How psychometric assessment will help you develop the right leaders

Leadership is an important quality companies look for in their executives and psychometric testing now allows these qualities to be recognized. There are many different forms of leadership and every role in a firm requires a different form of leadership. The qualities can extend from being able to properly strategize and plan new campaigns to directing and managing big teams. Psychometric testing has been leading towards one of the main features in understanding leadership qualities of candidates during the hiring process. Moreover, over the years it has become easier to conduct these tests. For example, platforms all around the world such as Mettl that offers teste psicométricos (psychometric tests) in Spanish and other languages are making it easier to produce these tests and examine their results. Many believe that through psychometric testing companies can understand many characteristics of potential employees and use this analysis to hire the right individual. Moreover, these tests provide insight to a candidate’s personality in a manner that allows a company to develop it further. There are many ways in which a company can create better leaders and psychometric testing is one of the ways.

To fully understand the manner in which psychometric testing helps create better leaders it’s important to realize how leadership qualities are portrayed by individuals. There are many different qualities that make leaders different and unique. Such qualities are reflected through the management and organizational tactics of an executive. The manner in which each individual supports one’s teammates and how one works to make the company achieve its goals. Leaders are team players and believe in working in a way that promotes the growth of the company as a whole. Psychometric tests have questions about personality and management that help understand whether or not the individual will be able to lead and work with a team. Furthermore, good leaders focus on development, problem-solving and long-term goals. The logical reasoning aspect of psychometric tests allows companies to understand the manner in which an individual would handle a situation under pressure. Psychometric tests also test the behavioral aspects of an individuals personality, through this aspect a company can understand the qualities of an individual that show their willingness to focus on a given goal. Knowing the qualities of an individual during the selection process helps a company improve on those qualities in the future.

Psychometric testing also has a control group through which most tests are compared. This allows companies to identify which individual’s values match up to the leadership qualities the company expects from an employee. Moreover, the psychometric tests allow these individuals to receive the appropriate role in the company that will allow their growth both personally and in the firm. Through the different aspects of psychometric tests, firms can determine which individuals would be the best fit for them and therefore there are higher chances of these individuals having a long-term contract with the firm. Psychometric tests hence identify leadership qualities in individuals and allow firms to work on improving these qualities to create great leaders.

Tech giants search for top programming skills

Entering into the tech industry can be a competitive field. In the digital era of global humanity, the tech industry is ever expanding and evolving creating new jobs to be filled. As college programs conduct research and source students into majors that are tech focused, the more uniquely tailored each expertise area will be. The tech industry and the jobs available in the field continue to grow each day. With new job openings, tech savvy and certified individuals must learn the skills needed and necessary to land a job with some of the biggest tech giants.

Programming skills are at the top of the list for tech giants wants in their future career candidates. Some of these skills include things like Javascript and C++. Javascript is a generalized web development utilizing front-end developers to design the website code. C++ is more geared toward general purpose programming, but is often a focus in engineering fields. For those wishing to pursue a career in tech programming, they should first review a C++ test.

Although keeping up with the newest and latest programming trends to be able to utilize any platform is important, knowing and understanding some of the more traditional coding is important for employers as well. Many employers want to know that their programmers understand Ruby. Ruby is one of the more older, object-oriented script languages. For any programer, they must have the skills necessary to understand most general script language and that starts with first understand the traditions of script language and building from there throughout time. Objective-C is a 30-year-old programming language. It can often be found in Mac OS X operating systems. Mac’s iOs operating systems are expensive because they are so reliable. Understanding this type of traditional coding language is crucial for tech employers.

A common player in the programming language is Python. It is one that people may more readily know, even in the tech consumer target audience. For larger companies like Google and NASA, Python seems to be reliable. For those who still adore their Dropbox files, they can thank Python for that.

All of the Cs are a continually important game player in tech programming world. C language was a product of the ‘70s era and is still in use by many tech companies today. C is one of those traditional languages but is reliable to the programmer. Because C is 40 years old, it isn’t as sleek as some of the new programming, but it still gets the job done. Far different from C is C#. C# is another object-oriented program language developed by Microsoft. Tech industry experts argue that C# was created to compete with Java and may have just come out on top. Tech giants continue to hire these well-versed programmers. One of the newer members to the Cs is C++. C++ is frequently used for desktop apps and developing games. Cultivators of this newer programming language shouldn’t have trouble finding a job with a well-known tech giant in the field.

