Faital Pro Speaker

Faital pro is a good product in which it has many series. The series of faital are completely coming from its origin namely diaphragm 1” of Ketone Polymer compression driver. This Ketone Polymer is covering the series of Faital such as HF100, HF102, HF103, HF104, HF105, HF106 and also HF107.

However, the latest version of faital is the faital HF108. Unlike its old version, this faital HF108 has some unique and different features. Here are some new features inside the Faital HF108 that will be very beneficial for the users.

The Body of Faital Pro

Faital pro the new version has a good annular shape for its plug. The Ketone polymer also includes the diaphragm in annular shape. It also has s slim throat which is only 25.4 mm or 1 inch. On the Kapton former, it is completed with an aluminum wire with size of 44 mm or 1.73 inch.

On its body, this new faital has an aluminum body with 60 W power handling. Its power rate has a maximum power on 120 W. Inside the body, there is also a magnet motor from the neodymium ring and also some solder able terminal.

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Comparing to its former, this faital is using clamping system with rigid drivers on its diaphragm. This is a great movement because it will give an awesome experience in listening to the audio. The range of distance for certain audience is also adjustable. This compression driver is designed to be overwhelming for people who listen it in a close distance.

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