Another Time Alone …

Another time alone,,,

It’s true that being with friends would be really fun. Chatting, joking, or even “bullying” a certain one. Yup, it could be fun.

Yet, there always be time, a certain time when it’s much better for being alone. When there’s something I could share, only with my self.

It’s not about have no trust toward others. It’s not about I found them annoying, such an annoyance … It’s not. Friends are always important, valuable. But, there’s still something that only me, could understand.

Something can’t be said. Something can’t be share … or at least better to not being shared.

Huft … here it is. I think it’s not all bullshit to say that I’m not a kind of extrovert person. I mean, not totally extrovert. ‘Cause for many things, I could even talk you all, except to say that I couldn’t say it.

And I won’t say sorry,,, for I think that it’s the best way for we are.

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