Best Paid IT Careers for Undergraduate Students

What can be the best jobs for undergraduate students? Of course, the ones that are flexible and offer a high salary. IT careers are rapidly growing these days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that IT occupations are going to grow 12% until 2024. It’s an important decision to look for your very first serious position and start climbing that career ladder. So, here are the best paying IT careers for undergraduate students.

1. Content Manager

Being a content manager means you are responsible for the data that appears on the website of a certain company. This is probably one of the best starting points in your IT career if you want to work with web developers, project teams, web designers and other people who are connected with modern technology. Especially if you are getting a degree in marketing, IT, or journalism, have great computer and writing skills, you can open many doors and gain the necessary experience. For instance, a useful option is to build your portfolio by training on various websites and online platforms such as Jacars and working with real content and SEO optimization.

2. Computer Programmer

This career is suitable even for people with minimal education. You can start with an entry-level position in computer programming, provided that you have knowledge of computer language, Java, C++, etc. There are multiple online materials to obtain such skills that are free of charge.

3. Web Developer

This is another well-paid career option for people who are interested in technology. A web developer is expected to create and design websites. The minimal necessary education is an associate’s degree. So you can become an entry-level web developer even while in college and earn about $34,000. 

4. Software Applications Developer

There are two kinds of this position – an application developer and a system developer. The first career choice requires to have certain skills to craft smartphone or computer applications for various needs. Many college students create and develop applications while studying at college. They start it as a side gig with flexible hours which can later transform into a full-time IT career with a high salary.

5. Computer Support Specialist 

This entry-level position is suitable for students with an associate’s degree. Even your college or university may hire you to become a part-time computer support specialist and help provide advice and help on networks to those who have a lack of computer skills. There is a big demand for this profession as many people need professional repair advice or solution to their issues. In the nearest future, computer support specialists are expected to grow 12% so it’s high time to try yourself in this IT career.

How to Become Successful in IT Career

Can you be sure which profession is right for you? Even if you have a hard time trying to decide what to do after college, these IT careers are a great way to start thinking about your future. While every career connected with technology requires certain skills in computer science, you also need to be a creative and responsible person who likes solving problems. Keep in mind that almost every IT job posting has “problem solving” skills as one of the main requirements. So, make sure you update your resume and are ready for a fresh start. Any of the above-mentioned occupations can become a steady source of excellent income even right after college.

To sum up, being a college student you need a job with flexible hours and potential to advance and move your career aspirations forward. Choose one of these positions and get ready to enter the world of ever-changing technology.

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