• What kind of plants suitable for wayside ? There are some criteria to be met. Here are some of them: 1. The plant should be strong enough in structure so that it it won’t fall when there is a strong wind 2. it’s canopy should reach the height of more than three meters so that […]

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    Iseng-iseng nge-klick informasi yang disampaikan oleh kasubag IT di SITH tentang tersedianya layanan blogging bagi komunitas ITB. ternyata pakai mesin wordpress. Saya sendiri sudah punya beberapa akun di wordpress, diantaranya:taufikurahman.wordpress.com dan taufikurahmanitb.wordpress.com. Jadi, sekarang sedang berpikira blog…[Read more]

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  • This semester I have been assigned by Schoool of Life Science and Technology (SITH) ITB to deliver courses on “Plant Physiology” (3 credits) which is a compulsory course for the 2nd year students of Biology study program of SITH, and “Plant Ecophysiology” (also 3 credits), an elective course.