How to Make Trump’s Voice using Text to Speech

Do you want to make google voice Donald Trump, cartoons or other famous characters? If so, you can try the online site Vocodes to create the sound of text you want. However, you need to know that Vocodes is not available in the form of an application, you can only use it on the official Vocodes page, namely,

To access this site you can use any device connected to the internet. Before using this one site, you must first know the main function of Vocodes.

What are Vocodes?

Vocodes is a site that is used to convert text into the voice of cartoons and famous figures such as Donald Trump. This site also provides several features that you can use for free. Such as 76 voice options, converting 500-word writing into voice, and creating lip-sync videos.

In addition, Vocodes provides a download feature and can only use English and so on. Well, to make sound of text Donald Trump or any other character you want. You can choose Donald Trump or any other character in the speaker info option.

How to Make a Google Donald Trump Voice from Text

Make Trump's Voice using
Make Trump’s Voice using

For more details, how to use the Vocodes site, you can see the following explanation! You can use the following method for various kinds of characters that have been provided, not only for Donald Trump’s character.

  1. Enter the site or
  2. You can choose the type of sound you want in the “Random Speaker” column.
  3. Then, you can switch to the “Spectrogram” column to select the voice character.
  4. After that, you can write the desired words in the column provided, max. 500 words.
  5. Click “Speak” and wait a while, then you can hear the result.

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That’s how to make sound of text Donald Trump and other characters using the Vocodes site. To make sound of text using this site, you should follow the following tips. The following tips will make the sound of text you create sound more quality.

  • Don’t make short words like, hello, hi, good morning and so on.
  • Put the appropriate punctuation marks in your text, so that the pronunciation is not inconsequential. You can use a full stop or a comma, these two marks are enough to change the intonation as you wish.
  • If you enter difficult words, change them to the English spelling according to the pronunciation.

After following the steps for making sound of text and the tips that have been explained, you can download the results of the sound of text that you have created. The download feature on this site is hidden, so some people don’t notice it. Here’s how to download MP3 files from there Vocodes!

  1. Click on the “Results” menu, the menu is at the top, parallel to the “TTS, about and video” menus</ li>
  2. After that you will be presented with various kinds of audio that you have created.
  3. Click the “Download” button to download the file.
  4. You can also listen to the sound of text results that you have created by pressing the “Play

All files MP3 that you get from Vocodes can be used for WhatsApp ringtones or voice over videos you create. To use it as a WhatsApp ringtone, you can use the following steps.

However, you should know that the method described here is only useful for Android. If you want to use it for iPhone, the installation method is different from Android.

  1. Open the File Manager, My Foleder or My Files application provided by your phone
  2. Then go to internal storage
  3. Find a folder named Ringtones
  4. Move the sound of text file that you have downloaded

For more reference, please visit sound of text article on this link:

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