5 Unique Balinese Ideas You Can’t Miss During Your Shopping Spree

5 Unique Balinese Ideas You Can’t Miss During Your Shopping Spree. Did you know that besides beautiful beach hotels, trendy clubs and leisure resorts, Bali is also known for its artistic, creative products? Beginning with religious creations designed to decorate the island’s hundreds of temples and deities, the artistic Balinese have adapted their craft to meet today’s needs and commercial purposes. Below is a list of 5 things not to miss from https://www.balietrade.com :

1 | Master Sculpting and Painting

In Bali, each village focuses on artistic expertise. For example, the village where Bali’s woodcarving masters live and set up studios is Mas, while Ubud specializes in the art of painting. In Bali, art is passed on from childhood to the next generation, ensuring sustainability over the centuries.

Inspired by ancient Javanese and Hindu cultures, Balinese artworks represent a story in each of their creations. Balinese carvings are mainly made of wood and stone. Traditional carvings often depict sacred deities, but over the years you can now find superb carvings of horses, dancers, expressive faces, and more. Other carvings are used for performances such as barong or masked dances.

Similar to paintings, paintings used to depict religious or legendary stories, modern art can now be found in many galleries in Ubud.

But for those of us looking for quality yet affordable pieces to take home or give as gifts to our loved ones, there are many art markets in Bali where you can choose from an abundance of authentic Balinese handicrafts. You can also find paintings on the tiles hanging on the wall or colorful floral carvings for home decor, bathrooms or earrings. You can also draw T-shirts and more. Enjoy browsing these art markets to find a special piece that speaks to you.

2 | Silver Jewelry

Celuk Village is Bali’s gold and silver center. Unlike silverware made in Yogyakarta, which is mainly engraved with black designs on white silver sheets, Balinese silverware creations are more complex and decorative on white, and black burnt silver is rarely used. Since Balinese people are very creative and innovative, you will also find necklaces, rings or bracelets in modern designs that are both modern and full of special Balinese craftsmanship. Bali Silver tops the list of lovers.

Some Bali stores may also offer you one-of-a-kind special items with designs inspired by Indonesian culture. From tribal and antique to modern pieces, Bali has a range of different silver jewelry worth your time.

3 | Handwoven Textiles in Bali

Most of us have heard of the famous Balinese sarong, the lightweight tie-dye fabric that most tourists wear on the beach. But Bali is famous for its various textiles. From beach aprons, Balinese tie-dye designs to Bali’s rarest textiles. A typical Balinese woven garment is called “ndek”. The most valuable, and therefore the most expensive, is the double layer ikat cloth from the village of Tenganan, woven by women, which takes about a year to complete due to the precision and complexity required for its production. .For those who want to see how some of the rarest textiles in Bali are made, it is worth visiting the village of Tenganan. Below is the address of the Bali Textile Market which is famous for selling a variety of different materials in Denpasar.

4 | Bali Spa Products

You may be familiar with the different healing properties of essential oils; lavender is a calming oil, and frangipani is used to relieve headaches and inflammation. Since Bali is known for its tranquility, it’s no surprise that Balinese spa products make the list. Brands such as Bali Spa-Nature and Bali Alus are sold all over the world and are known for their body masks and soaps. Enjoy the sweet smell of Bali anywhere in the world. Also try a massage with a soothing oil.

5 | Rattan Furniture and Wicker

When you walk the streets of Bali, you will no doubt see woven wooden handicrafts displayed in front of shops. Since Balinese traditions involve offering sacrifices to gods, the practice of weaving is taught from an early age, resulting in the precision and creativity of weaving wood craftsmanship. Items manufactured include bags, hats, baskets, sandals and a range of other family-friendly items. Visit Jaya Rotan in Gianyar to see rotan furniture and handicrafts.

Do you have a specific handicraft you plan to buy? Whatever it is, any item made from Bali’s outstanding cultural and natural heritage will leave anyone who sees it with a sense of wonder. Would you like to see these stores? Stay up to date on Cleaning, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocols, which include physical distancing, hand washing with soap, and wearing a mask. happy shopping!

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