Must-have Skills to Step into Tech Industry

This era will go down in the annals of history as the era of tech and digital. Our world is now a web of interconnected technologies ruling all aspects of our daily life. And making this possible are the dedicated tech developers who are creating an innovative progressive world based on information technology.

So what are the skills required to be a part of this tech revolution or the 4th industrial revolution as it is called by some.

Perusal of any job board will throw up one fact– that all job requirements need some technical knowledge whether it be a content coordinator, network administrator, program manager, HR manager, or accountant. Digital literacy or technical knowledge is an essential in the modern workplace. The skills listed include basic knowledge of coding, some software language or the other, graphic design etc..

So it is imperative that one is familiar with the basics of what defines the technical world today. Technical skills are easily acquirable if one has the desire to learn. A marriage of technical skills with transferable skills ( ability to communicate, leadership and team work) is  essential to move forward in a career. Here is a list of must have skillsts for any tech newbie wishing to enter the sector.

Coding: It is a 21st century skill and there are many online courses available like the Khan Academy and that make learning this easy. A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS teaches you the workings of a webpage. Learning software languages like java, PHP and Ruby is no longer a complex task, with the online resources available. Moreover you can test your proficiency by making use of online assessments tools via java test, php test or any language specific tests.

Cloud: I remember a hilarious interview of a government bureaucrat heading a tech department being asked about cloud computing and him bungling his way with examples of clouds’ rain carrying capacity and monsoons and tying himself in knots. Cloud computing is here to stay as it is the storage of the world and it allows you to collaborate with colleagues, improve efficiency, and understand the importance of cyber security.

Big Data: That is the buzz word now. With the world existing on the world wide web and social media, an enormous amount of data is being generated about how the world is behaving and consuming resources. This kind of data has vast repercussions in behavioral sciences, economics, politics, biometrics and much more. Data analysis of this information being generated is the future for tech innovations and developments in almost all fields.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the human face of big data. It is a computer controlled robot or a software designed to think like a human. Almost all industries are foraying into AI, be it automotives, retail, medicine. It you want to be one up on technology, then a crash course in AI is recommended.

Communication and social media: This is an obvious skill but still needs mention. An ability to interact and use the available technology responsibly is a must. How to use emails, not only in communicating but to be able to use all the tools and features available within the emails like automated messages, labeling and customising makes tasks easier.

Proper use and management of social media is also an acquired skill.  

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