function. The python interpreter then assigns a randomised location to every object. This is where variables come into play and make their impact known. It might sound deceptively simple, however because Python variables are not permanently linked to any specific data type, they are essentially bound not to the data type labelled, but the data itself. Variables in Python programming can be overwhelming, to say the least, however ultimately they are an important concept to know from the onset, because they play such an important role in the overall nature of Python programming and the like.

List & tuple in Python programming

In Python programming, list and tuple essentially function and thrive as built-in container types. Similar to strings (another concept worth learning towards the very beginning of your familiarity and expertise in Python programming), list and tuple are both defined as sequence data types, each of which have the innate capability to store objects, regardless of which type said objects happen to be. They are defined as the following: lists are ordered collections of items that are separated by comma and enclosed in square brackets. Tuples, on the other hand, are enclosed in parentheses. The most important distinction between lists and tuples is that tuples are immutable objects while lists are mutable objects.

Dictionary in Python programming

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the dictionary also functions and thrives as a collection type object, taking the form of a mapping type object. Defined as the “unordered collection of data values, used to store data values like a map, which unlike other data types that hold only a single value as an element, a dictionary holds a key: value pair. Key value is provided in the dictionary to make it more organised”, the role that dictionary plays in Python programming is not only valuable, but inherently instrumental to the overall coding language as it continues to do its job in the overall programming language that is globally recognised as Python programming.

Sets in Python programming

The sets that are essentially defined as unordered collections of data types that are “iterable, mutable, and have no duplicate elements”. The set class in Python programming represents mathematical sets and are based upon the data structure that is known as a “hash table”. More than anything, learning the concept of Python sets is important because this is the method that is so heavily utilised to convert iterable motions to a distinct element, giving them a definitive place. These sets are some of the most commonly noted concepts in any programming language, but especially in Python programming, which makes them one of the bare necessities that any new Python programmer must start out with.

Functional programming in Python

And finally, there is arguably the most important concept in Python programming of all. Functional programming (FP) is a coding paradigm where the foundational building blocks are immutable values (i.e. “pure functions”) that do not share any state with other functions. Functional programming is all about inhabiting a style of structural and elemental building of computer programs that essentially treats computation while actively avoiding changing the state of mutable data in the process.

Ecommerce Solutions Provide Ease of Access for Businesses From All Industries

Modern businesses are flourishing and thriving in an era that is more digitally inclined than it has ever been. We live in a world that has been positively shaken and stirred more times than we can count, and the reality of the modern world that we live in today is one that is paved to the edges with modern marvels like digitalisation and technological advancement. The world has never been as convenient or efficient as it is right now, and it is a measure that is to be taken entirely seriously and with full excitement in mind. The world is only going to continue to unfold in this modern way, and that is something to be profoundly excited about.

One area of life as we know it that has been profoundly and positively impacted by modernisation in the form of marvels like digitalisation and technological advancement is the professional landscape that any and all businesses operate in. This is an all-new era in business that is largely (if not entirely) dependent on the incredible innovations that are revolutionising the nature of business from the inside out, time and again. Digitalisation and technological advancement have well and truly begun to make their presence known in modern businesses, and (perhaps most excitingly) this is just the start.

The rise of the digital era in business

The rise of the digital era – and with it, the subsequent rise of ecommerce – has essentially lifted the lid on a whole new world of possibilities for businesses from all industries and from all around the globe. The rise of the digital era in modern business has essentially come at a time where we are more and more comfortable and familiar – and even reliant  – on modern marvels like digitalisation and technological advancement, to revolutionise the way that we go about our daily lives. In the landscape of business, the most revolutionary advancement has been the introduction of ecommerce.

The introduction of ecommerce

The introduction of ecommerce has brought with it an incredibly impressive influx of attention to detail and the like, as well as an even playing field that spans the globe and essentially puts all businesses, no matter the origin, shape, or size of said businesses, on the same playing field. Whether it is a business that sells solely bohemian clothing, or a luxury car manufacturer that is expanding its reach online into the global ecommerce market, the point is always the same: ecommerce is well and truly here to stay. And more pointedly, the best is yet to come.

The power of ecommerce today

There is an exceptional power that comes into play as the direct result of ecommerce, and that power is all about the ease of access around the globe that ecommerce solutions provide for buyers, sellers, and renters alike. This is a whole new frontier for modern businesses, and it is an incredible example of just how influential modern marvels like the technologies that power ecommerce solutions onward and upward, are.

