How online dating is changing romance

Online dating is an exciting and yet tricky prospect for a lot of people. In the absence of any help in finding a like-minded partner, we often turn to friends for advice. The problem here is, dating is all about matching personalities and what works for your friend may not work for you. Then there is the problem of building an online profile. You may have a great personality but how do you make an impression when you are not good with words? Admittedly, there is no one rule that works all the time for everyone but there are some broad guidelines that can help you navigate through the confusing world of online dating and meet like-minded singles.

Have realistic expectations

Understand that you will not find a person who exactly matches all your preferences and personality. Besides, where is the fun in meeting a personality twin? Focus on what kind of relationship you want and what qualities you admire the most in people. Adding these details to your profile will also save you from bad dates. Also, avoid personality claims like “I am fun/ I love hanging out with friends/ I am an optimist”. Who doesn’t like to think of themselves that way?

Remember, do not agree to meet someone just by looking at their photos. Some people do not photograph well and still they have a good personality while others just photograph well. The same rule applies to you. Remove those photos where you have sunglasses on, delete group photos taken during fraternity night parties and pick one where you look pleasant in regular light.

Keep it simple

Nobody enjoys reading a 500-word bio on what you think about yourself. Keep a short and simple bio on your dating profile. If you still aren’t sure about how to do that, read it out to yourself and decide honestly if that description should go up on the profile. Also, do not use sentences like “I am not good at writing this kind of stuff, so my friend is doing this for me”. What it really says that you are not serious about dating and probably do not have a lot of confidence in yourself.

Keep it positive

Whether you are writing a profile or meeting someone on a date, try to maintain positive conversations. Recalling any negative experience with your ex or previous dates is a strict no-no. Also, while modesty is a virtue, continuous self-criticism is a bad idea during a date. It reflects poorly on your personality and bores the date. Show that you are truly interested in meeting someone interesting and are confident enough to wait for the right person.

Give people time to respond

When you send an interest to someone on a dating website, wait for at least 24 hours for them to respond. If they don’t, do not take it as a comment on your personality. Similarly, if you have gone out with someone, it is polite to call/ text them the next day to decide if you both want to see each other again. If they haven’t responded, give them a day before moving on.

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Four ways in which cyber criminals attack small businesses

The federal government in Australia is reportedly going to invest as much as AUD 18 million over the next three years to help small businesses stay up-to-date on cybersecurity and other digital skills that are necessary in a global trading environment. As cyber criminals come up with frightfully sophisticated trickeries targeting small businesses, entrepreneurs are being advised by security experts to make serious investments into cyber security.

About two years ago, a California-based company called Rokenbok Education that was trying to teach kids to think like engineers by employing building blocks and robotics, lost thousands of dollars in sales within 48 hours after cyber criminals held company files as hostage and demanded a hefty ransom to unlock the data. Rokenbok had been hit previously with a denial of service attack that had forced them to shut down its website. After the ransomware attack, the company reconstructed its key systems in four days instead of paying the ransom.

What entrepreneurs can learn from this frightening situation is that no business is too small to be hacked. Since cyber threats have evolved with the advancement of the internet, entrepreneurs must keep themselves up-to-date about the latest threats to identify security needs. Here are some types of threats facing small business nowadays and tips on how to manage them:

1. The Denial of Service (DoS) attack

To make a DoS attack successful, attackers send copious amount of data at once from various computers to overkill the target business’ system so it that it shuts down. Regular security updates and use of analytics to monitor unfamiliar spikes in traffic can help in preventing this notorious jam.

2. Malware

If your business has an online presence, then you have a reason to worry about malware. Yes, these malicious software functions are frequent and severely damaging. This software tries to take hold of your system. They host a range of damaging software like virus and Trojan Horse (a Trojan Horse hides malware in what appears to be a normal file). To secure yourself from a malware, pay for a good antivirus software, don’t open emails from strangers and keep the firewall updated. Also, don’t accept offers for software update/installation from unfamiliar sources.

3. Ransomware

This is the malware threat that led to the nightmarish situation at Rokenbok Education. It is often triggered by disgruntled ex-employees who still have access to company data. Attackers launch ransomware to take control of critical data and not release their hold till a ransom is paid, often in bitcoins. When an employee leaves, make sure that your IT experts have revoked that worker’s access to any data.

4. Password attacks

The most unfading wisdom in the cyber security world is never keep easy-to-guess passwords. Using a variation of your name, last name, pet name or anniversary as password to company information makes you more vulnerable than you realize. To keep attackers away, keep complicated passwords and change them frequently. Also, invest in a comprehensive safety program with a cyber security firm like Siteguard that also takes care of your password protection needs.

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