5 predictions regarding the future of AI

Artificial Intelligence has been making a rapid progress. In the last ten years, we have witnessed its surge towards becoming a part of almost every aspect of our lives. Still unsure about it? Just look at your smartphone. Moreover, have you ever wondered about its ability to suggest search results or recognize your voice? These are only the two of many examples of how AI already works in our favor.

However, sci-fi movies played their part in our overall understanding of this technology and implemented a sort of anxious feeling when we combine the terms AI and the future. Simply put, people are afraid that AI is going to do us harm. However, there is nothing they should be afraid of…yet. As far as we are concerned, AI comes with way more positive aspects than the negative ones at the moment. Let’s spare a moment and take a look at the five ways it can improve the world around us.

AI Will Create More Jobs

Contrary to popular belief, AI hasn’t replaced the human workforce yet. For the time being, it just makes our jobs easier. One of the famous examples of this includes content moderators. Before AI took over, the moderators had had to review every single piece of content before it was published. This was a huge problem for big platforms, such as YouTube, that have strict guidelines for new content. Now, AI can automatically recognize inappropriate videos and suggest them for reviewing, which is the moderators’ job.

AI Will Help in Medicine

Medicine is heavily influenced by AI and for a good reason. AI can scan the patient’s entire data and make an accurate diagnosis about his or her illness. Even the best doctor in the world couldn’t make such a comprehensive overview. Furthermore, AI will be able to scan various X-rays and assist doctors during surgeries. These are just two practical uses, and there are many more useful applications of AI in the medical field. This is very important – AI will be able to save lives in the future.

AI Will Create a Casino Revolution

Casinos underwent a revolution with the appearance of the first online casino. People loved it and enjoyed playing slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette and other casino games on the Internet. However, online gambling lacked human contact, so casino creators decided to introduce yet another novelty – live casinos. AI is slowly being embedded here as well. It will improve overall gaming experience and make sure that security and fairness levels in online casinos are unprecedented.

AI Will Impact the Automotive Industry

We have already had assistant drivers in cars made by companies such as Tesla Motors. What’s next, you might be wondering? Driverless automobiles seem like a logical step forward, meaning your vehicle will become smart. Maybe we will even get a term such as “smartcar” – who knows? What’s important to understand at the moment is that AI is mostly focused on lowering the risk of accidents as much as possible. The assistants will help you find and steer into parking spaces, as well as give you information about the traffic. If we take into account that navigation software is an integral part of the automotive industry, you may notice that there has been considerable progress in that aspect.

AI Will Stop Cyberattacks

Better technology means more ways to get robbed. Hackers lurk around the corner waiting to snatch your private data and use it against you. This presents a real problem since hackers attack not only individuals but also companies as a whole. Luckily, AI has made significant progress here as well. AI will be able to foresee some of the attacks and let you prepare for it accordingly. This is a giant leap forward that may help us feel safer about our private info.

To conclude, for now, people don’t have to worry about the possibly harmful nature of AI. The predictions mentioned above were just some of the aspects that AI will influence in the future. If it goes bad and starts doing deceitful deeds and displaying fraudulent behavior, that means we cannot control it anymore. However, for now, this scenario is just a great source of inspiration for sci-fi movies as it is highly unlikely to happen in the near future.

You might wonder why. Well, the reason is that, right now, AI is not powerful enough to overthrow humans. In fact, we still haven’t got a clue how to make it more powerful than it currently is. In other words, whether AI will take over or not is still not our problem. On the other hand, our great-grandchildren might eventually get in a bit of a pickle.

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