Business Technologies Changing the Game of Modern Businesses

The modern landscape of business is one that has been shaped more and more by modern marvels like digitalisation and technological advancement in recent years. Of course, the entire world has been reshaped by these modern marvels (and then some), however the impact on the professional landscape has been nothing short of remarkable. Modern businesses are functioning and thriving on a framework that steadily becomes more digitally inclined all the time, and the impact has been astounding to witness, to say the least. The way that modern businesses operate from the inside out today is so vastly different to the way that businesses have operated in the past.

There is a lot to be said about the tremendous influence of digitalisation and technological advancement to this regard. What we have seen so far has been an astronomical flow of growth, however what is even more exciting, if you can believe it, is that there is so much more where all this came from. The best is yet to come, and yet when you look at the influence of these marvels on modern businesses, it seems impossible to comprehend how it gets better than this. However, it is certain to somehow get better than this, thanks to the ongoing commitment to incredible evolutions in business technology and the like.

The emergence of technology in business

Today, emerging and advancing technologies play a more distinctive role in modern business operations than ever. Through the introduction of technological enhancement to the standard business template, there has been an incredible amount of growth and ongoing advancement that has been powerful to witness and exciting to think of the possibilities that are still to come in the future. Business operations are bolder and smarter than ever today – and the best is still yet to come.

The business technologies changing the game

The business technologies that are making the most notable impact across the board and around the world are the very same technologies that are shaking up not only businesses, but the modern world as we know it. From the automation of key processes and services in business operations, to the introduction of smart technologies that are designed and intended to modernise and alleviate some of the more mundane (but nonetheless necessary) parts of running a business. This inevitably frees up more time for individuals to work on the aspects of the business that demand manual attention.

How technology will continue to drive modern business’ forward

Regardless of if it is introducing advanced AI capabilities into a business model from the inside out, or modernising a V8 drive experience by incorporating the latest and greatest technologies under the hood of the driver’s vehicle (to name just a few examples  of the possibilities), the fact is that modern businesses are relying more and more often and more heavily on technological advancements to assist them in reaching new heights and excelling well beyond expectations. This is a new era for modern businesses, and it is the most exciting and forward-thinking era yet.

Using Social Media as a Means of Making a Living

It’s a new millennia and the rise of the internet of things, along with social media, has opened up a lot of new doors that allows people to break free from the old train of thought. Instead of getting a conventional 9-5 job, social media allows a certain freedom for those with a large following.


What is probably the “OG” of earning money through creating content online, blogging was the one that started it all. Bloggers began by sharing their day to day lives online, using blogs as a creative outlet to vent or to keep their memories. However, as blogging became more professionalized, that brand of blogging dropped out of existence, leaving behind well crafted, informative and share-friendly posts that have the potential to go viral. Blogging has ultimately become commercialized and white the candidness and drama of posting about your life online was entertaining, hardly anyone uses it as a diary anymore. 


When the Youtube platform launched in 2005, it was meant to be a dating site but somehow snowballed into this great social media platform or community of creatives. It completely changed the way that video content is viewed and ultimately made it the most preferred mode of media. It is easy to consume as humans are, by nature, creatures of visual appeal. Youtubers and the rise of vlogging allowed Youtube to monetize the platform and shared its revenue with its most promising creators, hence starting a whole new culture of media consumption. Instead of relying on Hollywood or other studio networks as the sole source for entertainment, people can now tune onto Youtube for millions of hours of free content to watch and enjoy. 


Perhaps the youngest career path that the internet of things have given rise to – influencing. Usually reserved for those who inspire travel or fashion but is used by many, from mommies to animators. Being a platform that pursues aesthetics, it allows everyone to share with the world their creativity and also show the world their portfolio. And in a world where numbers are everything, Famoid and other agencies that sell social media services are becoming quite popular.  

There are levels to working online, with social media, most of it includes having creativity and some technical skills. If you are a blogger, you might need to have really good research and writing skills and the money to hire a good website developer. If you are into making videos for a living, you need to invest in certain equipment and perhaps even a creative team, depending on what kind of content you are interested in releasing. Lastly, being a social media influencer requires not only a strong character, but a strong presence. You have to know exactly what you are about in order to be truly successful as you want to become synonymous with something that represents you and become an authoritative figure in that field.

However, many who want to do Youtubing or Blogging or even Social Media Influencing full time often combine the three in order to reach the largest possible audience as there are some people who prefer videos to pictures or pictures to articles. By being on all three platforms, you open yourself to more and bigger opportunities.

