Capture The Flag Platform Review

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I will give some review for Capture The Flag training dojos, which I previously used. The platform made different methods to learn, as the competition website usually not forever.

1. Hackthebox 

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This platform use unique membership appointment. Yeah, YOU SHOULD HACK IT TO GET THE MEMBERSHIP. I would rate the membership challenge as 4/10 in difficulty.

Hackthebox focused on penetration testing by providing some machine to be hacked. Beside that, they give you CTF-type challenges (not so many). The write up usually would be available after the machines retired.

I think it is a good idea to get the VIP access, since it grant you the access to the retired machine.  Remind me after I finish my thesis to get the VIP.

2. CTF365

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This is the most friendly platform – yet the most pricey. Still, you have 30 days free membership to try. I had taken the free trial, and would like to get the student membership for USD15 per month.

The platform has good educational approach for making it an online game – something that educational institution should try. I don’t know why using this platform increase my self confidence.

3. Adworld CTF

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The platform would contains many untranslated language – still many in Chinese for the events. Best thing it has slight learning curve, and you could start it from zero with google translate helps. This platform use the same methodology as CTF365, and available in exercise area and challenge area.

Wanna train your hacking skill and your Chinese language? I can relate. The best on it.

4. PicoCTF

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Best for newcomers. I will never forget this platform as where I am from. In picoCTF they train you the basics syntax to tools. The platform was designed for high school students, but it is not late for you to try. The competition held every year, but the webpage didn’t closed after the official competition finished, so you could made your way into it.

I would recommend everyone to learn from this one if you are a blank paper in CTF.



ps: I would update this post, the potential review would be:


facebook CTF

and some local run repository based CTF


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