10 Largest Nickel Mines in the World, Indonesian Nickel Mining Enter the List!

10 Largest Nickel Mines in the World, Indonesian Nickel Mining Enter the List! – Indonesia is known as the country with the largest number of issues in the world, not only that, Indonesia’s nickel reserves are also number one.

This matter emerged from information from the Geological Body of the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources which said that from 2.67 million tons of nickel produced worldwide in 2019, Indonesia had produced 800,000 tons, far ahead of the Philippines (420,000 tons Ni), Russia (270,000 tons Ni). , and New Caledonia (220,000 tonnes of Ni).

But are Indonesian nickel mining projects included in the top 10 largest mining projects in the world?

Recently mining. com and its sister industry list the top 10 nickel mining projects currently being developed around the world. This rating is based on the indicated nickel energy source content and capabilities.

As data, the classification of mineral energy sources is divided into 3, namely inferred, indicated and as well as energy sources.

This distribution is based on geological belief where the inferred energy source is located at the very bottom of the hierarchy with the lowest confidence level and the energy source has the highest confidence level.

This ranking is attempted by mining. com to identify key nickel priorities that could be part of the future global nickel supply map.

It should be noted that the records collected are not anything that is currently operating, but also mines that are still in the development session, be it in the advanced exploration session, early economic studies or in the research period.

Although currently most of the nickel mined is used for stainless steel, these metals are starting to become central as the main raw material for making batteries for electric vehicles.

The production of the car battery manufacturing industry is predicted to increase the use of nickel in their cathode batteries.

Currently, the nickel market is currently facing a surplus, however, a decline in supply is expected to occur in 2027 until after, along with demand, especially to continue to penetrate electric vehicles.

Indonesia, the Philippines and Russia may be proud as the world’s main nickel producers, but it is recommended that 6 of the top 10 projects in the world this year are located in North America (US and Canada).

MiningIntellegence information noted, as many as 6 of the top 10 frequencies in the world this year are located in North America (US and Canada).

Initial Rating by project owned by DeepGreen Metal, which is currently still in the exploration stage. It is uniquely located on the ocean floor in the Clarion-Clipperton fault zone which is located in the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and Mexico.

The project in the Pacific waters has nickel metal reserves of 4.8 million tons with a content of 1.4%.

Rank 2 is a project owned by Waterton Precious Metals, this project located in Quebec, Canada has a total nickel sulphide metal reserve of 4.39 tons. However, this reserve shows a magmatic type of nickel content in projects with this type of primary deposit of 0.26%

The 3rd and 4th positions are still projects located in Canada, to be precise in British Columbia.

The two projects are primary nickel deposits with low content of 0.12% and 0.22% each with metal reserves of 2.43 million and 2.36 million tons.

Still in North America, the 5th most nickel is located in Minnesota, United States.

The project, which is still in the pre-study phase, is placed in nickel reserves of 2.3 million tonnes and contains 0.18%. This mining application was previously placed under close scrutiny after a public event on results and areas and was suspended during the Obama presidency. However, the project was again given the green light during the Trump presidency.

Furthermore, the 6th position was won by the Indonesian nickel mining project, the project belongs to BUMN PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) or Antam in Sengaji, Halmahera

Similar to nickel in Indonesia, these types of Antam’s deposits are laterite nickel with relatively large content, as well as all the projects with the highest costs in this 10 nickel record. The nickel content of the Sengaji Project reaches 2 million tons with a content of 1.7% and is currently still in the process of further exploration.

There are also 4 other projects as follows, the Goongarrie project owned by Ardea Resources in Australia; Canadian industry’s Crawford project in Timmins-Cochrane, Ontario; Teck Resources’ Mesaba project in Minnesota, USA; and the last backup of Metals X’s The Wingellina in Australia.

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