3 Must-Have Skills To Look For In a C# Developer

As the tech and computer science industries continue to expand each day, the skills necessary to complete each job continue to expand as well. When looking at the skills for software developers and coding experts, their niche fields demand high standards and understanding of the job process when selecting prospective candidates to interview. For this reason, C# Developers searching for a job in their industry should first review some of the highest skills in demand by employers and take C# coding test.

Expansive and expert knowledge in C# coding
The first and most important must-have skill for being C# Developer is going to obviously be knowing the code. Because C code is older, it’s important the developer understands the traditions of that code and has a scholarly and concrete understanding of how to properly utilize the code in any setting. As with anything technology related, it is ever evolving and changing each day. This goes the same for coding. A must-have skill for the developer is going to be staying updated and aware of changes with the code to make it more efficient. They will need to know everything about the past, present and future of C code.

Team leader with communication skills
Computer engineers and coders are often stereotyped as lacking interpersonal or group communication skills altogether. Although this is true for some employees pursuing a career in the STEM field, it isn’t true for all of them. A major must-have skill for C# Developer is knowing how to lead a team and from that, they would demonstrate effective and thorough communication skills. Understanding the coding is the first part of the job, but being part of team is a huge part of making everything work. The team cannot communicate through code, they will actually have to do some face to face communication and hold important conversations at team meetings or get togethers. Any type of STEM developer needs to cultivate a thorough understanding of communication theory and have successful application in real work settings.

Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills
For a complex job such as C# Developer, it is crucial the job candidate possess critical and analytical thinking skills. For coding issues and development, an individual must be able to analyze varying situations and be able to come up with multiple solutions to the problem. These solutions cannot be a simple fix, but a lasting one. For that reason, the developer must understand ways to think beyond the standard level. Critical thinking skills allow the person to observe a problem and come up with their own solution before anyone made them aware there even was a problem. These type of specified thinkers are able to assess and observe situations before anyone else. That is why they are able to understand and create something as complex as coding. Not only should a person with these thinking skills observe and create solutions, but they should also be able to ask why the technical problem arose and be able the fix that. These types of people are quickly able to understand and analyze all facets of issues and solutions.

AI and Games – How Artificial Intelligence Improves Gaming Experience

Playing video games occasionally has several benefits for your brain, as it increases your ability to think more logically and even multitask. However, players are not the only ones to have become smarter since the first game was released. The games had their progress as well, and artificial intelligence had a role in it.

The first thing we can notice is how the graphics have improved over the years, which is pretty obvious given that the games nowadays are very realistic. The development of AI, on the other hand, is something we can’t notice at first, but every experienced player can tell the difference between the games that were made ten years ago and the games that have been made this year. Let’s take a look at some of the games that use AI in an interesting and productive way.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a franchise that has gained a cult following all over the world. Millions of active players have been looking forward to the new AC titles ever since the first game in the series. There are 11 AC games at the moment, and although not all of them have been equally popular among the fans, their AI has been improving with every new sequel.

One could notice that the opponents in every sequel become a bit smarter than those in the previous titles. Furthermore, the world around the player is becoming more intelligent with every next title in the franchise. There is an article published by Ubisoft which tells the story of NPCs living their lives regardless of the main character’s presence.


Minecraft itself was created by a single person called Markus “Notch” Persson. Many others joined later to improve the game and create a perfect AI training ground.

Namely, Microsoft Research team that works on the Project Malmo is using Minecraft to test the AI that they created before releasing it into the real world. Minecraft is a perfect opportunity for developers to test artificial intelligence and assign various tasks to it in order to gain insight into the way it would react.

Casino Games

It seems like casino games do not need AI to run, and that is partially true. Compared to the two games mentioned above, casino games indeed don’t require as much intelligence as those games do. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t use AI at all. In fact, AI plays a crucial role in the casino industry.

