Gaining Through Losing

Such a song from Ken Hirai. Here there’re its lyrics …


Megurikuru kisetsu goto ni, kono te kara koboreochiru mono.

Tachidomari furikaereba, samishige ni boku wo miteru.

Itsumo itsu demo, hokoreru mono wo hitotsu shinjite kita hibi.


Deai to wakare wo kurikaeshi, aruite kita michi wo.

Kakegae no nai mono to omou, ima no jibun naraba.


Gamushara na jounetsu sae, natsukashiku omou hi ga kitemo.

Shizuka naru tsuyosa himeta, tomoshibi wo kakagete iyou.

Jiyuu aijou tebanashita toki hajimete sono imi wo shiru.


Itami to yorokobi wakachiai, kizuna fukameta hito no.

Kazaru koto nai kooba no tsubu, ima mo mune ni daite.


Amagumo kirete hikari ga sasu.

Daichi ga utaihajimeru.


“We’ve been gaining one good thing through losing another.

I’m so proud to ┬ábe with you, my love.

Now you know the meaning of sunshine after rain.

Let me tell you life is good, my friends …”


I’m not that good in Japanese, thus I’ll concern on the last paragraph of the lyrics.

You know, it’s just like the trade-off concept. We can’t get anything we want without sacrificing others. It’s the reason for us to think of the opportunity cost, right? So that we can achieve the best decision at any rate, at any time.

And what about being in a “not really good state”? That’s, exactly, the importance for being grateful. If the parallel worlds really were existing, still, the “world” where we are here, right now, would be the best thing for us. Because this world is the reality for us. Then be grateful of it, be proud with anything and anyone within it. And the only thing we can do is to do the best, whether or not the state is good. Thus, we’ll have no regret.

One of the most important benefit from being in a bad situation, in a bad luck, is that we could understand the meaning of luck, the meaning of sunshine after rain. Knowing how the sorrow is, leading us to cherish the happiness better than ever.

Sometime it’s laugh … sometime it’s cry.

Sometime it’s happiness … sometime it’s sorrow.

Yet, it’s THE LIFE.

Up and down,,, rise and drown.

Be grateful of it.

Do the best, thus we’ll never regret.

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