Technology takes travel worldwide

It does not take a genius to realise that technology has had a life-changing impact on practically every facet of present-day life. Everything from the marketing strategies we use today (think SEO services and other digital marketing strategies), to the very industries that we surround ourselves with on the daily, has been fundamentally revolutionised by technological advancement and certain digitalisation. This is not an assumption. This is a fact. If we look around us, we are immersed in technological enhancement – this is especially and mostly true in western societies. Every industry in this modern world has evolved.

Thanks to rapid technological advancement in the travel industry, for example, we are more aware of the world around us than ever before. Travelling has always been a wildly popular phenomenon, but the rise of technological advancement and rapid digitalisation turned a popular phenomenon into a worldwide rapid rush to see the world. Years ago, we went to travel agencies and learned about places from books. As the internet was introduced, it gradually became easier and easier for us to find information about the places in the world we had no previous idea of, ourselves. This is the nature, the magic of technological innovation. This is how it makes its way around the world – literally and figuratively.

Feats of technological innovation such as the internet inevitably let to exciting inventions like social media. Social media is arguably the biggest global market for travel these days. It makes sense. When smartphones became a global norm, social media apps took off flying, and now businesses market their products on social media, people build themselves successful careers from social media, we are addicted to social media. So much of our modern lives comes back to social media – and we love it. We follow accounts that inspire us to travel, we comment on their posts, we save destinations to notes and our camera rolls on our phones – we even create our own travel blogs and vlogs, trying to create a vision of our travel-rich lives that others become inspired by.

The global travel obsession has turned a natural facet of life into a multi-billion-dollar industry that is growing all the time. This is largely thanks to technological advancement and innovation taking active hold and changing modern life in the process. Today, we no longer must rely on word of mouth of our own circle and the help of travel agencies. We can organise everything from visas and passports, to flights, accommodation, and travel insurance ourselves. And we do – in part because it is easier and more enjoyable to create our travels from our own ideas and time, and in part because we are busier than ever. And realistically, with the technology making it so possible, why wouldn’t we do it ourselves?

Technology has given rise to many of the present-day world’s most exciting innovations, but perhaps the best of them all is the worldwide freedom of travel in this digital age. We can go anywhere, be anywhere, with whoever we love and want with us, work anywhere in the world we want – and we can make it all possible ourselves, on our own time. Is there anything better in all the world?