A total newbie here. Gonna write something pretty soon. Real soon. Well, actually I use this site as a practice for editing another web ; the web of my student union or student body or whatever you call ‘himpunan’ in English. Anyway I’m not really used to this wordpress thingy, I’m more familiar with blogspot.

Just got a quick web design training in campus, and a workshop for excursion in this very same day. And I missed the mentoring session today..again. I wish I could do that kagebunshin thingy (if you familiar with Naruto) lol.

Gonna write about this later. It’s raining hard here (I’m still in campus btw), and my laptop is getting wet -___-

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Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs ITB Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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