Disney Plus Officially Takes the Home Entertainment Title

Entertainment technology is one of the most enduring and powerful industries in the modern world. In fact, it has been this way for quite some time. And, within this technologically inclined industry, are the companies that have long dominated the entire industry. Disney is perhaps the most dominating entertainment empire in the world, having commanded the box office, television, and even video games. Now, Disney has taken its next steps in entertainment domination, with the release of its new global on-demand home entertainment streaming service.

Aptly called Disney +, the platform has proven to be worth its weight in gold already. There are dozens and dozens of news reports and reputable articles alike that have long covered the lead up to the release of Disney +, as well as the expectations that the world effectively set in motion (and they were massive expectations, of course). Disney is beloved around the globe, and so naturally the expectations for the platform were running at an all-time high. As it turns out, the hype did not even begin to cover the real deal. Today, just a month into its release in countries like Australia and the USA, Disney + is the newfound favourite around the globe. If you want to educate yourself further on the current projections in entertainment technology that are advancing this ever-evolving field, there are many resources online where you can learn more.

Disney has spent a long time building its portfolio

Essentially, Disney has spent a massive portion of the last thirty or so years building its portfolio and amassing its empire. In large part, one of the most effective ways that Disney achieved this was by buying out or merging with competing entertainment empires. The list includes Pixar, Lucas Film, Fox Entertainment, Marvel, and National Geographic. Which leads us to the next – and most important – point: Disney + is already more valuable than Netflix and Stan combined. So, why is this?

Disney + has everything you could want – and then some

One of the most powerful advantages that Disney had under its belt in the lead up to the release of its entertainment tech-powered platform, is that it houses content from all the companies it owns or has merged with, in addition to all the content from its own history. From the classics out of the fault, to acquired favourites like The Simpsons and Anastasia, Disney + has it all – and most of it is exclusive to the platform. In fact, going forward, it is expected that all of it (and any new additions to the platform) will be exclusively available on Disney + in no time.

The release of Disney + firmly establishes Disney as the king of entertainment tech

The sheer volume of all its content was showcased in the three-hour-long teaser trailer that was released a few weeks before Disney + began its debut in select countries around the globe, is proof that this is Disney’s power. This is a testament to the power of entertainment technology when it is under the belt of the world’s largest entertainment empire – and then some.

Best Paid IT Careers for Undergraduate Students

What can be the best jobs for undergraduate students? Of course, the ones that are flexible and offer a high salary. IT careers are rapidly growing these days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that IT occupations are going to grow 12% until 2024. It’s an important decision to look for your very first serious position and start climbing that career ladder. So, here are the best paying IT careers for undergraduate students.

1. Content Manager

Being a content manager means you are responsible for the data that appears on the website of a certain company. This is probably one of the best starting points in your IT career if you want to work with web developers, project teams, web designers and other people who are connected with modern technology. Especially if you are getting a degree in marketing, IT, or journalism, have great computer and writing skills, you can open many doors and gain the necessary experience. For instance, a useful option is to build your portfolio by training on various websites and online platforms such as Jacars and working with real content and SEO optimization.

2. Computer Programmer

This career is suitable even for people with minimal education. You can start with an entry-level position in computer programming, provided that you have knowledge of computer language, Java, C++, etc. There are multiple online materials to obtain such skills that are free of charge.

3. Web Developer

This is another well-paid career option for people who are interested in technology. A web developer is expected to create and design websites. The minimal necessary education is an associate’s degree. So you can become an entry-level web developer even while in college and earn about $34,000. 

4. Software Applications Developer

There are two kinds of this position – an application developer and a system developer. The first career choice requires to have certain skills to craft smartphone or computer applications for various needs. Many college students create and develop applications while studying at college. They start it as a side gig with flexible hours which can later transform into a full-time IT career with a high salary.

5. Computer Support Specialist 

This entry-level position is suitable for students with an associate’s degree. Even your college or university may hire you to become a part-time computer support specialist and help provide advice and help on networks to those who have a lack of computer skills. There is a big demand for this profession as many people need professional repair advice or solution to their issues. In the nearest future, computer support specialists are expected to grow 12% so it’s high time to try yourself in this IT career.

How to Become Successful in IT Career

Can you be sure which profession is right for you? Even if you have a hard time trying to decide what to do after college, these IT careers are a great way to start thinking about your future. While every career connected with technology requires certain skills in computer science, you also need to be a creative and responsible person who likes solving problems. Keep in mind that almost every IT job posting has “problem solving” skills as one of the main requirements. So, make sure you update your resume and are ready for a fresh start. Any of the above-mentioned occupations can become a steady source of excellent income even right after college.

To sum up, being a college student you need a job with flexible hours and potential to advance and move your career aspirations forward. Choose one of these positions and get ready to enter the world of ever-changing technology.