Stronger Gun Laws Linked to Less Gun Violence

Today, gun violence is one of the burning issues, especially in the USA with the terrifying amount of mass shooting incidents. The discussion goes a long way, and there are many factors to consider when talking about gun violence and legislative changes that might be taken. It’s also important to mention that State Laws vary for each State, as well as population density, poverty level, substance abuse level, etc. There’s been a new turning point in this debate with the recently published results of different scientific studies.

These studies have shown that stronger gun regulations are directly connected with less gun violence incidents. Giffords Law Center has recently published its annual statistics that deal with weapon legislation and gun violence incidents among different States of the USA. The study clearly shows that those States that have made legislative changes and restrictions regarding the retail and purchase of weapons see less tragic incidents. The result is that the 10 States with the smartest restrictions are also among the top 10 for the least amount of violence related to weapon use,  check gun control essays examples. Overall, only two of all States earned an A grade – California and New Jersey.

California is a great example of how violence and death connected to firearms can be effectively reduced. In the last 20 years, the State has managed to put in power several important laws restricting the purchase of firearms. As a result, the number of gun-related deaths was cut in half.

The BMJ has also published the result of important research that has been held recently by scientists of Columbia, New York University, and Boston University. This particular study shows that weaker gun laws are connected to the number of mass shootings. The scientist collected data in the time period from 1998 and till 2015. There’s a direct link between the number of firearm owners and the rates for a mass shooting, with each 10% of the ownership increase mean 35% growth in mass shooting risk.

Considering these two recent studies, it’s transparent that weak firearm legislation leads to increased risk of gun violence. The issue is that the Federal law in this regard is quite vague and has several gaps that can be used to sell firearms to almost anyone. For example, Federal Law provides no need for background checks when sales are held between two private parties. It means that if the State doesn’t adopt several restricting laws in this regard, a lot of firearms can fall into the wrong hands.

It is also crucial to mention that homicide isn’t the most frequent cause of death from a firearm – 63.5% of deaths are caused by gun suicide. Weak gun-regulating laws lead to increased risk of suicide between gun owners.  Statistics says that each day 86 people die because of firearm violence in the United States, which makes this discussion even more serious. Of course, mass shooting attracts a lot of attention, but it’s essential not to forget about everyday victims of firearm violence. It isn’t a problem of one particular State or region; it is a national risk factor that contributes to the death rate among the whole population.

These studies illustrate that such activist movements as March for Our Lives have sensible reasoning behind their demands. It’s crucial to raise awareness of this issue and get attention to political figures that actually make a difference in people’s lives. The example of California shows that the results aren’t long to see and they are pretty dramatic. However, it is also important to listen to the other side of the debate.

Lots of political figures have been sponsored by NRA during their election campaigns and have responsibilities to the people that voted and supported them. NRA has supported almost 80% of Republican candidates at some point of their carrier and about 11% of Democrats. The representation of their interests in the government is quite high, and they are extremely active with the federal and international legislation changes. Needless to say, NRA plays a huge part in all politics regarding gun regulations on the legislative level, and they have to be included in the discussion.

A lot of citizens see the Second Amendment as their natural constitutional right, and it’s exactly what it is. So when they’re faced with the possibility of some restrictions, it causes a huge negative response. People might feel like someone is taking their freedom and right to defend themselves. However, this case isn’t a subject to an emotional perspective anymore.

Another important aspect of this debate is that there are many factors to take into consideration. Each State is different in terms of population and its needs. There are also many other contributing factors to gun violence that are yet to explore. The USA death rate from firearm incidents is drastic in comparison to Europe, but not when compared to other North or South America.

The way to create safer living conditions is yet long and hard as the debates have only started. However, the scientist data published recently is extremely important as it shows the direct link between weak gun-regulating legislation and the increase of firearm-related violence. These objective researches aren’t possible to ignore in the further development of the issue. It is a necessary change that each State has to provide to reduce the firearm-caused deaths among their population.

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