6 Ways to Merge PDF Files

Merging related PDF files allow you to keep your computer organized. It is hard to find the document you need especially when there are a lot of PDF documents in the folder. Sometimes, you don’t know which PDF document to open to find the information you need. If you combine them into a single file, you can use the search function to find the information you need quickly. The following are 8 ways to merge PDF files.

Adobe DC Pro

Adobe Reader is the traditional tool that people use to view PDF. Adobe also makes an extended version called Adobe DC, which allows you to perform all sorts of PDF editing tasks including merge documents. Adobe DC is a subscription-based tool that requires a yearly commitment. If you cancel the subscription, you won’t be able to access it. In Adobe DC, you must go to Tools > Combine Files. 

Next, you must click on the Add Files button and select the documents that you want to merge. After the documents are loaded, you can rearrange them in the preferred order by dragging them around with your mouse cursor. When you have finished rearranged the files, you can click on the Combine Files button to start the file merging process. Finally, when the documents are merged, you can click on the Save button to save it.

Desktop PDF Editor

Using a third-party PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor to merge PDF files is the best option if you regularly have to combine PDF files. By purchasing the software, you can merge as many PDF files as you want with no limitation on the PDF file size. It can combine images into PDF, which makes it perfect for digitizing your paperback textbooks. It only takes a minute to combine the documents. You click the merge file button and drag the images/documents into the pop-up file drop zone. The files can be easily rearranged by dragging the file into positions.

Online Merge PDF Tool

There are lots of online tools that you can use to merge PDF files, for example, iLovePDF, and PDF Merge. There is no need to install any application or register an account to use the PDF merging service. You will be able to load your PDF files from cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You must have an internet connection to use the online PDF merger tool.

If you are offline, you cannot use the online PDF tool. It also takes time to upload the PDF files, especially if you have many large PDF files to merge. There is also the potential risk that your document content will be leaked. If people want to view your document, they could peek into it regardless of the site having the policy to delete the PDF document within a short period.

PDF Merge File Extension

You can use PDF merge files extension to merge your documents. On Chrome, there are a lot of such extensions. You must first install Chrome. Once Chrome is installed, you can search for a suitable PDF merge file extension to install on your browser in Google.

When you found one, install it on your browser and activate it. Just like the desktop software, you can drop files into a file drop zone interface to merge the files. It will first upload the files before merging them into a single file. A download link will be provided when the documents are merged into a single file.

PDF Merger App for Android

You can use the PDF merger app to combine the PDF documents on your mobile device. There are even mobile scanning apps which you can use to scan the paper documents prior to combining them into a single document.  PDF merger apps have all the basic features like arranging the file sequence, upload files from multiple sources, and send multiple files in an attachment.

File Merge Tool

You can also use the file merge tool like files to merge multiple document formats into a single PDF. With a file merger tool, you can merge all kinds of image files, word processing files, PDF files and PowerPoint files into a single PDF. Like all online tools, there are some restrictions when you merge images into PDF; for example, it would limit the file size to 50 MB per.

Word Processor

You can first paste the content of the documents you want to combine into a word that supports export to PDF format like Microsoft Office Word. After that, you go to the File > Save as and choose to save it as PDF document. If your word processor does not support PDF format in export setting, you can use the online files converter to convert your word document into a PDF file.

Print to a PDF File

On Windows 10, you can use the print command in Windows to merge into a single PDF document. First, you must select the images and right-click to open the right-click menu. After that, you must choose the Print option to launch the Print Pictures dialog box. In the printer drop-down menu, you must choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option.  On the right, you can see the different layouts options that are available to choose from for your merged PDF. You can choose the Full Page photo option for a single image to occupy one page. Below, you can preview how your newly combined PDF look.

You can press the left and right arrows to scroll through the preview. If the images appear blur, you can click on the Options link at the bottom and select Sharpen for printing. After that, you click on Printer Properties… and choose the Portrait option in the Orientation drop-down menu. Now, you can click on the OK button to return to the Print Pictures dialog box. If the images appear cut off, you can check the Fit picture to frame option to fix the problem. Finally, you can click on the Print button to merge the documents into a single PDF.

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