Direct Response Marketing: What it is and what it represents

When we talk about brand awareness increasing, it generally covers the idea of mass marketing or so-called “branding”. It is a good option if want to make just a kind reminder about your existence, maybe you want to tell about upcoming promotions or so.

It’s a different story when you want your clients, current and potential, respond on your marketing ploys immediately, i.e.: leaving emails to receive news of the area, calling to get more details about the offer, placing an order now with a discount etc. The event is called direct response marketing.


  • Clear tracking system. In comparison with branding you may easily collect information which ad has lead to subscription or loading a file. Mass marketing doesn’t offer such an option, in some sense it may look like advertising on TV: it is almost impossible to understand how successful the campaign was and whether you have better results because of your campaign or due to some other factors. The best way to promote your online product is ad network.
  • True result estimation. As you already know which ad has struck and which has not – you may analyze and replace “weak” ads or change them to become profitable.

  • Designed for special audience only. Target here may be different, starting from location (special offer for London citizens) up to covering particular area.

  • Direct offers for particular people. Branding plays on the audience in whole without special emphasizing. As an opposition, direct marketing offers something valuable for the customers. It is not obligatory an offer to buy anything, but an opportunity to get free report or similar. Here it is important to work with client’s fears, desires and interests.

  • Response is a heart of the whole concept. Clear calls-to-action appeal a client to make an action immediately. What is more important here, when a person has left his email, there is a good option to get in touch with him more, not only because of the initial reason.

A few words about implementation

Direct marketing has an important role in all online advertising promotion your online services or products

Direct marketing can sell not only products, but goods as well.

Uber can serve as a bright example. Vast majority of drivers were hired with a direct response ad – start earning with Uber. Everything is simple and clear, all you need to do is to follow link and Presto!

Approach “Bring a friend” was implemented long ago. Dropbox offer some more extra space for free if you share your link with friend and he will install an app.

Both the cases can be united by the following characteristics: only interested people responded to the call to action. In the second example we can see an opportunity to enlarge the traffic by amount of people who are quite likely to be interested in the service as well. Extra audience is brought for free and you may rely on that they are also interested in you party.

Bottom line

Direct marketing helps to satisfy clients’ desires on a better level due to service improvements. If you know your audience quite well, you are certainly aware of motivation in purchasing goods or services and you can easily interest them by unique offers. Long-term relationships will make your clients more loyal to your company, that is an additional bonus to the approach.

General idea of direct marketing is to build such kind of relations when a product is a perfect match to your clients and can sell itself without intermediaries of any kind.

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