Nevertheless, we must go beyond individual games and take a look at the casinos as a whole. AI is implemented in both online and land-based casinos to track players’ behavior, as well as their game preferences. That way, casino operators are able to improve the overall gaming experience or their games, and even offer better bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses, certain sites use sophisticated technology to find casinos with great bonuses as it tracks the online casino industry and selects the most lucrative offers at the moment.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA series is one of the most popular game franchises ever, and it has also been a fertile ground for testing various AI projects. For example, one of the Twitch stars called Harrison Kinsley (also known as Sentdex on social media) has made an AI program which he managed to implement into Grand Theft Auto V thanks to the open source PC version of this game.

Using deep learning, Sentdex made his AI learn to drive a car in the game. It did not manage to pay attention to any of the driving rules, but who does that anyway?

GTA was also used by a team of researchers and students from Intel Labs and Darmstadt University for teaching AI about stop signs. Instead of feeding the algorithm with tens of thousands of stop sign images, they concluded that GTA V would do the job as well.


As you can see, video games and AI have a very specific relationship that helps both sides improve. Game developers use AI to make their games smarter, and researchers use games to teach AI about the real world — isn’t that something!

This is actually a great peek into the future where games would become so realistic that they would be the primary training ground for sophisticated AI products. Those products would learn all they need from the games before they are released into the real world. On the other hand, powerful AI software would push the gaming industry to its limits and provide gamers with an outstanding gaming experience.

5 online trends that are changing how consumers shop

Ten years ago, the world of online shopping was very limited and unappealing for most shoppers. People didn’t understand how you could buy something without trying it on or physically holding it in your hands. On top of that, many people believed they would be scammed, as cybersecurity was weak in comparison to today’s level. In other words, most of us assumed online shopping would die out and retail would continue to rule the shopping world. But it’s now 2019 and things have changed. Online shopping now amounts to 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars annually which are about 17.5% of global retail sales. However, this is just the beginning. It’s time to see the trends that are changing how consumers shop.

It’s all about mobile accessibility

In the United States alone, approximately 86 million Americans use their smartphones for online shopping. It’s believed by 2020, around 45% of e-commerce purchases will be done online. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon. From researching the product to price comparison, it’s all done in the palm of the customer’s hand. Meaning if a company’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, they’re out of luck. It has now become essential for companies to build a brand and reputation online. If a company isn’t online, they’re sketchy.

Shipping done fast

People aren’t interested in waiting one month for their purchase to arrive – they want it at their doorstep now. Well, this is all changing with the help of technology. Though two-day delivery is now considered a norm, that’s also changing. One-day delivery is now available to many countries with even two-hour drone delivery developing as a new shipping method. In addition, online businesses are now stepping up their package design with custom mailer boxes in order to create a more personalized packaging for their customers. Customers are receiving visually appealing parcels at the speed of light.

Did you see it on Instagram?

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are now becoming popular platforms for the latest fashion, electronics, and accessory trends. With this surge in popularity, these social media platforms are taking the hint and developing in-app purchasing, allowing customers to purchase goods without even leaving the app. This feature grabs the heartstrings and wallets of impulse buyers around the world.

The AI experience

It seems that AI has finally found its place in the online world. AI is increasingly popular among businesses as these softwares are able to administer customer information, analyze customer behavior, converse with customers, and prevent fraudulent activity. In other words, they’re relieving the business owner from doing these mundane duties or having to hire someone in order to do them. Let’s take Amazon’s Alexa for example. Alexa is able to provide customer support, complete orders, and recommend products. In essence, Alexa can heighten user experience, allowing people to buy things with ease.

Know where’s what

When you’re shopping online, sometimes products are out of stock. But there are many stores such as Zara or H&M which has physical retail stores as well, meaning your out-of-stock item may actually be available. Google has made this process easy with Google Assistant. Users are now able to ask Google Assistant to find in-stock products at the closest location to the customer. Meaning, the wild goose hunt for the pair of shoes you want to buy is finally over.

Many of us felt that the online shopping experience had reached an all-time high, however, it’s clear that this is just the beginning. These trends are and will drastically change the consumer-retail relationship by putting the power in the customer’s hands.