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You were my best friend. Never even once in my life, a man was so close to me. Except, you. My old fellow, an ordinary man.

You were my best friend. Even without being sure what I was for you. Still, you used to be the first one, came, crossed in my mind. Anytime, anything happened, in our very short time.

You were my best friend, Dear. And we were so close together. ‘Till one single word changed our whole world. And turned the color of the sky awkwardly. Without even single notice, except the “word” itself.

The blue sky … becoming so bright I couldn’t even keep standing straight. Then it was quickly becoming gold, orange … red. And in a blink, without I realized, the twilight arrived within its bitter-sweet deep violet color. The end of our day came earlier than I thought it should.

I lost my best friend to get another “mean” of you. Yet, I’d lost the whole of you, as well. Leaving nothing but pain.

And these days, each time we meet, anytime you have a chance, you’ll say another single word, “sorry…”. Push me down, again, with another “holy” word.

Regret. Regret you say??? Of course. You have to. As I do.

For being so stupid to trade friendship off with the word of … something I don’t want to say.

Yes, as well as you, I feel sorry. But please stop to say it. The more you say “sorry”, the more our past comes and crosses my mind. Creating more and more pain in my present, and more fear for me to face my future.

You were my best friend, and I’m not giving up yet to make you my friend. An ordinary man as an ordinary friend.

With a single wish, please stop saying “sorry…” awkwardly.


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